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  1. Bogdan

    The best way to replace the RP tokens system that I could come up with is this: A chunin+ teams 3 genins of appropiate levels, the chunin goes to the mission desk, talks to the NPC that used to give the RP missions and gets to choose between the rank of the mission he wants to complete. (each rank having a certain level requirement so it couldnt be abused for faster leveling) After choosing the D rank option for exemple, the whole team will get shared some kind of D rank mission[exemple: Clean the kage office(perform 50 /e commands fitting the job you got) or complete a bell training]. Once the mission is done, the team will get rewarded with an amount of ryo and exp based on the mission rank. These missions could be the same as dailies which will help players that interact with each other and eventually RP to level faster. These missions delete from players questlog once the team is broken. The advantage of this new system are: 1.It will be way harder to abuse this kind of missions. 2.Pushes players to interact and RP more which also might increase game activity overall. 3.Genins would get to learn a lot of more things from the high ranks. 4.Chunin/Special jonin/Jonin rank becomes more meaningful. I strongly believe that this kind of replacement for the RP missions will make the game way more enjoyable for everyone.
  2. Bogdan

    Farmers must suffer.
  3. Bogdan

    Firewall bug

    Firewall only damages 1 target at a time even though the jutsu is 3 tiles wide.
  4. Bogdan

    beside blindness effect there's probably nothing much that can be done rn
  5. Bogdan

    my list is purely based on 1vs1 performance(horizontal order doesnt matter)
  6. This is sand encouraging you to join your good friend bogdan in leaf with a brand new character
  7. Bogdan

    He's supposed to appeal, not you.
  8. Bogdan

    1. Take the rare items from banned accounts and put them up for auction in order to not completly remove them from the game( there's rare items that now are gone such as white dojo kimono i believe). 2.Make binded event items such as ''Golden Oni Mask'' go in your special items stash so once you reset you will be getting them back.
  9. Bogdan

  10. Bogdan

    "If she plays nin, she is a he''
  11. Bogdan

    In society you get jailed for breaking rules too.
  12. My condoleances for what happened, hope to see you back soon!(AS LEAFIE OFC)

  13. Bogdan

    The balance team should be made off croations like ana primal and yamikami, just look at them.