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  1. Daftzy

    sounds like a great QoL for the game itself
  2. I want to be a candidate for council, thanks. #ForTheVillage
  3. Daftzy

    only question here, why there is not such place like this yet?! super good one
  4. Daftzy

    completly annoying, feels like lost ryo and time due some random silly, useless npc
  5. Ye.. I bringed the topic that boss rewards wasnt encouraging enouhg, more the opposite, so completly agreed, if no drop rate increase, spawn time decrease would do the trick and improve DZ/WZ activity
  6. Defently agree, then with the new light effects, add rain+night+brightness.. I can't see stuff, yep my eyes are not at it's best and its really struggling And lets not begin with Rain in mist boar map during the night, thats just impossible to see. A fix to the rain sprites would be so much greatful, I really dont mind the weather, but this rain could use a huge improvement, as it looks now seem to be like ice spikes failing more than water
  7. Agreed with Impale and Klone, would be great for the game itself overall content
  8. Daftzy

    Ive been using GF and ppl have dodged and punished my combos badly.. bubble as example.. super countering, bear trap if played well.. same issue.. isnt undodgeable neither unpunisheable.. it just counters more some masteries and gets countered by others as far as Ive seen.. although if GF gets it 1v1 touched.. Im concerned they balance it adding some PVE skill worth of it.. cz right now its hard to compare GF to any other elemental in terms of killing mobs.. and you all might not be worried about PVE but.. I like to grind.. and GF isnt good at all for it on big mobs. In all fairness.. ye GF is strong 1v1 but its not undgeable neither unpunisheable.. if anything.. just turn ur eyes to bubble users, and water clone.. the dmg is insane and the CC its next lvl.. so if you touching 1 thing then make sure to touch the other to keep the balance as what balance means.
  9. Daftzy

    As a new player which is enjoying the game a ton, I'd like to see more PVE content more rewarding aswell.. as I'm making my way through all the stages of the game, there would be really nice spawns with other mobs for different levels, and other rewards, expanding the Danger zone and involving more the PVP while the PVE its improved aswell. Give leaf a lvl 7 mob spawn, Set every village with only a lv 13 mob without lv 17 mobs, and same for lvl 17 mobs (as sand has) Add a lvl 23 mob on every village, Expand bees/hornet maps locations so its worth to go and hunt those mobs for people willing to level, Add more 29-34 mobs to danger zones as same as hunteable as snakes, to give the game diversity, people trying to level there are just being hunted every 5-15min due ppl doing WW, its not wrong.. but at least give more places where to find this players.. Add a second Host spawn, or add a new map inside the host, so it can be more diverse and entertaining to hunt. Expand a second snow wolves map, current one is pretty small... Takumi should have a low spawn nearby for those low rogues lv 7-9 ish Add a second rogue organization, akatsuki concept is nice but its gapped to 10, doesnt need to be as astrong as akat buff, but defently a second organization would make it spicy, maybe Kara or some Mercenary Hunters idk.. Hope some of this ideas fit your development, good job so far, like the game a ton.
  10. Daftzy

    Mastery: GF/WM Level: 47 (will become wm at 50) I believe joining the LMPF will teach me more about the Leaf security, its community and will count towards one of my goals of becoming ANBU, never been on any org, as learning the game, so I believe its a good opportunity to keep growing in the nin world