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  1. Everyone have spider in their home but they dont recognize them but this spider is have not fear from humans and dont hide from them. Some weebs are abandoned some are not
  2. Seed

    well vixenpaw and loot are same guy you sayed yourself rn bravooo
  3. Seed

    Well sakuragai dont know the game he is leaf and grinds at stingers at 20 lvl
  4. Seed

    ı writed so many things you can look now
  5. Seed

    ı translated this for you guys dont worry: Are you sozin right? did you really think you can block our grinding? I'll play late at night if ı needed to fuck you be a man if ı slap you you II be gone arsehole you can block me now ım not good at pvp but I ll fuck you when ı hit lvl50 even if ı cant , Iwill gather 10 people and come tell these to your babies. ............................................................................................................................. Soo are you asking why did he write this to sozin . Im telling right now: 1 month ago hasan opened hyperion acc with his friend loot and they grinded like lvl 24 . Whatever they get exile and came to takumi . Btw ım turk too soo ı know ı were helping him at past . He wanted to attack blackrain and others .Other turks sayed why are we gonna attack we dont have purpose to attack them. And they got spawn killed . Later they threat Ueda about writing to narutos producers and you will get fucked they sayed . Other turks didnt agree with hasan and leaved the nin online turkey discord .Like 1 day later hasan and loot got banned finally But this crybaby returned game and he must got banned .Im writing the hasan crew names rn: Herobrine=Hasan sakuragi=1oot zyrex Im remembering just this names ı have other proofs too : How the fuck he knows about hasan he says ım not hasan but here he says hasan never lost hahahaa And how the fuck shiden sasuke and herobrine are friend at discord isnt he started the gamed yet hahaha well ım not saying anything . I want him to got banned .