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  1. I literally do not team specifically because of this bug. If I team that day I am for sure crashing on a map switch.
  2. Riley


    There was two missing 7SM. lol The greatest generation of 7SM was primarily Mist ninja with Zabuza being the only rogue.
  3. Riley

    Imagine having to run 5 Chakra Forests/Big Deserts. Two of which you need to dodge a beast. If you don't do that then you have to take a 5 minute boat ride which you also have to pay for. Great time to be alive.
  4. Riley

    Boxers Normal War
  5. Riley

    Those look nice. Muteki big sexy.
  6. A tracking system for how much contribution you've earned individually would be nice too.
  7. Riley


    Hope there's a Sand arc released at the same time unlike how Leaf has the Hide and Seek to get a second jutsu free while Sand does not.
  8. @Rory hope you have them pay a fee like last time for Council members elect and add Hokage to that as well so Council won't just vote for their friends but have to choose between actual people who want to do something for the Village. Would be nice RP to have a Council that doesn't just bend over and agree with the Hokage but can actually oppose them on certain criteria.
  9. Hear you're pretty well endowed. 

  10. This was actually one of the finer Chunin Exams! Job well done to everyone who participated.
  11. Riley

    Pretty nice so far! One thing though is you only get a total of 245 Stat points from 1-50.
  12. Riley


    I’d be with it.
  13. It’s mainly an RP Event to give you a chance to display your Leadership Skills and Tactical prowess. The Villages need more than just brawn. Also the Exams are contanstly being worked on and changed so you never know what to expect, it could be a purely puzzle based one with no actual fights at all.