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  1. In NIN online, one thing is inevitable. Death. And now you can pay homage to your cold dark friend by setting up a statue in your very own home! This is my final entry, Happy Halloween everybody! Big Preview: Grid: Icon:
  2. @Ueda Finished the re-works. Is this closer to what you were looking for?
  3. The world forever feared its presence once the nine tailed fox had left its mark on our lands. BUT NOW you can leave its mark in your own personal home and frighten all your guests this halloween. (Loosely based around an experience I had my first week playing Nin Online. Erox summoned the nine tailed fox at Sand GD and I immediately knew that this was the game for me. I pay homage to that with this spooky display. I'm also glad I dont have to look at pictures of fox skulls anymore.) Big Preview. Small Preview. Grid. Icon.
  4. Truly a fright for any rival villages that might wander in to your home this Halloween. Big Preview Small Preview Grid Leaf: Rogue: Sand: Mist: Icons Leaf: Mist: Sand: Rogue:
  5. Anatomically correct skeleton "display" for Halloween....or health class OR displaying your fallen enemies as your own personal trophies. The furniture that fits any occasion, but definitely keeps the October spooky vibes around. I'll probably submit a few more things before the due date, but I hope yall enjoy this! (I had to stop before I made a whole skeleton base sprite) Big Preview. With Base. Icon:
  6. Galodar

    @Boruto Truth be told, i've been leveling up. LOL. I've been so caught in this game that I forgot I made this thread. Kawaki looks pretty badass so this one was really fun to do. I REALLY like his scarf, I hope you do too!
  7. Galodar

    I was waiting for someone to request some "relatable" stuff. I LOVE the sprite work for this game and it would be awesome if I could possibly try and add a few pieces of my own some day! Hopefully this can showcase my ability a little bit. ANYWAY, I am definitely gunna try Kawaki! That scarf is SIKKK.
  8. Galodar

    How can I say no to one of the most notorious! This one was a lot of fun to do, as I am a HUGE fan of the FF franchise and 7 has been one of my favorite games for almost 2 decades! Hope you like it brotha!
  9. Galodar

    LOVE Fire Emblem! Chrom is THAT GUY. Hope this is the version of him you were thinking. MIGHT try that Mandalorian one later, unsure how well I can translate RL to Pixels. CHEERS!
  10. Galodar this? I watched Black Clover season 1 and 2 but completely fell off so I forgot what outfit he actually wears. I liked this one and went with it! Hope you like it!
  11. Galodar

    Got any characters or gear in mind? (Any anime/Video game/Fandom)
  12. Galodar

    Kinda bored, wanted to try and get back into some pixel art. I'm rewatching Jujutsu Kaisen atm so here is YEAH BOI...Gojo Satoru!
  13. When I got the papers I used them thinking it was gunna dd to some sort of currency. When I finished up and tried to select which band I wanted it wouldnt let me pick, because I didnt have any papers. When I closed that winow I got ported to what I believe is outside of the tutorial. Not sure if I can go back there and investigate further. Thank you for the quick response though, I suppose i'll open a ticket.
  14. I used the graduation scroll at the beginning and I think it caused me to leave without a band. Would it be possible to get that band??