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  1. Kalyr

    I actually would love to see a puppet mastery as that would lead to totally different gameplay of well implemented. I wanted to have a Puppet master (Yeah, I am RP oriented), but gave up pretty fast when I saw that there are just lower summons.
  2. Kalyr

    Saw that! Many thanks.
  3. Kalyr

    I did not reach the endgame yet, but I thought that I would share a few things here (related to end-game contents). Firstly, I truly love the experience so far. The fact that leveling isn't as easy as on the other games of the genre make each level important and, somehow, unique. I know most people complain about the whole farming thing, but I see it as a way to practice your skills while thinking about your character's background (at least, that's how I see it). That being said, here are a few suggestions (end-game only, I may do a post later one "Vision of a new player" or something like that). System of leaderboard: It is probably not a surprise (seeing the previous answers), but such a system will not only entertain the players (who want to be the very best), but it could also serve another purpose. Let me explain that briefly: every month, a new "season" starts, at the end of every season, the best three players receive something (it could be a cosmetic specially made for that occasion, rios, etc.). The goal is basically to encourage people to take part in PVP. We could also imagine a system of arenas. If that's possible, the players who are interested in "fair fights" could talk to a PNG in each village and join some kind of queue. I believe that it could be, somehow, interesting for a certain part of the community. PVP As mentioned previously, I am a new player, but I already realized that PVP was a big part, not to say the biggest part, of the game. And that's why I think that a few things could be added/changed. - Village raid: What if these raids had a direct impact on the players? I mean, of course, it shouldn't be THAT big, but what if, for instance, the players who lose their statue (I don't know the name, don't hit me), lose an outpost or something like that? Like, it could be merged with Bandit's idea (who gave a really good idea, love it). - Arenas (already mentioned previously). Rp contents That includes a bit of everything. I started the game recently, but I can assure you that I can't to take part in RP missions or events. The thing is that, it would be amazing if there were more tools for that. For instance, housing for each organizations (should be expensive), etc. Politics I could have added to the previous part, but I think that it deserves its own thing (don't hit meeee). Basically, the politics is done by players right now, and there is nothing in game that makes it seen to the players who aren't on Discord (as I am not on my village Discord yet :(), forums, etc. Alright, let me explain: What if the different kages could manage the politics of their village? For instance, Sand Village and Mist Village decide to become ally in order to fight against the Leaf Village or the other rogue organizations. By changing that in game, the people from these two villages wouldn't be able to attack each other (except if they have PVP on), which could encourage rp meetings between the different kages/organizations, etc. but also somehow balance the current imbalance (population of each villages). We could also push the whole thing a bit more by adding other possibilities such as giving the possibility to each kages to add taxes to the entrance of their respective village for visitors who aren't masked. I don't know, that sounds crazy, but again, RP-speaking, that could lead to something interesting. Of course, that could be problematic for the missions, but again, these players wouldn't have to pay if they hid their identity. Achievements That has already been mentioned previously, but that's definitely something nice to have in such a game. Players who don't know what to do (or want to do something else) can basically open a menu and have a look at their achievements, which ones are missing, etc. I, myself, enjoy it a lot. And that could even be more interesting if a few titles were given to those who achieve specific achievements (carrot and donkey). Dunjeons I sincerely don't know if it is possible, but having a few dunjeons could be nice. Not only for end game players, but also for the rest of the community. Adding a Dungeon, it is also adding a new story to the game, new monsters (or not), a new experience, etc. But also, something players could do regulary. What players could get from these Dunjeons? I don't know, but I guess Weapons, rios and, why not, specific cosmetics? Jobs Well, that could be my last idea for now, but what about adding jobs to the game? It could start with basic jobs such as harvester, black-smith, and woodcutter then evoluate... Like, harvester could work with a new job called tailor to make new cosmetics (even recolour), etc. Anyway, that's a bunch of ideas. Since I wrote it on my phone, there might be a few mistakes, and I am sorry for that.
  4. Kalyr

    Whew, that was really interesting. Love it! Is there a forum or a Discord for Pirate Souls? Would like to get more info about it.
  5. Kalyr

    Yeah, then I totally agree with you, but only if we limit it to these missions.
  6. Kalyr

    I kinda agree with you, at least, to a certain extent. Don't get me wrong, the idea is something I would like to see implemented, but not permanently. What I mean by that is that it should only be for the few first missions in order to let every new players find the different shops easily (and the different important areas).
  7. Kalyr

    Well, there is nothing much to say. It is a -cute- and nice video. I also liked the bit of rp you included in it.
  8. Kalyr

    Well, I did enjoy reading it. It was nicely done.
  9. Kalyr

    I, most of the time, listen to a weird playlist which includes RAP (French, American, Korean), Rock (American / English), a bit of metal (American), and some random songs I found on Youtube (pop, hip pop, classic, etc.). Oh and I am currently listening this song.
  10. Kalyr

    Hello guys, After a few days of intensive farming, I finally take a few minutes to properly introduce myself. Long story short, as many of you, I am a huge fan of the world created by Masashi Kishimoto. While I was looking for an actual MMORPG that would allow me to do a bit of roleplaying (I am a total newbie btw), I came across this game. And what a total blast! Everything is truly enjoyable (even the farming part... I mean, it takes time, but it is "easy" so far). Oh, and my schedule is a bit off since I live in South Korea. Even tho I was level 10 on the first account, I am taking a bit more time on this one since I am currently thinking about my mastery. I am not a huge fan of rerolling and stuff, so I want to make the best decision (and something that suits my future background / rp). Concerning my background, I am still working on it, so I am definitely open if you guys have any advice (I already read Saku's guide on the matter tho). Anyway, I am looking forward to playing with y'all. Kalyr * I created a new account following a mistake I made while creating the first one (the name wasn't rp-friendly at all). * I left the Discord by mistake and tried to join it again, but I can't. Any solution?
  11. Hey guys! 

    I am currently working on my background so don't be suprised if there is nothing yet. I am planning to create a simple, yet interesting, character. Of course, I will be more than happy if you have any sort of pieces of advice.