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  1. damn steezo you always chatting with other ppl ngl we are freaks but we should play roblox together
  2. Bogdan

    You do not lose chakra on water

    you don't lose chakra on water in the takumi river map i used to be silver and i wouldnt mind getting it back for reporting this bug!
  3. Bogdan

    steezo you are freak ngl but you should listen to me and chill in leaf ngl vipe you are freak too ngl but he cant get past tos if he doesnt chill in leaf ngl he is freak rogue
  4. Bogdan

    I don't know what's funnier, the fact that u exposed ur own alts aswell by liking ur own post on multiple accs of urs or the fact that you report someone for pressing a dislike button on your character.
  5. Bogdan

    New daily missions idea

    It would be cool to have the bottom guy give one mission everyday which asks you to kill one of the following depending on your level:
  6. Bogdan

    no one: jun: ooo_1.mp4
  7. Bogdan

    kardis kardis
  8. Bogdan

    got exiled from another village ?
  9. Bogdan

    Nice to meet you!
  10. Bogdan

    Police Force is the most important corp RP wise and it is meant to keep the village in order. Having Police Force members online at any given time is really important and I think that 14 slots aren't enough for that. The corp offers no buffs to the members so there's no way this could be abused pvpwise. The amount of ranks the corp has also doesn't fit the maximum amount of players able to join it having 7 ranks for 14 people while corps like ANBU having 4 ranks for 14 people.
  11. Bogdan

    Hello @Hachimaru, unfortunately there's not much we can do about being highly outnumbered by sand during the times you are usually playing on. In first place, I as the Hokage am EU and most of the village is off. There's still few people playing during that time though. I would like you to contact me on discord at "bogdan#3912" so I can add you to Leaf Village Discord in order to make your experience smoother.
  12. Bogdan

    That's actually a nice RP idea with the ''pay or we attacking you''.
  13. Oh yes, the average ''I will report you but I'm going to cry in front of everyone so I get some extra attention'' special.
  14. Bogdan

    Leaf Village Rulebook 1.Do not attack leafies without mutual consent unless requested by a higher rank to do so Punishment:strike/exile depending on severity 2.Do not aid our enemies in any way within leaf territory while or when leafies are around -healing, reviving -tagging -giving intel -aiding them aganist leafies -helping them do missions inside leaf teritory unless you are a bodyguard etc. -if you do any of the above while we are being raided you will be exiled Punishment:jail/strike/exile depending on severity 3.You must help your ally if he is being attacked -an exception is if you got documents/spy/survey(or other missions that require you to go from A to B without dying) -if you are caught sparring in village while we are being raided you will be exiled Punishment:jail/exile 4.Toxicity, stealing and scamming are not tolerated in our village -this also applies if you are scamming or being toxic towards an enemy. -things such as bounty scam and faking to be a bodyguard will also be punished Punishment: -for general toxicity you will be jailed -for IRL insults you will be striked or exiled depending on severity -if you bounty scam you will be jailed -if you fake to be a bodyguard you will be jailed -If you scam/steal from another player you will be exiled 5.Respect and follow the orders of higher ranked ninjas The hierarchy of ranks will be the following: Kage > Council > Advisor > Organization Leader>Former Kage > Jonin > Chunin > Speacialized Jonin > Genin -if you abuse your rank you will be punished -if you disobey your higher ranks you will be punished Punishment:jail/demoting 6.Do not use transformation jutsu on Kage, ANBU and LMPF on duty Punishment:jail 7.The Hokage’s orders are absolute, you must follow and respect them. NEW ALT NEW LIFE RULE New alt new life rule must be respected but not abused. Leaf mains that are caught doing antileaf activities on their alts will be exiled. For known enemies that want to have a leaf character they want to chill/raid with from time to time, you have to get kage's approval. Your leaf character will be prohibited from doing the following: -They can't join official organizations -They can't join internal pvp based events(I don't want kisame of the akatsuki to take abdulramen69's prize) -They can’t join Leaf Discord STRIKE SYSTEM -3 jails will result in 1 strike -3 strikes will result in exile -you can remove strikes by paying an amount that is to be decided by LMPF and Kage PARDON AND FLAG SYSTEM -to request a pardon it will cost you 2k -if you get pardoned you will be flagged for one month -to remove your flag you have to pay 4k(1k per week) -while you are flagged, any rule you break will be punished with exile -while you are flagged you can't join official organizations or promote in Chunin Exams ESCORT SYSTEM -people that escort are called bodyguards -enemies can request to be escorted to do their missions by LMPF or Medical Corps. This means having one leaf player that’s part of one of these organizations walk with you to spa/documents/spy and then back to the village exit, whatever happens to you after reaching the village gates isn’t our problem anymore -the prices are from 200 to 350 ryo depending on your mission -if you get scammed feel free to report and the one that scammed you will be jailed
  15. Bogdan

    We've tried it before, it won't happen.