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  1. I don't know if I should take this seriously. This kind of topics are quite sensitive. I'm closing this topic in case u want to report something use support tickets. Regards, Delp
  2. Hi! I'm sorry for a mistake of moderator who issued your ban. You should be able to join now again. Hey Gnik! I would love to know how I personally abused you ingame. I can talk for myself but I'm fair to everyone and try to be neutral. I don't even know who are u so if I did something what could impact you please share it so I can do better next time. If not It's quite sad to post all types of accusations here without any proof. Regards, Delp
  3. As far as I know none of tickets were deleted your account on discord was flagged as one of spam accounts (We had a wave of scam bots joinin our discord). I just unbanned you on discord so u can join again tru link on homepage. Regards, Delp
  4. @Carlin None of us can do it (expect Admins who never did it before) and I never seen a ticket about discord ban while checking em everyday. Regards
  5. Hi! I would love to help u, please provide me your discord username with tag and the id of support tickets u mentionin. Regards, Delp
  6. Hi, @Miq I would love to help you but for that I need client error logs which you can find in Nin directory. Also make sure to follow official troubleshooting steps (, maybe one of them is going to fix your problem. Are you using amd gpu by any chance?