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  1. Damn your bio is really nice!

    1. Itama Date

      Itama Date

      Thank you, its outdated tho :C

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    Nin Online Highlights

    Best moments in my Nin Online Adventure
  3. Vaga

    Nice Job Kazekage Pepe!
  4. Vaga

    Summon Finally!

    From the album: Nin Online Highlights

  5. Vaga

    Spying in Mist

    From the album: Nin Online Highlights

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    GodX and Me

    From the album: Nin Online Highlights

  7. Vaga

    Personally, I will thank you alot for spending alot of time of your life creating this game, because for a naruto fan like me or the others players, I think that's really nice to have a big universe in the naruto world and to be able to create our ninja. I look for other game like your and actually this is the best complete naruto online game in my opinion. So you did not work for nothing. And for sure that if you that I will try your others games! Thank you alot!
  8. Oh man big thanks for this. It will help me, I would like if everyone would stay in RP and do () when they get out of character, I will do this from now. Sadly, my english is not good, but I will do my best !!
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    btw thanks for this!
  10. Vaga

    Yeah, can't wait to see the mist village, i feel like it will be incredible.
  11. It was the best CE exam, but it would be better to not promote 20 ninjas per exam, but im still happy that you did it this time lol @Rory ! For people who are saying that it was laggy, if you would have listen to Rory's tips, it would'nt lag, it did'nt lag for me...
  12. Vaga

    Yea thank you Rory...
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    Kazekage fail

    From the album: Vaga Drawing

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    Vaga Igarashi punch

    From the album: Vaga Drawing