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  1. Antar

    You can equip one item at a time which gives you different buffs depending on the item but it won't act as a cosmetic. A few examples Dmg booster Reverse card- Boosts the dmg of elemental Jutsu and decreases the dmg of non-elemental Jutsu. Nothing happens if the user does not have non-elemental mastery. Elemental seal- Decreases dmg of elemental Jutsu while increasing dmg on non-elemental mastery. Nothing happens if the user does not have elemental mastery. Flame orb- Increase dmg of fire Jutsu but decrease dmg of any other mastery moves. Archer medal- Increase dmg caused by throwing tools such as Senbon, shuriken, and kunai. Items already in the game Honey- all mobs aggro you even if they are usually peaceful. Kazecola- Increase hp regeneration speed. Items affecting other factors Shiny stone- Increases the drop rate of items when held. Secret scroll- Leaves the user at one hp when hit by an attack that will kill. One-time use only unless users die or get back to full hp does not ignore damage over time. Expensive Smog bomb- Increases the time cloak is active by 7 seconds. Sensei letter- Increase the dmg of everyJutsu when the user is below 20% hp. Troll items Final wish - Shows a emote when the user dies.
  2. Antar

    Good idea but players will switch to another acc to avoid this.
  3. Antar

    Players will find another way to abuse by making more alt to switch out every time they die to push again to get the same effect. Players who don't make alt will go AFK for the next 32 min or play something else. For lowbie, It will be hell there are so many LVL 60 going around who will just keep killing them while they can't do anything and the danger zone will be more dead than before.
  4. Antar


    Awesome! Featured
  5. Antar

    Winners 1st: @GROGDRINKER 2nd: @Daddy 3rd: @Espadamaru Sorry for the delay. Contact me to get the prizes.
  6. Antar

    I like the sage mode idea and players already made a post about it in the past but the way you balanced makes one summon 10X better than the other and we should not forget that summons are village locked so only leaf and sand get 10+ int buff in your suggestion and no way for the mist to get it. 7+ in the chakra is nothing and it only amounts to 35 chakra which is not bad in itself but compared to other suggestions it does seem bad. 15+ in fortitude completely overshadows the other buffs fortitude is one of the best stats you can get 150 hp isn't something to look down upon. Rather than just adding stats buffs like this it will be better for it to be something unique.
  7. Elemental mastery LVL 10 LVL 35 LVL 10 LVL 35 LVL 10 LVL 35 LVL 11 LVL 40 LVL 10 LVL 35 Non-Elemental Mastery Chakra medic LVL 10 LVL 35 Int medic LVL 10 LVL 35 Int Weapon master LVL 10 LVL 35 Str Weapon master LVL 10 LVL 35 LVL 10 LVL 35 Hidden Mastery FAN LVL 10 LVL 35 Gentle Fist LVL 10 LVL 35 Bubble LVL 10 LVL 35 Note: Many new players are confused about which stat to put in this guide might help you on what stats you should choose. But feel free to choose anything and change the builds. Thanks so much for providing the builds for this post! @Aesthetic and thanks @Vaxure for the help with gentle fist.
  8. Antar

    I can understand why you think that but all the idea of my event are purely mine and not any dev asked me to make an event for a certain item I just did it because I wanted to as for this one I was thinking of what can the pixel art task be and the housing test was done that day so I thought can be cool if we do that. That mindset is bad I want to do other forum events too in the future like maybe a video or RP competition and so much more but If we think like that it will just limit me because the player can just say they just want a video to promote Nin why don't you just pay a big YouTuber to make it or just hire a writer to make RP. I want this event as a platform where a player can express themselves If I go with that mindset I will just be limiting myself of what forum event can I do and we will end up with no forum event.
  9. Antar

  10. Antar

    Task Make furniture in nin art for housing update. You can do anything you want with it and play with the task to see what you can come up with. you need to draw all four sides of it as you can rotate furniture in the housing update. Example Time limit - After this post went online you will have 7 days to submit your artwork after 7days from now no more will be accepted! The basis on which your art will be given points -must be complete(all 4 sides of it should be completed) -It will be judged on Art, Uniqueness, and Execution by different GM -the item should be something that is in nin art and pixel size should be similar to nin style(this does not mean it can't be something different if your idea is good it will still get points and might win like Crowlock fan in the last event) Submission Pixel art for it should be posted here in the comments Reward 1st: 15 tickets 2nd: 10 tickets 3rd: 5 tickets
  11. Antar

    Fixing mistake Changed this into Disclaimer: Most of the post content is already present on nin online wiki( in even more detail than this. This is my take on it as I like to make guides and I enjoyed my time in the sand and I think it is a great village to start your ninja journey in. I pasted the disclaimer from my mist guide so made this mistake by accident! ><
  12. Antar

    thx @Capri@Hageshi Date@Sasori@NagatoNfor the screenshots!
  13. Antar

    Disclaimer: Most of the post content is already present on nin online wiki( in even more detail than this. This is my take on it as I like to make guides and I enjoyed my time in the sand and I think it is a great village to start your ninja journey in. Sand village Sunagakure (砂隠れの里, Sunagakure no Sato, literally meaning: Village Hidden by Sand) is the hidden village of the Land of Wind. As the village of one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries, Sunagakure has a Kage as its leader known as the Kazekage, of which there have been five in its history. Being surrounded by desert offers the village a natural deterrent against invasion, as few foreign powers would be willing to endure the sandstorms and water scarcity common to Suna. Sunagakure itself lies in a fortified valley behind cliffs of rock, with passage in and out of the village restricted to a single cleft between two cliff faces, making the area very hard to attack from the ground. The buildings inside seem to be made of clay or stucco, which would help to keep the buildings cool. ORGANISATIONS Sand Military Police Force Sand Military Police Force governs sand and solves fights between sand player. They are in charge of giving punishment to troublemaker villagers and even got the power to use jail Jutsu on other players to trap them inside the jail for 30 min or less. SMPF Gear Org Buff Ability to jail a person for 30 min or less if it's a sand being send into the jail also give the jailed player the ability to go rogue by breaking out How to join Sand Military Police Force is one of the easier official organization to join but still can be hard you need an unbiased and calm mind to join as you will be dealing with a lot of problems you will most likely need to give an interview with the police chief in which he will ask you questions. Rules Sand ANBU Sand Anbu is elite ninjas from sand who are chosen to do deal with stuff like assassination and collecting info for the greater good of the sand village. all of them are ruthless killers and always hide their identities. Sand ANBU Gear Org buff The katana is only a little bit slower than a bone sword and adds 10+ in each stat the only downside is that it needs 40 str to use so if you are not a weapon master you need to invest str to use it. How to join to join Sand anbu you must be skilled in support/group fights/PVP while showing potential to further grow you will need to ask the current leader of the organization to join or he/she will approach you on their own. being skilled doesn't mean you will get in easily sandbu only get few spots which they want to use to the fullest so they will prioritize certain mastery over others like earth or medics Puppet Brigade The Sand Puppet Brigade is a Unit of Sand Weapon Ninja specialized in using puppets to fight. Org Buff Org Gear How to join Ask the current Kazekage or the leader of the puppet brigade to join the org. You must be good at PVP/team fight to be able to qualify for it. Suna medical corp Disclaimer: the org itself is not out but some of the gear is The Sand Medical Corp it is a division made up of ninja capable of performing the medical ninjutsu. Medic Gear Unique Things About Sand Political Atmosphere Kazekage is the highest power you can have as a sand ninja. Kazekage position is a monarchy and the new Kage is decided by the previous Kazekage. Passive Perfect cloak-Sand passive is the perfect cloak that makes the user invisibility Jutsu not be seen by anyone even if the enemy has high chakra. Hidden Mastery Like every village, Sand village has a hidden mastery. Sand village mastery is an alternative version of wind mastery called "Fan mastery" its main job is to support and cancel. Weapon needed Summons Weasel: It is a good attacking summon and uses AOE Jutsu that helps in team fights. Hawk: It flickers and strikes everyone with its melee attack but where it truly shines is with its ability to perform the Jutsu wind mask which makes everyone slow and cancel Jutsu. Puppet summons As a sand ninja, you can carry different puppet summons while carrying the normal summon. Capture the bell event Sand Chunin rank or higher can take a team with them to this map to train them or do an RP event. Important Maps Aviary You can use the aviary of your village to send out a msg to all sand ninja anywhere but it has a cooldown of 2 minutes. Sand Chunin Arena This arena is only open to sand ninja meaning any sand ninja can train here in peace. This arena is used to take the Chunin exam for sand. Sand Theatre Sand theatre is used to do major events in sand village. Only sand ninja can enter this map. Sand scroll shop You can get various Jutsu scrolls from this shop and summon contract. Sand spa The sand spa is used by sand ninjas and villagers to relax after a hard day. Sometimes other village ninjas try to invade it because of how relaxing it is. Different shops around Sand village Clothes shop This shop contains various types of clothes you can choose from. Drink vending machine These vending machines are all around the sand village and are liked by sand villagers because of how hot sand villages get. Glasses This shop has various collections of glasses you can choose from. Medicine shop This shop sells medicine that can be used in and outside combat. Tools shop This shop sells different types of tools at a basic price. Utility gear shop You can buy utility gear from this useful shop. Weapon shop You can get different swords and fans from this place. Mobs And Drops Larva Drops Scorpion Drops Stinger Drops Desert Coyotes Drops Tunneler Drops Scarab Drops Big Scarab Drops Dark Weasel Drops Blood Puppet and Old Blood Puppet Drops Enchantment You can enchant wooden weapons with blood parts from the NPC named "Mugen" if you give him the right things. Blood katana needs Blood Tonfa needs
  14. Antar

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    It can be something else or it will be abused even if you make it so you can't get a kill in battle injuries. Other than that it is a cool idea and something I can see making the game more fun for everyone. Featured!