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  1. Mendez

    Blood Iron Fan is dropped by the boss at Land of Iron right?
  2. Mendez

    Totally agree whit this suggestion. If it can contribute to develop this idea heres a post from some weeks ago I made about trading : I think in this post there are some ideas that can be added to Donatello's suggestion.
  3. Hi everyone, a new player's proposal to improve the trading system. This proposal comes from the fact that a lot of exchanges are done outside the game. The main platform to contact sellers or buyers is the official server discord or the server discord of villages, organisations, networks etc... These in my opinion has several problems: - New players don't think to join discord in order to find the means to trade. There are no tutorials or ways in the games for players to learn how to make ryo or trade. This makes trading quite annoying and something that only high-level players know about. - Having to use discord to trade affects roleplay and immersion in the game. This is the most important thing in my opinion. This is especially true since there is a lot of competition on the discord trade channel, so you have to be very focused on the thread (and therefore AFK in game) - discord trading is slow. The more fluid and enjoyable the trade is, the more players will play. So here is my proposal (Roleplay presentation): Create the "Shinobi Trade Company". The STC is a merchant company of the ninja world that is present in all cities. This one has offices in all the cities and in key places of the shinobi world. The STC facilitates the exchange between shinobis. In these premises, the STC displays all the products that players submit for sale, both internally in the village and with external trade. Here, players can set their price and the company facilitates the contact between the buyer and the seller. (Explanation out of Roleplay) In concrete terms, the idea would be to create this 'company' which would serve as a platform for internal trade in- game. In its premises, all the products put on sale are displayed, with the contact of the player. The buyer can then contact the seller and make an appointment to buy the products. Or we can allow players to trade directly on the platform, personally I'm against it because it would limit the movements and contacts in the game. This would keep the immersive aspect of the game, reinforce roleplay and facilitate trading. This can be a way to familiarize players with all the in-game items. In every city there is a 'merchant' space that already exists. The STC premises could be present there. Here is a small proposal to try to enrich the game. NB : Sorry for my bad English! Mendez
  4. Mendez

    This suggestion should be taken seriously.
  5. Mendez

    Isn't it harder to play Nin with a controller?