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  1. Admiral Grog

    after much postulation, I have decided to consult gran gran, unfortunately she isn't in the best of moods, so here's her statue! it's probably cursed, who knows? Item Icon original size statues for not ants. the next thing i'm submitting is a haunted mirror, whoever that is in it doesn't seem too excited to see you! Item Icon: in progress for not ants original size
  2. Admiral Grog

    This is 1 of of maybe 3 submissions that i'll be doing over the course of the contest, but in my head I went a little bit more eldritch than I should of in these pieces. 1: eldritch demon statue. I used a beholder as an idea, got rid of the eye and just made it a gaping maw of teeth! pretty cool decor for any halloween or demon enthusiast 2: wall summoning this is an example of how these 4 sprites should be used, it's pretty self explanatory- but basically instead of doing things that go around or close to the wall. why not make things that go in / on the wall! that's all I have so far, it's 5 hours into the competition and I have a few more ideas to get out. but yea!
  3. Admiral Grog

    Added some more late minute stuff and the full sprite sheet! well.. kinda i'm still working on adding EVERYTHING to it but for right now this is it. but for right now you can see how it works .
  4. Admiral Grog

    This is my full entry to the contest, in a simulated room from nin to make sure everything would look correct / authentic together.
  5. Admiral Grog

    I'm still rather new to the game but I don't mind contributing. These are just a few of the things i'm planning to submit, though I'm not sure how many things you can submit to the contest but i'm planning on making more than just these.