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  1. Akai Shuichi

    That my complain in 2021 when i started playing, Rp is almost dead in the game, you can't ever see people doing that. That obvious they need a rework or more incentives. I fixed my conection problems, só i will see the state of the game now.
  2. Akai Shuichi

    What has that @Ueda this is downgrade in my opinion none of the games with a client need login in the browser to play a game. The new long in change in this update for me is a trash. Another reason why i hate thism, ninbrasil login is compelte bug because of this feature and must time u need login in must time to work and in nin brasil u have some disconection Idk is beacause of this but in global neer i never be disconected for no reason(maybe with trash conection but not because the game wants dc me).
  3. Akai Shuichi

    Nice Antar, now i going tai because of you.
  4. Akai Shuichi

    Cutter is really trash a big trash! 1.the lightning cutter needs 4 ranks up to be casted while walking, it's hell to do that, because he only gets xp if he hits a target and with each rank up it gets harder to level him up. 2.Until you have enough time or desire to level it up to rank 4, then you will be stuck with a skill where it is more than 4sg stationary casting in a place making it vulnerable or else the enemy ninja will just run away (I believe many of do you think the cutter works like in the anime, where the target is there waiting to receive it?) 3.Lightning is actually very punishable these days, every skill of it depends on you hitting some combo, the mastery alone won't work well since the jutsu core to make the whole combo is the cutter that can be tired every 3sg by a med nin or maybe a taijutsu, everything cancels cast in this game, so the kit will only be good if it has support from another mastery where you can suppress the cutter's role. 5.Enjoy the current event and make a lightning account and try to play pvp with the low rank cutter, i think will be very fun haahaha Edit: i'm nothing copying enver opinion, i said this because i tried pvp and sparring and se how trash the cutter is and how much lightning mastery depends on the cutter function. Also i tried to rank up the cutter for cast-walkin but unfortunate i need rank up 4 times not three, life has these i think...
  5. Hello, i'm Akai and played a fells weeks in the game. My advice for people who are new in the game and want be a weapon master(wm) and chose a elemental mastery, is to start with the elemental mastery instead o the weapon master(wm). Edit: Other thing much important the kunai(80ryo) is even better than a wooden katana and the other 3 basic swords in the shop, because have more attack speed and better dmg scaling with str (lose for fan, because fan is even better scale and have a ranged dmg), so this make more suitable to start with a elemental mastery than a weapon mastery, because if u start with a weapon mastery u will need the basic swords(worst than a 80 ryo kunai) so i don't recommend this way for new players. Reasons why its better start with a elemental mastery instead of weapon master(wm) 1. Level 10 you can get a range skill who will help u farming with kunai(80ryo and 10int) and deal a good dmg. For exemple: Phoenix Fireball Technique - lvl 1 does 25 dmg Earth Pillar Technique - lvl 1 does 16 dmg Lightning Senbon Technique - lvl 1 does 22 dmg Water Bullet Technique - lvl 1 does 18 dmg All of them need just 15 int. The only elemental mastery i don't see as good starting is wind. 2. After you reach lvl 15 or above (depends the elemental mastery u will chose) can get a new aoe jutsu. Now i explain to you why put wind mastery as a good start, is just because you will be able to get a aoe dmg. Weapon master lack in aoe dmg in the start, if you say 'but you forgot the explosive kunai', i don't forgot, listen to me, in my past life(rp on now) as a sand ninja i started with wm and the first skill i take is that instead of other wm skills like shockwave Slash technique and ended sufer alot to kill coy because i need buy kunais all time and a new player inst have enough ryo to buy kunais all the time, so for a new player explosives kunais e a bad jutsu to get in the start(later i reset my account and come sand again). 3. You can farm more than 3 mobs and don't take much damage, just cast jutsu and cait the mobs 4. If you are a sand ninja listen to my advice try get 20str(you will take rise str late so anyway) and a fan(500 ryo) later u will spend 15 points in int for get the elemental jutsu will help u grind alot whitout taking dmg. If you chose mist, try get a kunai first and later get a bubble pipe (the same price has the fan) will help u farming boars and giant ants, but is quita bad at passive mobs like dragonfly, fox etc. Uh ? Ah! about Leafs, i don't care, all Leafs are scum! (jk) I never played leaf and just played lvl 20 sand and now i'm a mist ninja lvl 19. 5.Starting with wm will be good for 1v1 but not much eficient for farming alot of mobs in the same time. I writing these things because i don't want to see new players quit the game the same has me in the first time i played. I hope this will help more Ninjas in ninjourney! Thanks for the atention.
  6. Akai Shuichi

    I think the sashiba clan would be Sand-Assassins for the country and get skills like wp master (sand-ambu uses sword techniques) and a unique sneak ability.
  7. Akai Shuichi

    This is a good point, if u going wait for clan update e going to be a long time no playing nothing in this game.
  8. Akai Shuichi

    What would happen to the characters already created without a clan when the significant update of the clans arrived? Is there an option to join a clan (since it will have new and perhaps good benefits and skills for builds)?
  9. Akai Shuichi

    And i'm talking about this quest is bad for low lvl XD
  10. Akai Shuichi

    I can't see any solid arguments in ur talk :/
  11. Akai Shuichi

    So 10% drop rate in scorpion tail make me kill 30 scorpions for get a 95.76% probability drop. If i kill coyte 30 i get 2000xp and the same 95.76% probability drop. 3 ryo, so this quest is worst and i don't see u arguments, maybe u dont read this: he other problem with this quest is the 100 ryo reward if ur sell the 50 scorpions tails(2ryo per tail) and the 40 cocoom(1ryo per cocum) i get 140 ryo so don't have any possibilit in my perspective this quest is good. Ik now why ppl talk in this forum just skip this quest all time. The calculation of how many tries should give at least one positive result is done by using the chance to fail: 10% drop chance means a 90% probability (0.9) to fail. This means for 10 consecutive runs the probality to fail equals 0.9^10 = 0.3486784401 Rounded to two decimal places we now have a probality to fail at 0.35 or 35%. And this again means 65% chance of succeeding (at least once) in 10 runs when having a drop chance of 10%.
  12. Akai Shuichi

    Inst fast because the other problem in this game, the drop rates is to low.
  13. Akai Shuichi

    This game far away for become a mobile game. This game inst completed, maybe still in beta and this explain the lack of quests content and other things. So if the autor of the game need a live world game he need make ppl spend alot of time, like the rp mission system this game design for make ppl play alot equal old ragnarok(i not play, just see ppl talking about). This game is not desing equal aqw or rune(u don't need ppl for playing the real content of the game) so idk why have alot of grind. My question in this coment is about the medic suppliess quest, not about the other things i listed in my first coment. I supose the medic suplies quest reward is to bad for spend alot of times grinding mob like larva and scorpions(larva doesnt give xp for lvl10+ and scorpions is worst) so is just a wast of time in my perspective. If i use the time for complete this quest in coyote i can get 10k or 20k xp and maybe 100 ryo or blank scroll. The other problem with this quest is the 100 ryo reward if ur sell the 50 scorpions tails(2ryo per tail) and the 40 cocum(1ryo per cocum) i get 140 ryo sodon't have any possibilits in my perspective this quest is good. Ik now why ppl talk in this forum just skip this quest all time.
  14. Akai Shuichi

    Thanks for the advice, i keep in mind. Now i stoped playing, becausethe expesive daily mission(medic ingredients) u need farm alot monsters who not give u enough experience like larva and scorpions for 100 ryo and 5k xp is not worth because u can make 100 ryo ez whitout this mission and make more than 10k xp in the coy whitout this mission, this mission is a waste of time.