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  1. Indra

    My idea was always not to die on the killing blow. A hit that would get you to 0 gets you to 1 hp. Then last hit you die
  2. Indra

    I think the way the jutsu currently is is fine. Its a very nice cancel cast. The actual problem is that it doesnt shine because other masteries have broken instant cc.
  3. Its weird how instant cc designed to be used at a really close range are the most landed jutsus.


    1. Seifer


      Hello, I am a bot on behalf of Ueda.

      I see you have an interest in our games flicker. :D

      May I suggest our item?

  4. Indra

    Nerf poison scalpel ty.
  5. Indra

    1- Take off flicker + instant cc combo. 2- make village weapons locked to their own mastery. 3- Make poison scalpel cooldown longer. 4- fix chakra scalpel scaling with weapons or gentle fist melee buff. 5- fix that sensory jutsu abuse that gets you locked into a map. 6- Fix big fire bullet technique hitbox so it hits in front of the user. 7- vortex needs to have the same self stun time as the stun it does. 8- Water shark REALLLY has a clunky animation. A check up wouldnt hurt. Thanks.
  6. Indra

    Pressure point jutsu stacks with chakra scalpel which is in my opinion not supposed to happen. From both Balance and RP point of view, the damage dealt is too high and both attacks are different martial art style which means they shouldnt work together. Kenjutsu swords and chakra scalpel being able to stack was nerfed for the same reasons.
  7. Indra

    It was speed only.
  8. Indra

    You meant cutter. Also i think the jutsu is fine if it stuns as long as the self stun.
  9. Indra

    This can always happen while role playing. The problem with making it a solic mechanic game content is that its an RP move that would force non RP players to be locked down and waste game time. Much like jail time cough cough.
  10. Indra

    or fight with me.
  11. Indra

    @Lumy Because they dont have instant stuns. Which doesnt mean instant stuns are broken at all. They have a very low range. Beside poison scalpel which has a ridiculously low cooldown, all of the instant cc are fine. They are good because you can warp to your enemy and not because they are the way they currently are. Ill explain why those also land more often than projectiles. Projectiles travels from a point A to B. They start from the tile the caster is standing and travel to their max range. The instant cc attack starts in front of the caster, so they dont waste time to travel from point A to B. Since they spawn in front of the caster, they are actually not dodgable if you time it right. (ping can influence the result). You know what they are and call them auto tile but since you wanted an explanation I am giving it to you lol. projectiles > instant cc You are basically saying that they should all lose their instant CC's because they pair too well with flicker...But instant CC's are fine. They provide counter play to things like lighting cutter, crescent moon and pretty much any homings. They currently feel unfair because theres a jutsu that teleport you to your target and the instant auto tile cc is free to land. You can LEGIT smack your head on your keyboard and instantly cancel a cast while your character is facing the wrong direction 8 tiles away. Thats pretty much stupid. Why is fire, water, earth, lighting, and Wm dont benefits from flicker as much as Medic, tai,gf and wind? Because they dont have their abilities. The end. It doesnt mean those abilities are too strong. They are just designed differently. Those are no projectiles. They are direct hits. Those were designed before flicker could combo and were fine until it happens. Flicker is a broken game mechanic and you must accept it.
  12. Indra

    @LumyThe very very only jutsu's based of flicker are the ones that roots the enemy. Because they are the only jutsu's that were changed in the goal of having flicker completly making them useless. EVERYTHING but bubble in Nin Online was designed WAYYYYY before anyone could ever think that it would one day combo with flicker. It was NEVER planned by rory when the beta went out. Rory simply removed the global cooldwon and then PLAYERS realised they could flicker combo. Everyone always laughed at rory and said how clueless he was about his own game and kept spamming ''vision'' as a joke for every patch notes. If i recall you made Memes about it. (might not be you) In this endless hypocrisy, flicker is fine because thats how rory ''designed'' it. Great job everyone. Nice. FLICKER itself Is SUPER broken. There are games hack that are literally the same thing. (You warp into your enemies face when you want it.) In the anime/manga flicker NEVER WAS used for combat. They all used it as a long range warping abilitie to get somewhere. But never it was used to attack an enemy. Only the second and fourth hokage could ever teleport to their target the same way flicker does. Thats 2 HOKAGE level shinobi on 65465468576456876548567654857654568787+ infinite humans uncluding other kage, sanins, a bunch of broken uchiha's and LITERAL ALIEN GODs. Yesterday I asked some wind, gf, and medics to do Their combo on me and they refused knowing i was fliming it. THIS ALONE makes me win the entire arguement. Everyone know's HOW much broken it is but still defends it because it gives them a good spot in the pvp world. Your whole argument about flicker not being OP because only 4 masteries really benefits from it and those should get nerfed makes no sense. Why nerf about 9 jutsus when you can change one jutsu that has nothing to do with any masteries fixing those 4 masteries permanently. The only point ill ever agree with you is that poison scalpel deserves a nerf no mather if flicker stays or go. Also 80% of the player base is currently playing their wind/gf/medic/tai main/alts. If the current flicker dissapear, 60% of this 80% will go abck to their mains. It think it tells A LOTTTTT.
  13. Indra

    I agree with this. It would also fix pipe/fan ''abuse''.
  14. Indra

    Intro. Flicker is in my opinion, and many others, the most annoying and broken jutsu of this game. It breaks every bits of balance between masteries to a point many change occured due to jutsu pairing way to well with it. Wild slashes, firewall, earth spikes etc. Why does it anihilate the balance? Jutsu's are made with cons. You throw a fire ball but you must cast it. You stun an enemy but you must be in melee range. Imagine not being required to be in melee range to land this last one. Now you have something not working like it was intended to be. It is precisely what Body Flicker does. Makes most of the skill shots free to land and gives ''range'' to jutsu's that were meant to have a very low range. Imagine lighting cutter being instant. We all agree that would be broken right? It needs its cast time to be balanced. Why doesnt that apply to techniques like poison scalpel? Or tai/GF techniques. Why is wind claw being landed without any counter play? Paired with body flicker, those jutsu's are as strong as an instant lighting cutter and it destroy the way they were meant to be used. Why does it go against the way Nin Online is? Nin Online is a MMORPG focused on hard work, skill, and the journey you live with others. The current Body Flicker makes fights easy and creates free combo's that you cannot dodge. It is a total skill killer. Instead of practicing their aiming, people practice their combo allowed by flicker. That's lazy work, yet amazingly rewarding. It makes fights conveniant. From my perspective. Instantly teleporting to your enemy to land a free hit is just unbalanced. It sounds like minato's flying raijin and it annoys me. Combo's made with flicker deals too much damage and its mostly unavoidable. People have become really flicker dependants and it is a really bad thing. Many ''top tier'' players would not be as famous if flicker wasnt there. Please keep this topic about flicker and dont talk about sub punish or village weapons. Those are other problems that requiere an entire post. Lets not get this out of hands. Here you can see someone cancel someone's cast while walking.
  15. Indra

    It is getting an advanced. Please inform yourself. You aint getting any reset sorry. @Shadow Shinha