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  1. Itachi Uchiha

    I share your less-than-enthusiastic take on advanced masteries being released (And almost definitely unbalanced), but we can't get to balancing them without suffering through the testing phases
  2. Itachi Uchiha

    I agree with you when you say that the way PVE balance is handled it is not engaging. Things flickering and one shoting you is not a good way of designing challenging encounters in my opinion. Perhaps a puzzle gimmick or other "Objective" in a boss room to weaken it momentarily or something to be destroyed in the boss room to permanently weaken it could allow for some truly enjoyable content. I also agree with "World encounters" that require a massive number of players to tackle. For villages it's very doable given a lack of friendly fire. For rogues, it encourages the forming of mutually beneficial organizations with that active member player cap.
  3. Itachi Uchiha

    I agree with that. That said, I would also like more diversity between official org buffs and other advantages to them and possibly the addition of @Yami's Sound 4 suggestion and/or village medical corps.
  4. Hi there, been a while since I've posted. I'm genuinely curious as to what the player-base is more interested in when it comes to updates. For the sake of assisting staff with content releases (Should they choose to acknowledge what is suggested in this forum post), I have limited the "Preffered content update" to one item. However, with the second question I have left it as a multiple choice to help narrow down what players are and are not interested in. Please remain respectful in your replies. I, as a player of many years, would love for staff themselves to ask players directly what they want to see. I'm not throwing any kind of shade; I'm simply saying that I would feel much more engaged in the future of Nin Online if staff would make similar discussion topics. That said, this is not a staff post. It's a post by a regular player who is interested in the opinions of my fellow gamers. Personally, I would like to see less cosmetic updates and would like to see more updates and changes to official orgs. I'll leave that reasoning to another post perhaps. Take note that I am NOT including updates to the client itself in this list. This post is assuming that the client update is the primary focus of the staff team as of April of 2021 and instead focuses on the other aspects of Nin Online's development process both as a side note of the new client and what comes afterwards. Have a nice day/night.
  5. Itachi Uchiha

    Hi there, the current profile fields are outdated (Sorry to make you feel old @Ueda) please change these fields from this: To this: - Discord (Maybe auto-fill if account is linked to Nin Discord) - Youtube - Steam - Twitter - Twitch - Facebook
  6. Itachi Uchiha

    This topic has been brought up as many times as @Feinzin nin discord, but here's another suggestion: @Ueda you said you want the game to be a hard-core experience, and that's fine. But the Mist Village is lacking a severe amount of players despite having the most fun organization buff, a fun passive (IMO), the best village weapon, and a really cool village asthetic that you spent over a year working on. Why is it dead despite being a really cool village? The boat ride. Here's my 2 suggestions to change this problem. 1. When a mist ninja VILLAGER (Excluding rogues) goes to the ferry man, he would have a new dialogue saying; "Ah, a fellow Blood Mist ninja. I will help you destroy our enemies by granting you a free ride to the mainland and a faster route." - Free ride and faster route. Maybe by 2.5 minutes to the mainland making it 2.5 minutes there and 2.5 minutes back for a total of 5 minutes sitting on a boat doing nothing instead of 10 2. Reduce the amount of bears spawned in the 2 maps after port. It's awful as a low level mist ninja to have to evade 2-3 maps of very strong and high level mobs. Please reconsider this, @Ueda. Mist village is really cool and you spent too much time and effort to let it die like this.
  7. Itachi Uchiha

    How about the buff for medical corps a syringe as a melee weapon but instead of damage it heals for 40 HP. Trust me, I'm a pharmacist and I promise this "Medication" is "Legitimate."
  8. Itachi Uchiha

    Yeah, I updated the topic to +40 instead due to good points being made in Nin discord. And Leaf no longer has those unbearable numbers you speak of. We lost a LOT of players due to the heavy influx of Brazilians switching to their new server.
  9. Itachi Uchiha

    As I said in discord (For the record here) the maximum viable HP for any level 60 is 1500 HP, unless you are a wm or a tai user and then max viable would be about 1700. So with +40 fortitude (400 HP) the typical guardian would have an average of 1600-2000 hp without the added benefit of extra damage or chakra. That seems quite reasonable to me.
  10. Itachi Uchiha

    I see your point and like the idea of it. But in practice it isn't as strong. Perhaps +40 fortitude would be better? We would be losing 10 usable stat points than we have now, but it would be more focused.
  11. Itachi Uchiha

    EDIT: ALL REFERENCES OF +50 FORTITUDE ARE CHANGED TO +40. There was a discussion in Nin Discord and good points were made to have it at 40 instead of 50. Suggestion: 12 guardian buff would be +50 fortitude from the sash and nothing else. Just converts all stat points to our health which pushes 12 guardian's RP as monk defenders, not assault specialists. Since the buff can be compared to the akatsuki buffs ONLY by the fact that they are both raw stat points, it makes sense to make this comparison: The akatsuki buff: +25 to all stats. This includes damage stats, chakra, and health. Most akatsuki members will benefit only from 3 stats (+75 usable stat points) but hybrids benefit from 4 stats (+100 stat points). They don't have the protection of a village so I absolutely agree with the design choice to make them a stronger org buff than twelve guardians which has a village backing them. 12G would have +50 usable points whereas akatsuki would have 75-100. Why does 12G need a buff? 12G needs a buff because +10 in all stats is laughable. Puppet brigade gets massive puppets that are immortal and shoot waves that can mow down an army in 1 lucky wave. Akatsuki gets 125 stat points, and 75-100 usable points. Seven swordsmen get very hard hitting swords with amazing affects like AOE snares and long range stuns in ADDITION to raw stat points. 12G gets +10 to every stat. How is that fair? The argument of "Numbers is your buff." Is not a fair argument to make as leaf, for one thing, is not the largest village anymore. And secondly, if sand was always the largest village would their puppet have 250 hp and not have a wave? That doesn't make sense. 12G badly needs a buff. I know I just joined the org so people will say I'm biased. But I've been in every org except 7sm, but have had extensive practice fighting 7SM in addition to fighting as an ally, and thus I can say that 12G is SEVERELY lacking comparatively.
  12. Itachi Uchiha

    Something has to be done about fans and pipes. The 80 strength requirement on the poison pipe was very nice.
  13. Itachi Uchiha

    Oh boy balance talks. My favorite lol. I'll add in my two cents for twelve guardians. I think +10 in all stats is underwhelming compared to the other village buffs, but I like how each organization buff is unique. That is interesting and fun to me and I don't want those to change. Right now twelve guardians is a budget akatsuki (12 members -> 10 members -> 75 fewer buff points than akatsuki). 12G has a village to stand behind them, but so do everybody else other than akatsuki. My suggestion is to focus the buff and make the stat points more concentrated. A choice of 5 different sashes between each individual stat. Fort, Chakra, Int, Agi, Str. Each sash gives a +50 buff into that ONE stat. this allows for some very creative builds around the sash for one thing, and makes the buff WAY more useful for each member of the twelve guardians as individuals. Thanks for coming to my ted talk
  14. Itachi Uchiha

    Toad village needs to have no collision in the no-zone like hospitals. I'm stuck here because this guy went afk in front of the summon. Please make this zone (And all other no zones) no collision. I'd like to clarify that this person is not at fault. This area needs to be a no zone.