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  1. kirisame

    I agree with you atrane. I started in leaf in 2014 until approximately 2017. Although I went to sand I kept playing in leaf but without being loyal just seeing how leaf was. honestly and this is something that I have to say most of the villages start to create an inner circle for fear of the "alts" and do not trust any. but where else is believed in in anbu, how is it possible that with all the players I see, the kage cannot fill anbu sand and anbu leaf with members? There is a good inner circle within these organizations. They only choose you if you are their friend and not because of your qualities. I think that the kages should be more demanding with the anbu leaders about giving opportunities to people, having active members and having the organization full of members. But well as I always say there are bad times and good times I say it because of sand's experience, we finally have a kazekage in power who cares about the village and who chooses his successor with his head not for being his partner or friend of time . Although it has cost us 13 people, there is someone who did well, but more than half are the cause of Sand being dead.
  2. kirisame

    peperoni johnson is the kazekage right now, thanks to him for revive sand!
  3. kirisame

    ahahhaha this is the reason whole tai do RUN + COMBO on pvp
  4. kirisame

    ok, before I start I want to apologize for my inglesh is not very good ... sorry. I have quite a few ideas of which I have hardly seen a response from the GMs and I think they would give more realism to the game, more dynamics and fun. 1. A long time ago it was forbidden not to make accounts as if they were "banks", why not do it as a ninonline bank? that each village (mist, sand..etc) and town (takumi, tanzaku..etc) have a structure to access it. Besides those who have gold will have more space in the bank that will make people want to pay the gold and thus benefits ninonline economically. 2. This idea was proposed but I did not see an answer to it, I sincerely think that being a police officer, anbu, anbu leader, council, Puppet Brigade, 7 Swordmen, 12 guardians ... etc need to have a certain salary every week. I think you have to remember that being in those organizations or rank is sacrificing a lot of time and has to have a certain benefit. for example, in SMPF we do every day between 2 to 3 patrols / missions of between 30 minutes to 1 hour minimum. That time should be rewarded in a certain way without leaving the pocket of the players. in the CE for example we deliver a Ryo that sincerely disappears later to make "supposed economy", why is there no economy in which Ninonline's jobs have a salary? This is the idea that I would most like to see approved. 3. I would also like to comment that it would not be a bad thing to add a type of buff to the police clothing since on many occasions we have to face akatsuki or 7 swordmen or 12 guardians within the territory of the village (sand / leaf / mist). The boost I suggest is to add +5 Fortitude (50 hp) on the cap and +5 chakra (25 chk) on the police jacket. It is not a big deal but it would help something and so people would like to join the organization because lately everyone wants to join the same orgs that are the ones with a boost ... that leaves the police with few members and few to recruit. I want to confirm again that some ideas were already said in the forum but I did not see a response from the GM, so I publish it again. Thank you for taking the time to read it and sorry for my English, as I said, it is not very good ... Some of the ideas that I said about how the bank could make a bank similar to the bank of the Dofus game, that prototype of a bank system is very good and not difficult to program. THANKS! @Ueda @Seth
  5. kirisame

    @Ueda @Seth i think this can be good update and its not hard to create and can be good for raids and hunts.
  6. kirisame

    i like the shark but u need put that giant bubble on soap bubble jutsu. with more tittles because its sucks only attack on line..
  7. kirisame

    Dont worry about that, he Moré sure will get jail/exilie for try troll on that Way.
  8. kirisame

    really good idea like the summonds.
  9. kirisame

    then why u have people on that list that are leave game? or stop playing? if u put people that are not play anymore or they leave game do that with all people ^^ names like oriax, pegasus, senketsu, kyubi(jin),etc..
  10. kirisame

    Earth/fire - @Kuraen Wilkor U need add this man he was one of the best. Tai/medic - deadzoom was good but man @Aghila Miranawas one of the TOP PvP with medic/water and medic/tai. Chk medic - @Sukki , @Mana and @Azhura they are the TOP chk medic. Medic/fan - man add @Savagellithere Fire / medic - add @Pinku he was very strong with that elements. Water/ WMint - man seriusly U didnt put @Dyanhe dont play for 2 - 3 years and still on TOP kills xD that man was the best WM int/ water and Ori never kill dyan on PvP. Earth / water - ichika is good but I think @NIghma Date is very hice PvP too. Medic/ water - @Kyubi and seriusly u didnt put @Aghila? ? One of the legends on PvP lol U missed put a pure fan that on me opinión the best was @Slaughterand @Ninja That is me opinion.
  11. kirisame

    I like U idea on police sand loong time a go had salary for each mission complete, I think some ranks / orgs officials need a salary to be Moré "real". The organizations need a salary like police / medic corps / anbu, that orgs works for the village and do x missions for help the village. Councils I think is a hard job that need get some salary. Now What happends with Akatsuki? I think Akatsuki need a Bot to get missions for money, missions like kills or collects a big bountys for example: collect 300 bounty. Hard missions but that types of missions they can get some good money and do active the org. I wants add to put one rule, U can have only one job that means U can Be only council or police or medic corps or anbu etc.. All this Is to create Moré reality on the game.
  12. kirisame

    That is like the real life people dont have Jobs have a salary?! Medic corps, police, anbu, council need have a salary because that is one job.
  13. kirisame

    I love the 3 idea put the sword whitout boost and the clothes can had the boost I think all anbu need that boost like all Akatsuki can wear whitout req.
  14. kirisame

    the issue that when you change your villa and you already have a bad reputation in your current villa. they always have that history and therefore it is more difficult to grow in that village. Why not make it easier and remove players from seeing the name history? Apart from being something that the only thing that makes us is to be more toxic in the game.
  15. kirisame

    I do not understand what you are trying to say ... but it has all the coherence that for example: I have spent more than 100 dollars in my ACC and I want to go to another villa but I want not to bring my story behind me, I can change the name and that Name history is only seen by GMs. So that players need to know the previous names of the players? to create more toxicity about who is alt or not? I still don't know where I put it: that a player can search for another player with IP ... incoherence in all its splendor.