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  1. Looking back on it 2020 has been a good year in terms of content such as events and such. Can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store. Guess I won’t shake this addiction . Another year !
  2. Leevi

    I ain’t no tech wiz but have you tried changing the resolution?
  3. Leevi

    Are these going to get implemented? @Ueda
  4. Leevi

    Yikes we next lmaoo
  5. Leevi

    I’ll try to spice it up in the future, my mans. My first time really messing with editors thought a 1v1 would simple enough for me. Would appreciate some ideas if you got some fasho.
  6. Leevi

    Preciate it bro, and yea that’s facts I’m just a rust bucket lol
  7. Leevi

    Thanks brodie .
  8. Leevi

    Bro this is literally like 3 matches out of nowhere, wasn’t planned out. I haven’t been online for a minute and seen some nice vids on YouTube of Nin and wanted to join the community. We wasn’t trying hard to prove nothing to anyone lol.
  9. Leevi

    Wassup yall, I'm about to step into the realm of the NinTubers. Eventually my edits finna be saucy on some Rumaki/Marino sht, but go check out the first vid i posted. Thanks and Subscribe for some more saucy Nin Content. @Tsuuyoi
  10. Damn I really been playing Nin for almost 5 years, safe to say I ain’t shaking this addiction, but seriously thanks Rory for keeping up the work. May we have many more anniversaries.
  11. Leevi

    If you go to the homepage of the forums and scroll down there will be a discord image, just click on it and you will get invited.
  12. Leevi

    What clan you from lil ninja? I don’t see that deer blue & white on you, step off my block before we get Active.
  13. It seems you have interpreted my message in the wrong way. I meant “Who says this” as in who are the people telling new players to reset. If they are telling people to reset to Sasayaki then we don’t want anything to do with them. Knowing the name of people who are harassing players can be given to LMPF and if continues can warrant an exile. I stated I personally don’t see it cause I’m usually not in the low level areas too often, usually out helping low to high level players get missions done that are required to leave the village. Not all ranked ninja are just AFK at square (a lot do though) some are just helping in places elsewhere.
  14. Who says this? I’ve never personally seen someone harassing new players to reset to another clan. Give me names, cause if what your saying is valid, jails can be issued.