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  1. Daizo

    Daily Mission UI

    Super simple request, since we can only grab one daily mission at a time we should be able to see which daily mission we have on our UI. Another thing to add might be the progress of the mission under the title. So in this case it would say Sand Style Relaxation III Completed: 0/900 Example 2:
  2. Daizo

    Why it needs to happen With steam release around the corner and a popular Youtuber already pointing to the outdated mission system being too overbearing and uninteresting, I believe it's time we finally fixed it. While many of us have sat through hundreds of daily missions, throwing some away, it is one of the worst aspects of the game. The rewards can be great, often times not. They can be the difference of leveling up in a day or leveling up in 3 days. There are also a lot of oversights in the current mission pool that we need to discuss, so let's start there. Simple changes Some of the changes that need to be made are relatively simple. Whether it's an increase in exp for difficulty or decrease in requirements and exp to make the mission process a little easier. Let's begin with Danger Dangos. tl;dr: Double the EXP of Danger Dango and make it a C-rank mission OR repurpose Danger Dango as a B-rank mission with 10k exp reward and create a new D-rank mission to obtain Sake from Tanzaku. Lost Puppy/Lost Cat Being someone who doesn't do mission until level 16 I haven't gotten this mission in the past year that I've been playing. A very simple fix for this is to increase the level pool for this mission. It gives more EXP than Danger Dango and is a lot more interesting in my opinion. It could be chance that I never see this mission anymore, but it was always more bearable than Danger Dango since you had to travel less time and you could die during it. Mob Kill Missions So what is the solution? There's several; Increase the amount of exp for the mission. OR Increase the amount of money for the mission. OR reduce the number of kills required for the mission while keeping the exp the same. OR include blood pills I in the mission reward. Since these are the beginner missions, most new players are going to die on them. Rewarding them for the blood pills they might have used to complete the mission or rewarding them properly is what we should be doing. The fact that you get 8 spiders worth of exp for a mission that requires you to kill 90 of them is just criminal at that point. Player Kill Missions This is a weird one as there are people who hunt, people who buy kills/bounty and people who use alts. However there are some exp discrepancies that need to be addressed. Waging War II per the wiki gives 87k exp for 5 kills. Cold-Blooded Killer III gives 87k exp for 8 kills. This is a problem for several reasons but they are all pretty obvious. I would also like to add that Bounty Hunting is hit or miss entirely based on who you come across. For Bounty Hunting II you need to collect 30 Ryo. This can be the difference of killing 1 person or killing 8, entirely depending on their bounty. Simple solution would to be increasing Cold-Blooded Killer exp. It's hard to gauge if Waging War or Bounty Hunting's exp should be increased due to bought kills/alts. New Missions We have a lot of new systems since these missions were introduced so it's about time we utilized them. Medicine Delivery I - D-rank Medicine Delivery II - C-rank Crafted Concern I - C-rank Crafted Concern II - B-rank
  3. Daizo

    I have to agree. Kenshi has not been attending to his Sultan duties like he should. What does it say about the community when a Sultan is weak?
  4. Rest in peace, brother.

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      Relax bro, it's a joke 🤣

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      Joking about the dead is bad luck bro, don't do it. Even I, with the darkest humor on this game will never do something as terrible as that. 

    4. Daizo


      They literally aren't dead, relax Nik.

  5. From the way I'm understanding it and @Ueda can confirm; Through steam you will just log in the same way through the website. The only difference between the steam release and nin online is that you will load up the launcher through steam.
  6. Daizo

    Nice to see this was added
  7. Daizo

    Us freaks gotta stick together
  8. Daizo

    you know me
  9. Daizo

    Just a quick video I cooked up when chilling in leaf.
  10. Daizo

    Combining RP missions

    I think the biggest problem right now for doing RP missions is that combining RP missions could have your rank stripped or your account banned. I believe this is completely unfair to people who have earned their rank and also to the people who need RP missions to be hosted. The problem with the current system is that there's no way to "queue" for RP missions. You have to try and find 2 other players who need that RP mission and then another person to host said mission. The amount of people who need RP 1 mission has a higher percentage but that then falls off later on. This means that getting people together for RP missions 2 and onward is extremely difficult. I believe we should remove the rule that combining RP missions is wrong. It should be up to the chunin/jonin/host to decide what kind of mission would be appropriate depending on the RP missions requested.
  11. Daizo

    We can barely finish this game LOL let's wait a couple of years before we add mini-games.
  12. Daizo

    main sand again
  13. Daizo

    Ketsueki Clan House

    The Ketsueki clan house is located at the north side of the village. If you're at the entrance of the village go left of the puppet brigade building to reach the clan house.
  14. Daizo

    Tendo Clan House

    The Tendo Clan house is located on the western side of the village. If you've reached the clothing shop and continue running left you will find the clan house.
  15. Daizo

    Toitsu Clan House

    The Toitsu clan house is located on the east side of the village. It is directly south of the tools and weapon shop.