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  1. Chinami

    That's literally the point of this thread. It doesnt work on chakra med. So you see the point, we're out of practical options.
  2. Chinami

    That does sound like a good idea, but what if you cant find a team (which is very often)?
  3. Chinami

    What's your suggestion then?
  4. Chinami

    100% THIS. I started my main as a chakra medic but after 2 weeks had to reset, it was nigh impossible to complete many missions and levelling was 1/30th as fast for any other discipline. I completely agree that you should get (A LITTLE) XP for healing someone (not for using the jutsu). Maybe make it based on health actually healed or make it something like: (hp healed/2) * player level". Possibly even make it solely for Treat Wounds since you cant even use that on yourself so it is completely useless for levelling as it is.
  5. Chinami

    Because that's allowed in the rules?