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  1. Raven

    12 Guardians Buff Rework

    I made an akatsuki buff rework post recently and decided to share my idea for 12 guardians as well. I'm getting tired though so hopefully people will come up with their own ideas and just consider this a template. First I'll state 3 major things that should be always in effect regardless of their individual buffs. 1st: The twelve guardian ninja buff should be amplified by +20% while within Leaf territory (Every safe zone in the hidden leaf village). 2nd: Unlike my akatsuki suggestion, these buffs are not locked to individual members. You can change your buff every time you receive a new sash. 3rd: When in a full squad of 4 guardian ninja within Leaf territory, each individual's buff is increased to a total of +10%. Now for the buff ideas: 1. Guardian of Stone: Earth ninjutsu cooldowns are reduced by 15% and earth ninjutsu base damage is increased by 15%. 2. Guardian of the Wild: While outside of any village, gain 20% additional move speed. +25 agility. 3. Guardian of the Day and Night: (This one I thought would be really cool. I don't know if it is possible with engine limitations, but I love this one). During in-game daylight hours, gain +20 fortitude and +20 chakra. During in-game night hours, gain +15% damage scaling. When the time switches from day to night or night to day, instantly regenerate all missing hitpoints and gain a boost of +15 fortitude that lasts for 10 minutes. 4. Guardian of the Deep: Passively regenerates chakra on water equal to +15 chakra every 15 seconds. Can charge chakra on water and does not lose chakra on water. Water ninjutsu each have a reduced cooldown of 5 seconds if on a water tile. 5. Guardian of Vengeance: For every 100 points of hitpoints missing from their hitpoint maximum (Stacks with antibodies and charms), deal 5% additional damage on every attack. +20 fortitude 6. Guardian of the Will of Fire: Will of fire chance of triggering is increased by 30%. +10 to all stats 7. Guardian of the Weak: When in a party with a ninja of a lower level than you, they gain +20 fortitude. +10 to all stats. 8. Guardian of Power: 10% random chance to knockback with each melee. +20 strength and +20 agility 9. Guardian of Life: Antibodies cast instantly and last an additional 15 seconds. +20 chakra. 10. Guardian of the Village: While inside of the Hidden Leaf Village, all cooldowns are reduced by 3 seconds. Grants access to youthful springs if you did not already have it and increased the move speed buff from youthful springs by 15% total. This guardian does not benefit from the base buff all guardians receive while inside of the Hidden Leaf Village. +10 to all stats 11. Guardian of Knowledge: While in a party with this guardian, experience gain is increased by 10%. This bonus is increased by 2.5% for every member of their party not including the guardian. +10 to all stats. 12. Guardian of Mercy: +35% healing given and received if they do not deal damage. When they deal damage to something the buff is nullified for 10 seconds. +20 chakra Well, there are my ideas. Hope they're not terrible, I need to go to bed lol
  2. Hi, I think the buffs in Nin Online could be far more interesting than they are currently, and this is my idea to make Akatsuki feel more unique and more accurate to how they were in the anime without being blatantly overpowered. Some of these ideas will sound crazy OP, but first let me explain the details and my idea to mitigate this problem. 1st: Instead of a single ring that gives +25 to all stats, I think there should be 10 different rings that bind to the member that chooses it for the remainder of their term in akatsuki (More on that below). After a member has selected a ring, that ring will be greyed out and unselectable by new members.. 2nd: Akatsuki members will be put on a 6 month cool down upon leaving or being removed from the organization. This ensures members can't just swap out and remove the above limitation. 3rd: This is the most important limitation that I can conjure up in my mind. Each of these unique buffs will retain their full effect if no more than one additional akatsuki member is on the same map. For each additional akatsuki member present past their duo partner, their buff diminishes by a flat 20%. This encourages duo hunting as akatsuki does in the anime and will ensure that they are still able to compete even while outnumbered by a full squad of enemy ninja. Of course, personal skill level ultimately dictates success or failure. These buffs have in mind players of equal skill levels competing with a team of akatsuki. Ideally, a duo akatsuki team should be able to more often than not succeed in a battle where they are outnumbered 2:1. That said, Nin Online, from a gameplay perspective, is all about group pvp. And not even the akatsuki from the anime (Most of them anyways) were able to defeat more than a squad of skilled shinobi. 4th: These are my ideas for unique individual ring buffs. 1. Zetsu ring (The Observer): Movement speed is increased by 35% and they are able to cloak in 1 second. Cloak is active for an additional 3 seconds. No stat boosts 2. Kakuzu ring (The Dark Physician): Once every two minutes (Charging chakra does not reduce the cooldown) this character can instantly revive a downed ninja with 30% chakra and HP. In addition, healing ninjutsu effects are increased by a flat 35%. No stat boosts. 3. Hidan ring (The Immortal): Flat 75 extra fortitude. Once every 3.5 minutes will auto revive instantly upon knock out. They will recover with 30% chakra and fortitude immediately. Every 5 additional seconds they remain undamaged after this effect ends, they will regain an additional 5% hitpoints. The effect ends when damage is received. The cooldown of the 3.5 minutes cannot be reduced by charging. 4. Deidara ring (Art is an Explosion): Damage scaling of all ninjutsu is increased by 35%. No stat boosts. 5. Sasori ring (The puppet master): Immediately grants access to every puppet available to sand ninja (Besides puppet brigade organization puppet). Up to 3 summons can be deployed at once. All summons are now run cast. +10 chakra and +10 fortitude. 6. Konan ring (Origami Angel): All intelligence weapon master placable trap jutsu (Triple explosive tags, hidden tag, bear trap) can be cast instantly and have a 5 second reduced cooldown on each jutsu. In addition, store bought barrier tags and explosive tags also have a 5 second reduced cooldown and can be placed instantly. +10 intelligence and +10 chakra. 7.Pain ring (The Almighty): Every 30 seconds, any jutsu that lands has a 5 tile knockback that deals an additional 35% damage. When this effect occurs, body flicker technique is immediately taken off cooldown and each other jutsu's cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds. +10 agility and +10 strength. Obito ring (The untouchable): Every 25 seconds when a base substitution jutsu is triggered (Does not include speed mirage or water substitution), substitution's cooldown will be immediately finished. +20 chakra. 8. Orochimaru ring (The serpent): Grants access to a special summon, Manda, the boss monster. Manda can summon up to 6 additional snakes as he does in the boss room that are friendly to the members of the akatsuki. Manda is a 2 second stand cast with a 3.5 minute cooldown (This cooldown can be reduced by charging). In addition, can summon the snake sword at will with a 1 second cast time. The snake sword is bound and cannot be dropped, traded, or stored in the bank, only destroyed. If the ring is unequipped, the snake sword is removed from the member's inventory. snake sword's stats are 45 base damage, applies bleed 2 every melee, and has a .5 second attack speed. No stat boosts. 9. Kisame ring (The Shark God): Grants access to water shark jutsu if this member does not already have it. Water shark's cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds and can be cast instantly. It deals 50% additional damage, its move speed is increased by 50%, and it has +5 tile range. Grants access to Water prison technique if they do not already have it. Water prison technique becomes a stun that lasts for 2 seconds. +10 chakra. 10. Itachi ring (Peerless Genius): Ninja tools have a global cooldown of .5 seconds and two tools are thrown at once instead of one. Fuuma wind shuriken is now a 1 second run cast that stuns for 1 second. Thrown ninja tools are not consumed. (Jutsu will still consume tools). +75 intelligence. I'm super tired and I don't know if these ideas are any good, but I just want organization members to be unique and interesting. Nobody likes making ring builds and they just don't work well. Let me know what you think~
  3. Raven

    Randomized DZ boss spawns

    I like the idea of random spawning bosses in various danger zones. A global message could appear on a spawn that says something like "An ominous wind blows from the east. The black knight has spawned." And it would appear in a random danger zone map. This would encourage exploring the danger zones to find the monster. Makes interesting PVE and PVP mechanics at the same time.
  4. It would be neat if stat buffs from org items bypassed jutsu stat requirements. For example; if I have a base 5 points of intelligence as a weapon master and I put on a guardian sash (+10 to all stats) to have 15 points of intelligence, I should then be able to use explosive kunai.
  5. Raven

    That's actually hilarious lmfao Nice video
  6. Me (On Nefarious) and player Moon Knight farmed about 30 blood puppets and old blood puppets and didn't receive a single drop. This was done on a -4% raid bonus but it still seems weird that we didn't get anything out of 30 mobs. Just checking to see if it's actually bugged or if we're just incredibly unlucky
  7. Today we lost a whole group of new players because one got banned without knowing the rules. There should be a link to the TOS and game rules that must be read on character creation in order to progress into the game.
  8. Raven

    Great idea. Jutsu leveling makes me want to punt a puppy through a field goal
  9. I used explosive Kunai 230 times on various raid points in Takumi Village and gained zero experience towards the next level (It's level 1 currently). See attached image
  10. As the title suggests, if you use the transformation jutsu to transform into a concealed player, it will reveal their name. My suggestion is to make their name appear as ??? if you transform into a concealed player.
  11. Raven

    Rory usually does something like this after server side issues happen, major balance changes, or "Oopsies" moments. I think it's a pretty safe bet something will pop up in the mail
  12. Raven

    Fame features

    Here's some ideas for the new fame/defame feature: 1. Give player titles at exponential levels of fame. For example, at 100 fame you get the "Benevolent" title. At -100 fame you get the "Nefarious" title. 2. At certain levels of fame you get discounts/increased prices at certain shops. Maybe a villager shop wouldn't appreciate a known criminal in their store and prices could be 5% more. But on the flip side of that, maybe more sinister villages like Takumi or Tanzaku might give better prices for likeminded individuals. 3. Killing x amount of players with the (Using my previous example of titles) Nefarious or Benevolent titles equipped could receive titles for this too. For example, if I kill 100 players with the Benevolent title, I would unlock the "Scourge" title. If I kill 100 players with the Nefarious title equipped, I receive the Justicar title. 4. Change NPC dialogue based on fame levels. For example, if I try to help the rebels in the Land of Iron, the npc's dialogue might slightly change to something like this; "I hate having to resort to asking for YOUR help. But my grandfather is in a lot of trouble and I am desperate."
  13. We should prevent people that consistently do /event leave after the tournament starts from joining future tournaments. As it is right now people do that when they get put with people they don't like and it totally ruins their chance of winning. Maybe if you do it the first time you can't do any for the rest of the day. You do it twice in a week you're barred for the next 7 days. Do it 3 times and you're out 2 weeks, etc. and it just keeps stacking.
  14. It's very annoying when I press tab to use a jutsu + a movement key (Arrow keys for me) and it opens up a weird interface that pulls me out of combat and can only be closed with left cntrl + tab. Can we have the option to re-bind this interface or remove it entirely?
  15. Player @Pajis trying to type in-game but when he types the letters come out reversed when typing it into the chat box. It doesn't happen on anything but Nin as he tested it on a browser too.