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  1. Arashi

    Yeah Tobi this really sucks, I've recently been experiencing similar problems but this really sucks. You deserve nothing more than a promotion and I know you were on track to get chunin last time (some bad decisions were made imo). All I can say is stick with it i've been here since 2015 its tough but I'm sure you can do it! #Tobi4Chunin
  2. Arashi

    Ages ago (back in alpha/beta) we used to have reverse summoning technique. When used you would teleport to the toad statue (they used to be scattered across the world) you last checked in with. Whilst it was nice, it was kind of broken. An idea I gave to rory was to rework these toad statues into v chat points, if your team controls the v chat statue you have the ability to village chat on that map like you can in your village v chat room but thats for another topic
  3. Arashi

    Glad you came back!
  4. Arashi

    this isnt the one, I live in the UK and the only way to get decent ping is to pay for pingzapper or something similar
  5. Arashi

    Still here, just a background stalker on the community
  6. Living for the shade Rory you're a gay icon
  7. The Leaf Village: A compilation of the various images I have acquired throughout my time in the Leaf Village. Love, respect and credit goes to everyone in these photos!
  8. No point in people arguing about it, it's going to happen if you like it or not.
  9. The Chunin Exams were a bottle of toxicity, all the angry genin claiming the game sucks 'cause of lag. p.s can the nin community please learn what a metaphor is, my eyes are stinging looking at this topic
  10. I guess I'll give it a shot then too Good luck to everyone participating!
  11. Arashi


    That's what the test server will be for, unless plans have changed.
  12. I believe this many were promoted as it was the final unique exam, subsequent exams will have less awarded I think.