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    this was my favorite part, ngl.
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    I'll play it in 2 weeks when there aren't level 60s power camping.
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    Just looked up Naruto GOA on Youtube and I can't tell if these are slideshows or not.
  4. If you go to the kage office of your village you'll see a man dressed in green. If you talk to him you can reset your character. You will lose all of your items.
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    Mastery: GF/Medic Level: 18 Motive for joining: I want to bring justice to those who are wronged. I want to make Leaf to be the safest village to live in.
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    This is probably one of the worst suggestions I've seen on this forum and I have to congratulate you. Lightning is one of the best jutsu in the game because it's one of the few jutsu that have a guaranteed 7 combo string with lightning cutter. Reducing the cast time will make it impossible to dodge and will create guaranteed damage of over 700 damage just from a single jutsu. Nerfing Earth Prison while buffing Lightning Cutter and Lightning Pillars is pretty stupid. Instead I'd suggest changing the way targeting works in the game and allowing Earth Pillar to snare less people and instead base it on who is being targeted by the player. Rebalance to Substitution is also another bad suggestion. If you're looking to buff lightning which includes 3 homing techniques and you're complaining about Replacement I think you should instead focus on your own gameplay as that's the issue.