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  1. Indra

    Just bring back HQs. god.
  2. Indra

    I agree witht he drop. But it should only tell when it drops ''important'' items such as boss drop etc. Or else we would see : dropped tiger furr.dropped tiger furr.dropped tiger furr.dropped tiger furr.dropped tiger furr.dropped tiger furr.dropped tiger furr.
  3. Indra

    Tbh it sounds good on paper but sucks in action. Will of fire happened to me once after we intentionally tried to pop it for about 10 min. It is in no point reliable. Also, it is so unpredictable even for us leafies, that when we get back on our feets, we arent metally prepared for it at all. This passive is non existant in our gameplay. Sands one really is reliable and good.
  4. Indra

    Just nerf flicker already!
  5. Indra

    snake summon
  6. Indra

    I dont even know why this jutsu has a slowrun cast. It was nerfed so many times haah
  7. Indra

    The title says it. Many times people have made a post about it. Everyone always agreed to them. Those were never listened. The game balance always was a source of endless arguing over masteries and people never agreeing with eachothers. Why is it that the only time the whole Nin online community agree's that something must change, nothing is happening? For the record the dmg was 76+85+48. 209 unavoidable damage. (from a lvl 40ish) Why is this still a thing? Nin online is supposed to be a game rewarding hard work. Yet flicker takes out the need of skills in pvp. With flickers combo gone, the game will be more opened to instant cast jutsu's. Mastery players like gentle fist users will have to relearn how to play nin and good players will be sorted out with their abilities and not how many times they landed a succesful bodyficker. Help us make Nin Online a better game.
  8. Indra

    Shit i hurted your feelings by agreeing with you.
  9. Indra

    This shit is cancer to read...but some stuff are super true.
  10. Indra

    I never understood why those were village related and not village mastery related. Why would a Fire lighting user create a bubble made of water chakra nature? It makes fans and pipes so ''normal''. Everyone can have it and it gives them a good buff that is meant for someone else. Its like every leafies could have the biakugan so their melee attacks could scale with STR. Its reserved to gentle fist user but oh well.. What is fun in a game is when each class has their OWN things that makes them different from others. Gentle fist is special and unique. Fan and pipe isnt.
  11. Indra

    I agree that this didnt buff bubble users at all but it buffed the weapon which every mist can have. Kinda sucks. I always saw bubble mastery as a very broken counter to melee users tho.(mostly WMs) This buff just made melee users life vs a bubble mastery even more worst. Idk how bad bubble is versus elements..but you seem to either play it very good or its not as bad as you and some says. Its really BASIC, but i see it as a kind of a defensive stance mastery. Could be wrong. Also nerf flicker cough cough.
  12. Indra

  13. Indra

    Change that to no flicker and ill press yes.