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  1. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE Rainbow Fan/Pipe Orange Fan/Pipe Yellow Fan/Pipe Green Fan/Pipe Brown Fan/Pipe Gold Fan/Pipe Silver Fan/Pipe Bronze Fan/Pipe Scaling is not my area of expertise so I won't even try. Basic fan looks so bland, black fan drops from Gafuki and is too inaccessible to newbies. Seathorne Pipe is accessible to newbies.
  2. TKO

    Boss, I'm not gonna lie. That's just more waging war kills for us. Adapt and bring and army.
  3. TKO

    Hi! This is just an idea for the game. If you like the idea, you should vote. If you don't, you should still vote.
  4. TKO

    #YouIsNotMyHokage #FollowJunPachiOnYouTube #LikeFollowAndSubscribe #YouCantBeatMeInMasterDuel #StfuBogdan
  5. 5 event coupons for T1. 10 event coupons for T2. 15 event coupons for T3.
  6. TKO

    Hey to be honest wherever it can be implemented, it would be nice just to have it so I'm all ears to getting this idea upvoted as much as possible.
  7. @Itachi Uchiha suggested something similar in the past before this whole new forum suggestion idea vote thingy, so I'm just going to repost and revise in my own words and sketches because I think it was a very smart idea. As the title reads, I am suggesting an NPC/Player Record Kill Counter. NPC/Player Record Kill Counter So, there are a few ways I see it working, and by all means I am not an experienced programmer I've really only done light work so I have no idea how to personally implement it, this is just a suggestion, but I really like the way the bingo book is made, so perhaps it could simply be an expansion of the bingo book like a google chrome tab. Rough Sketch Example of Players Killed Tab As you can see, this is how it could look. This is an example of what you would theoretically see if you were in the Players Killed tab. Rough Sketch Example of Mobs Killed Tab I really don't have anything else to add other than, if this doesn't work, perhaps two new buttons on the HUD display can be created for this feature. I was going to say it could be added here in the bounty station.. but.. I don't see how that's really possible tbh. My imagination has its limits.
  8. TKO

    Who asked?
  9. TKO

    Can we use Jonins then? XD
  10. TKO

    The greatest term in Sand has long since past. Arguably, it was between Lumy's, Light's and TetsuHawk's term and that's just being honest with no bias. Everyone else that follows has just kinda been hella biased or corrupt. If the Kage simply followed their pattern and put in the work there wouldn't be as much mess as there is now in Sand. Now, it's more like a club than a village, and Leaf is trying to follow that route.
  11. TKO

    More negative opinions than good, naturally.
  12. TKO

  13. TKO

    The paranoia...
  14. TKO

    @Makie flap Sand but I hope they raid you every day lol
  15. TKO Sorry. Someone removed the post.