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  1. Jay

    @Oriax i have faith in you emiya and dryukiro and kenkock if he's still around and one more person that i forgot his name
  2. Jay

    my Son just came up with a perfect idea @Midnight this idea is OC
  3. Jay

    for saying im offended by what someone said and it was a 1 min you shouldn't treat me that bad i think its because im black smh if someone else said that they would have not gotten the same treatment learn from ppl like oriax and shirou they wouldn't do those type of thing im very disappointed @Alarnin
  4. Jay

    @Melfina lol its sad smdh
  5. Jay

    @Senketsu i agree @Ori maybe rory want to kill his game slowly and alarnin will help do it
  6. Jay

    https://gyazo.com/72037bc90c0e37340a84a3def501237c this type of gm you want @Ueda? ..... i was offended by what this player said and i get put in Gm prison by alarnin smdh nin will die because of actions like this
  7. Jay

  8. LMAOOO let him waste his 10k if he wins we know they cheated lmaooo
  9. Jay

    @Kuraen Elodin stop defending stuff you wouldn't even do lol you know its the truth
  10. im not disagreeing with you lol but if rory didn't want ppl to do it in game he would have stopped it by now
  11. missing ninja do this all the time attack run to clan house regan come out attack run to clan house repeat but i don't think they will stop ppl from entering hospital this been a on going for a while sparkz you ain't new
  12. nah don't fix this you should be able to go into hospital and clan house you know why when missing ninja/ akats/taka raid they run right to clan buildings, they should be able to stop missing ninja from going in clan house instead because they would fight and run inside clan house
  13. Jay

    where did you see that at?
  14. Jay

    he calling population a buff 0_o
  15. Jay

    what buff did leaf have im confused and i've been playing for a long time