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  1. Vaga

    Pretty nice!
  2. Damn your bio is really nice!

    1. Itama Date

      Itama Date

      Thank you, its outdated tho :C

  3. Vaga

    This is almost impossible.
  4. Vaga

    omg that's so funny ahahah
  5. Vaga

    I will admit that you are right on the point that they have big advantage because they have plenty of jutsus if you compare to others who dont have access to this!
  6. Vaga

    I totally agree with this idea, because it happen to me once and its pretty annoying!
  7. Vaga

    Wow lol
  8. Vaga

    I like that!
  9. Vaga

    Nin Online Highlights

    Best moments in my Nin Online Adventure
  10. Vaga

    Yep not bad at all, look nice my friend!
  11. Vaga

    Nice Job Kazekage Pepe!
  12. Vaga

    It would be nice !
  13. Vaga

    Happy to be in the best village, nice raid!
  14. Vaga

    Wow time flies!