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  1. Niti

    See ya Primal, you will be missed. Don't get too many crazy ideas about more Mist village restaurants while you're gone.
  2. Niti

    Don't forget there is no valid list or correct answer, it's based on your opinions and experiences with the players. I can at least speak for myself when I say no current answers matches how I'd rank them.
  3. Niti

    That watermark is tilting me
  4. Recently, I had a discussion with @Senketsu about players' tiers - it was a formal (and honestly fun) discussion, so I'd prefer if you all keep it formal on here too. I've created a Tier list, which I want you all to fill out with your choices from the various players, and post them on this topic. I've tried to keep it as unbiased as possible by adding names from all villages. If anyone else would like to be included, let me know and I will add you. The same goes for removal - If you want to be removed from the list, let me know. Without further ado, go crazy: Please avoid any toxicity, this can be a really funny forum topic if we all just keep formal tone.
  5. Niti

    monkaS I can't promise anything, since I do not currently play the game. But I can try to update it, when I have some extra free time. Thanks, it is not currently up-to-date, so be careful if you are using it as your reference.
  6. Niti

    By all means, do not limit it to only the masteries of "Water" and "Wind". If exclusivity is what is truly sought from the player base, the Fan should only allow the user to use Fan techniques and the Pipe should only allow users to use Bubble techniques. If you were to limit the use of fans and pipes purely to water and wind, that doesn't solve the issue but only widens the gap that already exists between certain elements.
  7. The Yamikami special part two: Complain about any mastery that you are currently playing being weak, but contradict yourself by saying they are op if you quit using them.
  8. While we were always on opposing sides, I believe Deathmall and I had mutual respect for each other, but our ideologies were simply too different. This led to many wars throughout generations and generations, but I could never have imagined seeing him go... It is an unfortunate turn of events when a great man like Deathmall is no longer with us, but everyone has to go at some point. I will be there to pay my respects for the man I had the most interesting wars with - Tactical wars. After all, we are two sides of the same coin. May you rest in peace, Third Hokage.
  9. Very detailed description of do's and dont's, as far as RP goes. Great guide, amazing work.
  10. Niti

    Taijutsu - @Mikecw Medic/Fire - @Oriax or @Savagelli though neither of them play it anymore. Edit: Just noticed the post said "April 2020" and all my additions here are of people who don't play the masteries (or the game) any longer. Ignore this lol.
  11. Ah right, the ring and daily reset xD I thought I put normal kunai in there too, I guess I forgot
  12. It looks like I forgot more than I thought, oof Guess I need to add Muramasa, Tonfa, Bandit Blade and the Black fan... as well as the pink one if anyone has it, cause I certainly don’t lol
  13. Shit, you're right
  14. Lmao, I actually prefer the golden color over the silver one. Though, I wouldn’t mind silver or gold on an alt for the cash shop discounts