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  1. Indra

    In my opinion tuning down a bit medics is not the solution because you will still be able to provide heals and revive allies while being a killing machine. Thats why having locked roles are important. You either are tuned down but heal, or a killing machine that doesnt heal much. Being both at the same time is just unfair.
  2. Indra

    Hey guys, Im here to discuss about unpopular opinions related to in game PVP and masteries. This is a pretty big post so if you are not willing to read it, please do not answer. First of all, lets talk about the medical ninja's, 60% of the current player base. I cannot seem to ''get good'' and have the upper hand against them. Why? Because they truly have the best of both world. The mastery itself has no down side. You can heal your allies, enemies and even yourself. You can also resurect fallen allies and enemies. Both of these abilities are unique to the medical mastery which make of it one of the most valuable ''class'' in any kind of fights. Until now I dont have much problem with this. Those are normal abilites for any kind of HEALERS. Every games has a support role meant to heal and revive. Those rarely can do something else. Some will have CC's so their interaction has more meaning than only heals without leaving the supportive role it was designed to be. Some wont have any heals BUT will have the ability to tank lots of damage and CC their enemies so their allies can attack targets easier. Support means support and it should mean support. There are games where classes that can support also has the opportunity to go for an offensive path like in World of Warcraft. A priest can chose holy or shadow. One heals, the other attacks. Both cannot use the abilities of the other and both are locked to their choice. You cannot do a dungeon or win a battleground without a HEALERS or DPS. Both are usefull. Both have their job. Now come the problem Nin Online has with its only supportive role . The mastery is both the holy priest and the shadow priest at the same time. They provide heals, they revive, they cc, they damage, and they dot. The best of both world. We need to remember that Chakra medic scales with chakra which is needed to do anything. Its a free stat scaling that complement perfectly with its sub path but also with ANY other mastery. (You need chakra to do jutsu's and the more chakra you get, the better your jutsus and capacity to spam them become.) I see no downside to it. A tai wants to go medic second? Well his chakra points invested to make sure he can use his taijutsu abilities will also grant him new abilities. Same goes for any masteries. Because every masteries need chakra. You go for the intelect based medical path? You also get the chakra path for free. Both medical path are very strong on their own when we concider the fact that everyone gets a second mastery anyways. You chose the int medic because you are not interested in healing others. Or you chose chakra medic because you want a supportive role. Having both at the same time doesnt feel balanced for me at all. Same goes for any other masteries that has a sup path and this post will expose every of those. A big exemple of what I mean : NerdyHeal42 uses Flicker + poison scalpel+ a whole fire combo including dragon. Make a ton of damage.(As much as a full damage mastery.) Then proceeds to heal an allied with with bandages to end up healing himself with his self heal.... Get it? I am sure many agree with me. So how can we fix the problem? By simply locking sub path masteries. When you get to chose what you want, you chose either the chakra or intelect path. You want both? Well you cant. I know that this seems like a VERYYY huge change/nerf, but it really isnt. Its all about fixing roles and what they should be able to do. Second mastery stat reset could be needed for those who would suffer from this ''rework''. Ajustments should occurs if this happens. Taijutsu is my second concern! For me, Taijutsu is a really easy mastery. (much like Weapon Master) They have a low damage but it is really required because they have an amazing kit. All of their attack abilities CC, most of them are instant or have a really low cooldown.(None has slow run cast) They have an extra sub and their melee attacks are fast and deals the exact perfect damage it should do. So what is the problem? 1 : Taijutsu weapons. The problem with it is that the whole mastery was designed around the fact that the user is the weapon. It was balanced over the fact they didnt need weapons. The damage dealt by a Tai was designed around the fact that they have fast attacks that CC with low CD. Them having a low damage feels balanced. Now Taijutsu has weapons and the whole idea behind the mastery is ''ruined''..You are no longer the weapon and become a sort of weapon master. Since those weapons boost the melee attacks damage, the mastery feels very unbalanced because it truly wasnt meant to be. Taijutsu users had great attacks but low damage while Weapon masters had less effective attacks but a good damage. Tai became the best of both world between Tai and WM. 2 : The sub path. Its the same problem as medics. A taijutsu user shouldnt have access to its other skill tree. If someone goes Gentle fist, He shouldnt have access to the tai sub. Both masteries should be locked once you chose one. How to fix the problem? There arent many ways to fix the first problem. Nerfing tai weapons damage to the ground and have them being more of an esthetic item or make their attacks very slow like Weapon masters. Either way taijutsu users shouldnt be Weapon masters. For the second problem, like medic, locking the other mastery sub path once you chose one fixes everything. Ajustments should occurs if this happens. Weapon Masters!! My problem with it is that there are swords way off the chart. (in my opinion.) Ex: The bone sword. The weapons feels like an ''end game content'' and people other than weapon masters have to fight it without their own "end game content''. 1 : For my part I think that no matter the rarity, it shouldnt be a thing if every masteries doesnt have a way to cap that. A sword that has a very high damage, heals and has the best attack speed. Sounds broken, feels broken. 2 : About the mastery lock, It feels only natural to lock one if you chose the other. Its the same mentality as every sub path in this post. Ajustments should occurs if this happens. Fan and Bubble. As I dont know much about them, I wont go into it. The only thing I can say is that it should follow the same mastery lock idea. You are a wind elemental user? You shouldnt know how to use the art of the fan. Imagine a shaman in WoW going for both elemental + enhancement. Why are there sub path if you can just play both at the same time? Ajustments should occurs if this happens. My reasoning behind mastery being locked. Having to chose between them and having the other locked makes the sub path even more important and unique. Right now, medic uses their character as battle warriors with heals in additions. Weapon masters uses the kenjutsu + tool path to make up for its lack of ranged abilities. Fans users combine fan techniques plus the whole wind mastery. All of them have the best of both world without paying a real cost. There is the sub paths sharing CD's but the utility of the techniques arent syncronized with the good ones.(I hope that it makes sense to you xD) Exemple : When I was WM, risky shared CDs with a trap jutsu that no one uses if hes mainly Kenjutsu. When i would shadow shuriken, it would share CDs with a useless kenjutsu spell. Explosive kunai would share CDs with shockwaves which is the worst spell of the game. The idea of sharing CDs was brilliant but each masteries have their own Shining level peaks and their sub path a different one. It is not as present as it should be. Village Weapons. This one is tricky because everyone coming from the leaf says they are broken and every one coming from sand and mist says they are bad but will use it in every fights. 60% of the sand players have a fan without being a fan user, and about 99% of mist has a pipe without being a bubble user. The reality is that they give a blatant advantage to anyone who carry's it. They provide instant CCs and are more usefull than other weapons like swords in term of utility. They create free plays that other village doesnt ahve access to. Why do I think it should be mastery locked? Its simple. to make diversity. Right now you are wasting potential if you dont have a pipe. Every mist has one. But none of them plays the mastery that require a pipe. It is so good and free that there is no reasons not to use it. Maybe its me, but we saw a very few fan users in naruto and only one person who had a pipe. You have those tools when you have mastered the art of the fighting style. You shouldnt be able to create a bubble that roots your enemy without having learned to master the bubble mastery. Same for the fan. Those arent like sword that anyone can wield with the required strenght. They dont just slash and cut. They have effect DIRECTLY related to thier destined masteries. If you read everything until the end, make sure to like, dislike and comment your opinion about it! Thanks for reading!
  3. Indra

    I dont agree with the x2 more xp, free stat reset and more. Gold and silver ninja shouldnt get anything that affect the pvp/or any aspect of the game related to player interactions. It is unfair and become a pay to win. The only way I could see forum ranked ninja get more reward for supporting the game is with art. More customisation with you character per exemple, a second slot for accessories, the ability to equip vests as t-shirts and more. (ex : jonin vest + another vest on top.) We already get a cool color name, the ability to change name and discounts in the cash shop. We also had an early access to both alpha and beta. (Back then it was pretty neat.)
  4. Hey I decided to join. Its not finished yet but ill still show you what im working on and what kind of idea's I had. Other frame directions coming soon!
  5. Indra

    I personally wouldnt want to see summons into tournaments but that may be just me. Those events are made so we test our own skills and see who comes victorious. Adding npc fighting would make the whole a bit based on luck in my opinion. There could be events with no restriction tho.
  6. Im for dashes. But with additional dashes, WMs would need a WHOLE rebalance/rework. Taking of the homing it has to implement dash abilies would make the mastery very fun and unique.
  7. Indra

    It would be cool if only gentle fist users had access to it.
  8. Indra

    I dont like dots on weapons lol. The map lock is too annoying xD.
  9. Indra

    Would take off the importance of getting banned.
  10. Indra

    we all agree this aint a good idea. Also no matter how long the cd is, if you are slow run cast, its dead.
  11. The real problem behind this boss is that we were hyped about it then trolled into not being able to do it since we were max level after waiting so long for updates. We arent lvl 40-45 indefinitly and we mostlikely dont want to stay lvl 40-45 for long. This boss is the most worked on boss and yet is the most useless and less farmed one because he has a restriction that makes only 10% of the player base able to run for it. For my part, i feel trolled.
  12. Indra

    As long as its not a warp, an op invis or a map lock tool im good with it.
  13. Indra

    Sometimes (most of the time) his idea's arent the best ones but he always have been pointing out the wrongs that truly needed a change. He isnt the only one. Close of every lighting users made a post about lightning and yet every of them were ignored. Its been years now. lighting truly lack in what every other mastery can do. Being able to stand by its own. Anti lighting buffer will say its because its a teamfight mastery which i will counter argue by saying that hoping the crowd can make enough diversion so you can land a stupid jutsu doesnt make it a teamfight jutsu. It just shows even more how bad it is. This gif below is a fast recap of an everyday lihgting mastery user. Wind cancel.mp4
  14. Indra

    But the use of flicker makes them the exact same thing as too strong ability youre talking about. YOu cannot exclude flicker because none does exclude it.
  15. Indra

    im brainstorming and yall cant stop me! bebobebopNerfflickerbebeboNerfPoisonScalpelbibodipop To be honnest i can understand devs dont play the game so they actually dont know what their game is about and cannot comprehend their precious game testers pain. But there is a time when you must ask yourself if true unbalance isnt here intentionally I may be tripping but its the same mentality as league of legends. They release a new champion completly broken so people wants to try him, buy skin and return/stay to the game. Nin online has blatant unbalances into a few classes and everyone end up playing those by creating alts and making it their main. While they create their main, nin has a continuity of ''new'' players who buy new merch in the cash shop and blessings. Nin makes money and feel full of player. The perfect scenario. Nin online. A place where you create your own ninja who wont get far if hes not medic or tai.