• Refunds
    We are unveiling our Refund Policy to our community since it hasn't really been shown aside from behind the scenes to only those who have asked us about it.  You can always refund an item for Ninja Credit, but we only offer refunds for up to 24 hours after purchase.

    • Money back if you send in a request up to 24 hours after purchase.
    • All purchases after that are non-refundable or exchangeable.
    • May not refund items that are consumed upon use eg. Hairstyles, Stat Resets, World Blessings.


    How to request for a refund

    • The time at which you made the transaction does not exceed 24 hours this means that when you buy something from the Cash Shop such as Ninja Credit, it was done less than 24 hours ago.
    • You may only ask for a refund once every 30 days, and we may choose to not allow you to use our Cash Shop any longer.
    • You must send your request as a ticket using Support within the transaction limit and not make a topic about it. As long as the request is made within the 24 hours, we will honor the refund, although it may take awhile to get to you.
    • The department should be set as Refunds.



    Cash Shop FAQ


    We will not acknowledge any future topics that ask for a refund, and they will be locked.