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  1. Firefly

    I dont support this, Nin Online doesnt need a pay to win but thx for suggest
  2. Firefly

    Hey there! Good Luck and welcome ninonline world Fire is good if now how to use it
  3. Firefly

    welcome back to ninonline world i hope to get fun time
  4. Firefly

    Your welcome i hope that to will make big difference in gameplay thank you for read my suggest and make post
  5. Firefly

    thank you for that info and i respect your post
  6. Transform jutsu Hello ! Today i want to suggest Transform jutsu is nice jutsu and can make difference in gameplay but now that jutsu have big problem Problem is if use Transform jutsu to transform to anything like ( tree or grass or something ) for hide in hunter or kill some one if he pass x you will be target for him , my suggest : 1 - i think if no one can target you are object (tree or grass or something ) only if move or do any something that will make big difference in gameplay , 2 - if use Transform jutsu to transform to object Time 600 sec is more mybe if will be 250 to 200 that good 3 - if use Transform jutsu to transform to object ( NPC Or Bot ) Dont attack you for make you hide in piece and other player dont see you 4 - if use Transform jutsu to transform to player get you fake name but cant use in chat that will be good in spy mission and hunt and kill thank you for read my suggest if want see my other suggest Forbidden zone
  7. Firefly

    remember you will back and wellcome in any time in game we will me you
  8. Firefly

    Hello ! Today i want to suggest My suggest is : Crime System We need make friendly fire in key for on and off for kill any one in same village if any one kill you from same village you can report a crime to your police or if dead see button report a crime if any one kill any one in same village he will get jail time any punishment depends on how many people were killed if he escape from prison be an obstacle to become a rouge for a period of time not less than 7 days During this time, he becomes the target of police The word police I mean by : Sand Military Police Force - Leaf Military Police Force - ANBU And so there is a police chase mission Why do I think this is a good idea? 1 - People are encouraged to play for different reasons 2 - if make Crime you will get punishment 3 - Makes the police to catch someone who kills someone from her village 4 - will be a challenge to be reckoned to catch someone 6 - key for on and off friendly fire Here you have complete freedom to be a criminal or not here if want see other Suggestion : Forbidden zone
  9. just here for ask if me in my village and some one come to me tell me unmak and me tell no because he also wears a mask he take me to jail without reason Is this acceptable ? This is a conversation between me and him
  10. Firefly

    Happy Birthday To You And thx
  11. Firefly

    sorry but that so bad suggestion.
  12. Firefly

    thank you
  13. Firefly

    Very good Suggestion Really i love it