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  1. Violate me and I will violate you, and I refuse to entertain the idea of a 1v1. It will never happen. I snaked you, fool. HA HA. @Sonido That's what you get for killing my alt. @Nin Community Don't let players like this scare you or take advantage of you. They'll do everything they can to try and scare you away. Fight back. Fight long. Fight hard. Don't just give up on Nin. They're like infectious worms, but they are beatable. And remember... "Never trust a Jakusha." - Sun Tzu or smth
  2. Yugure

    You're only asking this so that way you have an easier opportunity to vote rep. Bad enough people are already abusing alts and cloak just to try and fame people, it's kinda pathetic yeah?
  3. So as you can see, I'm watching Naruto and on the right is my hotbar. If I press H, it clears my HUD and I can't see it. The blessing covers my hotbar, which covers my move cool downs. It makes it slightly more difficult but not too difficult, it's just tedious that we can only customize and move around the chat screen (which in my opinion is perfectly done because now whenever I play I just close it and ignore everyone for the most part and it's beautiful. I hope that we can not only adjust the size but move around the hotbar and the blessing tab in the future.
  4. Yugure

    Cloud and Stone

    At this point most veteran players have explored the majority of the content loaded into the game, and as a result a lot of players are getting bored and leaving. Also at this point, we now have three templates to create the last two villages. Since the last three villages were Leaf, Sand and Mist, the last two villages should be Kumogakure aka Hidden Cloud Village located in the Land of Lightning led by the Raikage and his staff, and Iwagakure aka Hidden Stone Village located in the Land of Earth led by the Tsuchikage and his staff. With all five villages plus rogue life implemented into the game everyone will now migrate into other villages completely balancing everything. (Probably only Mist will be dead tbh but that might fix itself later with the Steam release). In my personal opinion it probably would be better to work on this now before the steam release, since the villages appear to be a large scale project and require a lot of work. On top of that, too much content was promised before release, and now it's like; instead of all these cool things we get a slap in the face with the fishing feature and I kinda find it a little disrespectful. This community has a lot of talented artists that I'm sure if asked would have no problem contributing to the game in order to help Rory and his team achieve updates faster in exchange for Silver Ninja, and I've seen some of these guys icon everything from clothing to weapons to even fan made jutsu. We want the game to progress and see cool things, and while fishing is nice and makes us a lot of ryo; it isn't like there are those of us that have forgotten about the other content like advanced masteries, clan techniques, other villages, level 100, the things that chads look forward to. The lack of jutsus (we've literally had the same ones for 10 years) contributes to the boredom. Getting new masteries correlated to lightning (Land of Lightning gets Black Lightning and Stone gets Particle Style) would contribute to the excitement of getting back into PvP, which I've literally given up on at this point because it's the same story different timezone. (I've leveled 25 accounts with 11 summons, don't question me on that). There is nothing to do on Nin anymore and fishing definitely isn't the solution.
  5. Yugure

    I'd come back if they dropped the last two villages (Cloud and Stone). It would obviously mean a lot to us all if we had all five villages after all. It's so boring having just missings, mist leaf and sand. In our brain it's like going to half of a Walmart. At this point the majority of us explored most of the content offered. It's a no brainer why people don't play. The only content left for most of us is Land of Iron but it's more grindy than life itself.
  6. Yugure

    Hmm. I see your concern. In my opinion all techniques look the same for the most part each time they are casted, big flame bullet doesn't just turn into water prison out of nowhere you have to reset for that; so a little color change wouldn't cause much confusion for most expert ninja who are experienced, and it would be a treat for new players to experience and besides; the masteries I chose for color changes were based on realistic elements; and I am trying my absolute hardest to contribute to Rory's realistic pitch when I make a serious suggestion. On top of that, confusion is just another word for challenge, and environmental jutsus should collide in my opinion with environmental challenges and realistic environmental elements. That aside, this is just a simple color change. Nothing too serious. Yes, later on I'm sure when Rory is feeling generous enough he will add those very cool jutsu you mention. But let me remind you that we have been waiting years for those advanced jutsu. We were also told to forget about them, so if we're going to forget about them; it's time to move forward in a new direction and add just a little more colorful content to an already vibrant and amazing game. As far as the utility vests being unique, they already are. Again, nothing else looks like them in the game, but for Sand and Mist to have one and for Leaf to have not is unmatched; so we might as well make a color slider for it so that way every village can have one. It's a simple solution for an audience that has long sought after it. Most clothes being unique? Sure. That's why I only listed the generic ones. Notice how I didn't list any of the major items like bandit blade or blood katana or dark scythe or bandit pants? It's because I agree with you and I took that into consideration; they're legendary drops. PS: Utility pouch is the same color in Mist or Sand, it should get a color slider too. Would make sense.
  7. I MEAN IT! Let me explain, because I seriously doubted this at first. If you're looking to download a game and you have ferociously terrible download speed, fishing is what you want to do. (My speed takes me 3 days sometimes for one game). If you're looking to cook and you also want to play Nin and don't want a little mini game to do, fishing is what you want to do. The most important; if not amazing feature about fishing is that it allows peaceful farmers to collect ryo while doing a simple task, which is important for lowbies trying to pass the time for the next daily reset or those who are tired of mindlessly grinding mobs and players for 1.3 trillion ryo items. IN FACT In fact, in just four episodes of Dragon Ball Z, I was able to successfully haul 1,000 ryo in a fun way that allowed me to presently idle. I request more content like this, because administrator team, whoever thought of this concept has God level brain energy.
  8. An RGB Color Slider is an item that allows you to customize the color of an item, and I think it was done before with the hair color changer. The cosmetics are too plain, and with the addition of spring, and how high I love getting, I love looking at color when I play a video game. Here are the following things in game which could feature in the RGB Slider. (Yes I realize how long this idea could take, but I also realize how fast this idea could be if it's as simple as adding in a color slider to these items) Cosmetics Cosmetics are obviously a very important feature to the game. Baggy Pants Sleeveless Shirts All basic shirts, all basic pants, all basic shoes Bandit Pants (Takumi Shop not literal drop) Arm Bandages (Takumi Shop) Veiled Sakkat Bandit Shoes (Takumi Shop) Blind Monk Robe (Takumi Shop) Basic Gloves All basic shorts Long Shirt (Takumi Shop Netted Shirt Black Turtle Neck Shirt White Shirt Utility Vest (Leaf Still Doesn't HAVE ONE) Basic Fan Basic Pipe's Bubble Color Basic Pipe Blank Scrolls Kunai Basic Tools (Paper Bombs, Kunai, Shurikens, Senbons) I am suggesting jutsus because since we were told to practically give up on the advanced idea, this could spice things up possibly. Fire Style - Purple Fire - Green Fire - Blue Fire - Red Fire - Black Fire Earth Style - White (Clay) - Brown (Dirt) - Gray (Dust) - Yellow (Gold) Lightning Style (Every color of the rainbow according to google) Water Style (Every color of the rainbow, but that's with dyes or environmental effects)
  9. Yugure

    @Ueda @Average @Erox will someone help this guy hes been having the issue for two days its the second time he posted it
  10. Honestly I think I remember a bug like that happening in the past, and this was one of the solutions. Another amazing bug is when the Nin Mouse Pointer solidifies around the entire screen or when half the map goes missing XD
  11. Yugure

    I honestly agree with both of your statements, but it seemed weapon master got so much love so that's why I suggested it; because truth be told I don't have it in me to farm a 10th blood katana. There's still only one fan in the Sand Shop and only one Pipe in the Mist Shop, it doesn't even have to be stat based. Make the weapons cosmetic based if balance is such a big concern tbh. Although, I already suggested something and nothing has changed despite the amount of +votes.
  12. Yugure

    I got Seth on instagram, I'll message him and tell him you came back. Furthermore; welcome back. Remember that this community is pretty toxic and to make use of the Report and Ignore features. Don't let people get away with whatever they want, and enjoy your stay.
  13. Yugure

    Yes! I was just showing this to another Mist Rogue the other day. Windows Button > Settings > Search Bar > Resolution. Load Nin Online up regularly, and then tweak these settings right here. Scaling below 150% makes the screen resolution smaller and shrinks Nin Online and the hotbar and chatbar, and obviously doing the opposite makes it bigger. Using the display resolution, you can make the maps bigger or smaller by going up or down in resolution size. @Proctor Closing out the client means you have to redo this from scratch, so it's important you follow this to the tea.
  14. Yikes. Have you tried a fresh install? @Raikuzu and I (love your pfp buddy) determined a few years ago that when you run into a crazy Nin Bug like that, what you do is you uninstall Nin Online, go into your folder and search "Nin Online" and delete all folders correlated to it and then do a fresh install. Let me know if that works. I'll tag an admin for you as well. Fair warning, you might have to remap your keybinds. @Erox @PFFFFFF
  15. Yugure

    Never trust anyone from this community.