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  1. I'm not a Rapper, SO STOP RAPPIN AT ME

  2. I'm not a rapper bro, SO STOP RAPPIN' AT ME


    1. Niti


      LMFAO just peeped this

  3. Niti

    Greatest RPer on this ga- Nvm, he doesn't play. Greatest RPer though!

  4. Saku

    Look at this DUDE, actual decent person in this game, one of the few rare ones. Call him SHINY <3

  5. Niti

    The current swords that have a requirement of 100 strength are both rare swords with no benefit to them. As Dona's post points out, you are better off investing 10 extra points to get one of the much more powerful swords. And if you prefer a tankier build, you could just stick to the scythe, which has good damage and is incredibly fast. Having such a high strength requirement without the proper reward puts these swords at an awkward position. A strength requirement of 85 is much more fitting for these two swords, as it would feel rewarding enough to invest that amount of points. Hybrids that like stronger swords can go for these while remaining a decent amount of health and chakra and pure Weapon Masters can use these as their main weapon like they are currently doing with the Scythe and Bone Swords. This will also give the weapon masters a lot more diversity, as they are very likely to be useful while still not rendering the Scythe, Bone sword nor the Blood Katana useless. Ironically, that is exactly the situation that the Shirokata and Bandit Blade have been put in due to the release of the Bone Sword, Blood Katana and the Scythe.
  6. Niti

    Most recently updated: 14th of September, 2020.Additions: - Dates of which the price of the item was set is now written next to the item. This will make micromanagement a lot easier in the future. - Red Scarf added to the "Rare Drops (market prices)" section - Picture added for Red Scarf - Arms Bandages added to the "Rare Drops (market prices)" section - Picture added for Arms Bandages - Tonfa added to the "Rare Drops (market prices)" section - Picture added for Tonfa - Blood Katana added to the "Rare Drops (market prices)" section - Blood Tonfa added to the "Rare Drops (market prices)" section - Picture added for Blood Tonfa Changes: - Price of Snake Venom lowered - Minimum price of DNA raised - Maximum price of DNA lowered - Price of Wolf Fur lowered - Price of Racoon Tails lowered - Price of Hawk Feathers lowered- Price of Gas Mask lowered - Price of Seji no Hani lowered - Price of Poison-laced Kunai raised - Price of Twin Fangs lowered - Price of Religious Katana lowered - Price of Black Fan raised - Price of Snake Rope Belt lowered - Price of Veiled Sakkat lowered - Price of Kotsuzui Tanto raised Incoming: - Blood Katana picture - Addition of Bamboo Hats - Addition of more Festival Items - Possible Price Changes If there are any issues with these updates, you are free to comment on this topic or reach out to me on my Discord: Niti#2506
  7. Niti

    Not a fan of the Cloud village, but this suggestion is really good. I love the concept art as well as the amount of details on this post, it really shows you were quite invested in this.
  8. Niti

    monkaS I can't promise anything, since I do not currently play the game. But I can try to update it, when I have some extra free time. Thanks, it is not currently up-to-date, so be careful if you are using it as your reference.
  9. While we were always on opposing sides, I believe Deathmall and I had mutual respect for each other, but our ideologies were simply too different. This led to many wars throughout generations and generations, but I could never have imagined seeing him go... It is an unfortunate turn of events when a great man like Deathmall is no longer with us, but everyone has to go at some point. I will be there to pay my respects for the man I had the most interesting wars with - Tactical wars. After all, we are two sides of the same coin. May you rest in peace, Third Hokage.
  10. Very detailed description of do's and dont's, as far as RP goes. Great guide, amazing work.
  11. Niti

    As @Light pointed out in one of the previous comments, I really should add time stamps for each individual item to ensure that the price of the specific item is up-to-date. If I do find the time to do so, I will. Otherwise, I will keep going with the previous method of patch notes. And thank you.
  12. Saku

    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

  13. Niti

    The bookmark is more than enough appreciation shown, thank you.
  14. Niti

    Thank you, I hope it is. My pleasure.