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  1. That looks so cool 

  2. Great idea! Probably wouldn't be able to list just one, so here's a couple.
  3. Marino

    When you spawn in, the small snakes will choose 1 person to aggro. Even when they respawn, they'll aggro the same person. So the ideal lineup would be: 2 taijutsu users who are on the boss constantly, 1-2 healers who heal the tais / the person running from snakes. And if you can't find a 2nd healer, a random person could take the place of a healer and run around with the smaller snakes. It's all about team comp, really.
  4. Marino

    I like this idea.
  5. Marino

    For some of us players who have played the game for a while have filled up our friends list to the point where we have to scroll down using the "V" arrow if we want to see who's online. It would be a lot more efficient to list everyone that's currently online at the top of the list, and then the offline people should be beneath them. Maybe even add a system that tells you how long ago someone was on the game.
  6. Marino

    Here is my character. I would love it if you could include my familiar here aswell. An idea I had for a scene was that my chracter is asleep on a big branch in a tree with my birb somewhere close to me, perhaps also asleep? Just chillin'. I'll let you decide if that would make for a good picture though. Cheers lad.
  7. Marino

    In the newest update, if you charge your chakra and try to move your character without letting go of the charging key, your character will be stuck in the charging state when you run around. This state lasts even if you let go of the charging key, until you stop moving around. But during this, you can't cast abilities, nor pick up items. It only happens if you try to move while charging your chakra though. If you let go of the charge button before moving, it doesn't happen. Scenario: You farm mobs. You're low on chakra, so you charge it, but the mobs are coming closer and closer by the second. You move without letting go of the charging key, and you're stuck in the charging state. Now, you have to stop moving to be able to cast your next jutsu. But I'm guessing this is not intended.
  8. Marino

    The venomous snakes send out a poison spit every now and then. If their spit last hits a mob infront of them, they nullify the exp you get from the kill. So basically grinding at venemous snakes doesn't make it worth it. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but them stealing the exp due to their spit doesn't seem to be the intended effect of it.
  9. That's why you the goat. :shrug:
  10. Marino

    I can't see the crosshair anymore. Perhaps due to the latest patch note. The name at the top pops up as though I've targetted something, but I don't know which mob I've targetted due to the lack of crosshair.
  11. Marino

    Good shit, keep it up man. Might send in a comission in the future.
  12. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

    1. Marino


      owo, and dat.

  13. Look at this handsome boy uwu