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  1. If you have both Silver & Gold Ninja on your account, your chat-bubble when typing turns out gold, although in the chat, you're grey. Is it a bug or intended? Because I'd rather showcase my Silver rank than my Gold one!
  2. Marino

    Why is this even a thing? The clothing seem to have been made for both Male & Female sprites, because you can preview it as a male character. Please, make this clothing wearable by both genders. (Blue Short Jacket, Kunoichi Blouse.) Thank you women bias pls no i like the shirts
  3. Marino

    There's nothing like working up a good sweat in the fields to counteract the cold.
  4. Marino

    Just another day helping Nogi out in the shop!
  5. That's why you the goat. :shrug:
  6. That screenshot with the colorful people under the sign is gonna win. I like it a lot, good job on that.
  7. I feel as though to balance the whole thing, only Sand STR Wind users should be able to wield a fan. Because if the whole Sand village can, it's quite an unfair advantage towards the whole Leaf village. (Coming from a sand ninja). But making it only available Sand STR Wind users would make it more unique, and also balance out the advantage. IMO
  8. Marino

    That's a good guide my guy. Solid work!
  9. I totally agree. Felt like the last trailer was more real on what the game is actually about.
  10. Saku the Medic. To be honest, Saku tried very hard and he used all of the right methods to get the win. It was sad in the final fight against Indra when he missed his heal but aye, ;)
  11. Marino

    Ayyy we did good boys
  12. Marino

    That sounds really awesome. I do agree with you that the world feels very empty right now. I really like the approach you guys are taking though into bringing it to life like never before and creating more RP opportunities. Because there are a lot of players in this game who really enjoy RP, maybe even more than the combat in the game. So I do feel like this will be great for everyone. GOOD JOB!
  13. @Seth You shouldn't worry too much about us in your current situation. Just focus on recovering and it'll all be solved eventually. But that's kind of cute still. Thanks.
  14. TFW you're creating a taijutsu character just to beat the shit out of Niti.

    1. Akiro


      Welcome to the Taijustu brotherhood

    2. Niti



  15. Event = Crash


  16. It's actually kind of sad how people didn't realize it was pure sarcasm. He showed it so clearly.
  17. I made my chuunin exam song private after publishing it. Hello?