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  1. Avan

    Cool idea, make this possible
  2. 1. Orders from the Hokage are absolute. You must follow and respect them. 2. You must aid a fellow Leaf Ninja if they or the village is being attacked no matter who it is. 3. It is strictly forbidden to attack or kill any Leaf Ninja. (This rule does not apply to spars, tournaments, village free for alls, etc. If all parties do not consent to a fight, do not attack them) 4. Respect and follow orders from the chain of command: Kage > Council > LMPF > Org Leaders > Former Hokage > Jonin > Chunin > Specialized Jonin> Genin 5. Verbal abuse and hate speech are not tolerated. 6. Do not talk or expose the identity of any ANBU members. 7. Giving the enemy information regarding the Leaf is prohibited. 8. It is forbidden to aid the enemy in any form of way that would endanger or give them an advantage against the Leaf. 9. It's up to the individual if he wants to kill a “friendly” outsider. One must not question the decision made by the individual as long as it follows the rules. 10. Do not place a bounty on a comrade. 11. Do not intentionally steal from another Leaf ninja. 12. If you have an argument with a villager, try to solve it respectfully, if unable to come to an agreement contact your superiors. 13. Do not wear a mask inside the Leaf without permission. The only exception is the ANBU within the Leaf. Breaking any rules will result in a punishment, decided by the Hokage or LMPF Chief depending on the severity. Peace List There will be no peace list. If you decide to leave the village to get stronger for the sake of the village, nobody is obliged to help you and can kill you at any time. Unless you got approval from Hokage and the Council prior to leaving. New Alt New Life For known alts with a main inside another village will have the following restrictions: 1. No access to the village discord 2. No access to village organizations 3. No access to CE 4. No access to Leaf events Pardon system Pardon fee is 3k if you want to play inside the Leaf without restrictions. The village will vote on your request. Pardon fee is 5k going up to 10k ryo for alts with a main inside another village. The pardon for this is instant and you will be playing under the rules of New Alt New Life. Escort system Escort fee is 250 up to 400 ryo depending on the mission. Only villagers inside an organization are allowed to take your request. 15th Hokage: @Avan Council: @Argalo@Daftzy@Nagao Hideki
  3. Greetings people of the Leaf village, The Twelve Guardians are here to offer their services to the village. Guardians will assign themselves requested by Leaf villagers to guard them on missions, and escort them to reach their destinations safely. The services can be requested either through the Aviary or the Leaf discord by pinging @12Guardians. Guardians can also utilize the Aviary to notify that they are available for assignments as well or the Leaf discord. We will usually work in pairs of two, but could potentially assign more numbers depending on which difficulty tier the missions are ranked, such as: D, C, B, A and S-Ranked missions. The ryo that we receive will be split 50/50. One half goes to our bank for sashes/tools and the other half for those Guardians who did the missions. For every mission the guardians MUST wear their sash. 12 Guardians Service Pricing List (List will be updated in the future) S-Rank Missions Revenge on Kuraken - 1000 ryo Bandit questline (100 ryo per boss. The last boss is 500 ryo) Land of Iron (Guard the Barricades missions 1000 - 2000 Ryo) A-Rank Missions Bandit side quests (wolves and alpha wolves are 500 ryo) B-Rank Missions C-Rank Missions Land of Waves (Bosses only) - 200 ryo D-Rank Missions Other services (Spy, Docs, WW, Escort for seals) are not included in the pricing list, but can be requested. The price of this may differ depending on the status of the DZ's. Please do not harass Guardians who decline a mission or are not available to fulfill a request. This idea was inspired by @Emiya post regarding the Guard Missions in 2021. I’d like to thank @Tsuuyoi for his feedback to improve certain ideas as well.