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  1. kirisame

    Diablo no perdona!
  2. kirisame

    Ever since houses can be bought I have been going around a keepsake / Ryo way and thought of a small size and large size chest with affordable prices. I think this idea will help us to have much more space and give more meaning to having a house! This is to small chest: big chest: I did it to give you an idea of the spaces. I believe that these spaces are affordable for a good price quality. small chest: 3,500 Ryo big chest: 8,000 Ryo I hope you liked the idea! @Erox@Ueda
  3. kirisame

    My opinion would be to put this not as a master's degree to choose from lvl 10 but as one more possibility. It would be cool if anyone had the option of choosing it and initially putting 2 types of illusory jutsus. I would say to do a quest line for lvls 30 for the snakes part since it is a site that could put more content.
  4. I believe that being the creator of the game you can reverse the situations and remove the position from someone as you have done more than once. RP form if it is very good but to be honest do you want this player to stop playing nin for this person? like it or not, these actions cause some players to quit the game. I think there must be a way to change sand I was a player for a long time there, I left the village for various reasons but one of them is their sand system has so few players and it costs them because of the issue of giving absolute power to one person and not only that let him choose the successor, that is how in many situations the kage is passed from friend to friend without deserving it and without effort, so then there are sandies missings deck. I vote to change the systems of sand that would make some return to play there.
  5. kirisame

    I think you should think about it, many people would like to be paid in Ryo for spending so much time running Organizations or preserving the peace and harmony of a village. @Erox@Ueda
  6. kirisame

    I mean that the members of these organizations have these salaries for spending valuable time, apart from being compensated with the expenses of money from the house. Right now what the villas do is that in addition to us doing these jobs and sacrificing a lot of time, having to farm and get money to pay for ourselves ... it really shouldn't be like that.
  7. kirisame

    good afternoon, we are accommodating the issue of houses that have a good monthly cost, I had thought that if it is possible to put salaries for the official organizations of the villages. had thought police military mist: - Officer: each week 100 ryo (monthly would be 400 ryo) - captain: each week 150 ryo (Monthly would be 600 ryo) - Deputy chief: each week 200 ryo (monthly would be 800 ryo) - Chief: each week 250 ryo (monthly 1000 ryo) in anbu: - member anbu: each week 150 ryo (monthly would be 600 ryo) - squad leader: each week 200 ryo (monthly 800 ryo) - second on commands: each week 250 ryo (monthly 1000 Ryo) - anbu leader: each week 300 ryo (monthly 1200 ryo) the other organizations would have to see each other. I think it would be pretty cool if it is the leaders of the orgs that have a panel to send the payments. for example weekly because every Sunday the button to send the money is opened and the leader sends it. I hope you like the idea, thank you very much!
  8. kirisame

    Thanks to respond, I hope GMs thinks about That, persons like me and lot More people wants it. Thanks!
  9. kirisame

    good afternoon, I don't understand why event tickets cannot be traded. I think there are players who for X reasons can barely catch them, or because, for example, they are bad in pvp or in tournaments they do not go beyond the 1 or 2 phase, or because they do not have time for the events or how it goes 1 every 3 months. I think that it should be allowed to trade with event tickets, I have in many Accs tickets of these and if I could put them together I could buy something but since it is not tradable I can not ... It seems unfair to me that a ticket of this style is not tradeable. @Erox @Ueda
  10. I want you to add me to the list, I abused the RP token 1 time in one of my secondary accounts. I'm not going to whine like many here. I am responsible for my actions, apart from knowing that I will not do it again. I like to do RP. they are fun @Ueda
  11. well consider yaku is new org XD nothing. Taka probably they are a big army. probably backs to make house orgs can be nice ^^
  12. kirisame

    @Ueda. these have been the problems on my first day without v-chat: 1. certain leafs / missing with high level they have come to kill the lows of sand and it has cost us to communicate to avenge the deaths of the lvls. 2. was with my alt (lvl 21) above tunnelers in the area of coyotes and came 2 leafs (lvl 50 and lvl 30+) to kill me, I could not call reinforcements and therefore I had to give them my death ... It's useless with Level 21 to face 2 Shinobi. 3. We were doing pvp in gates sand and when one dies, we could not call a doctor for v chat, slaughter was in his office, if the v-chat existed slaughter would have run and would have revived the person who died. 4. They came to make a raid on Sand and we could not call the troops to defend our village, because no one can leave the battlefield to go to give the message to the aviary that is on the other side of the map. 5. I went to shoot myself several times leaf and I tried to kill newbies and before came an army of leafs for you, and today I lasted killing newbies like 20 minutes, until 1 person came and it seemed more pvp than another thing. xD Well, this has been my day without the v-chat, in my opinion the RP has been screwed up a lot, because in this way the kills are given to the high lvls and they do not give us the option to save them, nor to give warnings if they come to rade to be ready.
  13. the old trailer is much better prepared than it is, you would have to have mentioned the game better, besides missing the essence of the anbus and akatsuki organizations. in this new video what is most seen are the battles do not look good a roleyplay or anything interesting out of the ordinary. also that invocations were not put something that is enough to add it in the video and the island of frogs and snakes. In short I think that trailer does not take the essence that has ninonline.
  14. kirisame

    hawk talon is 20 - 45 ryo
  15. kirisame

    I not understand why u write this here?¿