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Found 18 results

  1. Noroime Tate

    YO , i comes again with hairs also i want show all of you what i made , on advice i dont will here give all moves (all base sprite) , but i hope you like it. Its Hairstyle inpirated by Jigen character which is part of Boruto to Naruto world. So, show support if you like it , also i hope @Ueda will see it
  2. Fuze

    Hey there! Im Fuze, some people know me from my youtube videos or maybe some of the work ive done for the game! Today i had some free time and tried this little concept out! Item rarities and different types of drops! How will this work? The base idea around this new mechanic would be that as you are grinding for these rare drops there would be a chance for the item to drop a different colored variant, pretty much the way @Antartalked about the shiny drops ! The items will have the same drop chance as the normal item and also no stat changes but as you move up to the prettier ones the drop percentage may decrease! Possible example Player A: (farms the bandit bosses for a while and manages to drop the black and white double arm bandages! Player A then goes on to sell the item for 100.000 ryo! (just an example) Later on Player B also manages to drop a pair of double arm bandages but not one of the rare variants so he goes on to sell it for 20.000 ryo! (just an example) Conclusion and final points of this post Giving the community focused economy a change and providing the players with more customizability! thanks for taking your time to read to my post, hope you like this idea and i am looking forward to seeing such changes ingame!
  3. BloodKin

    Hello! All of the content planned in this topic has been finished,can we please get another post of planned content for 2021? @Ueda Thank you!
  4. Dear Ninja, It's been a really long time since I've posted a development log. This is going to be the first one of 2018.. don't expect a lot of these though! It takes up time to write these and prepare pictures and stuff, so most of the time, I'm just going to implement them into the game quietly. But as we move into the next development phase, I thought it'd be interesting to share some plans for the future. The current development timeline is.. Mastery Combinations The recent balance changes was to make way for new jutsu based on hybrid stats builds. This is the start of level 50+ content, jutsu styles like Medical + Taijutsu giving Tsunade/Sakura aka. Inner Strength style. Inner Strength style will be scaled based on Agility and Chakra stat. We will release these combinations one by one starting with Inner Strength, then Taijutsu and Sword + Elemental Masteries, eg. Water + Sword to get Suigetsu/Zabuza style jutsu. Lightning + Taijutsu will give you Raikage style jutsu. Elemental Kekkai Genkai will take a backseat for now (eg. Wood Release). Second Non-ninja village Takumi village is a smaller, non-ninja village. There are multiple of these planned for each country. Takumi village is in the land of rivers, ran by the Daimyo of the land. The next one is a slightly larger casino/gambling village inspired by Tanzaku Quarters (the village they found Tsunade in), which will feature ways to lose all your savings! Forbidden Techniques I get this question about jutsu like Rasengan or Hiraishin Technique a lot. "What mastery is it going to be?". It's been one of the trickiest thing to balance, but I think I've managed to find a way to balance such techniques without being over powered. The latest addition of limited jutsu slot is one of the changes made to accommodate such a balance. With limited slots, just learning every jutsu becomes impossible. Combined with the rarity of these scrolls, you will find that even though very few ninja will have Rasengan for example, it will not break the game because they will be sacrificing another jutsu to make way for their Forbidden techniques. It will still be a challenge to fine tune these jutsu to not be over powered, but still feel valuable and pay homage to their anime counterparts, but I have no doubt we're going in the right direction! Specialized Masteries Once you reach level 50, you will be given the choice to specialize in your previous mastery to unlock Advanced Jutsu for that mastery. Eg. Taijutsu + Specialize will give you 8 Gates style Taijutsu. Fire + Specialize will give you Advanced Fire Ninjutsu which will feature even more crazy AoE. Specialized Masteries continue to scale with damage. Land of Iron This one has been in the works for the longest time. But it was postponed due to it being something from Shippuden. So it felt like it had to be level 50+ content. Once the new jutsu are released, it should be about time to implement all the art done for it. Mist village A slightly more distant goal, the hope is to release the legendary bloody mist sometime within the year. I hope this gets you excited for the year ahead! There's also probably going to be a lot of smaller misc. things added through the year. As always, it's not going to be easy mass producing high quality art, so I hope for your support in this journey. Regards, Rory
  5. Hey Ninja, This is going to be something different! Mostly because we've reached a point in development where I'm pretty happy with the amount of content in combat, besides the bugs we'd like sorted out as soon as we can, I'd like to take some time to talk about my plans for the game from here. This is going to be my first development log which has no pictures! Inspiration Reflection Direction If you have ideas, please do write about it in the suggestions section. I may not reply to all of them, but I look at them when it comes to times where I'm looking for inspiration. If you want to throw a fit of rage, comments!
  6. Hello everyone! I just wanted to give everyone some clarity about my absence from Nin Online and also a reminder to players that I would like to mention. Firstly, my absence; I know everyone has been wondering where I have been, and why I don't log into Nin Online much anymore (which will change now). I've had a very rough past 3 months and I've gone through a lot of changes in my personal life that I needed time to myself to focus on. And I know what you're going to say "But Tsubaki-senpai, you're on Overwatch constantly!" and that's true, I am. But that is because I enjoy it and it allows me to get away and focus on something else. I personally put myself out of commission for a couple of months so I could get my head on straight, and my emotions (sort of) in check enough in order to resume my duties as a moderator of this wonderful game. So here I am, now, attempting to make a comeback and relearn my role, duties, and most of all enjoy playing with everyone. Secondly, I wanted to mention something about the stability of the forums and the somewhat toxic behavior I have been noticing. I am only one person, and I personally can't filter through every reply, post, and comment made on the forums and enforce the rules 24/7. On that note I really encourage you, the players, to report content that you may find inappropriate or breaking any forum rules/terms of service. That way I am capable of organizing and completing reports and dealing out punishment if it is necessary. In all, I really want to say thank you to everyone for being so patient with my absence and for welcoming me back. It really warms my heart and makes me happy to be part of this wonderful melting pot of people. Thank you for all you do. Sincerely, Tsubaki Senju, Chuunin Hidden Leaf Village Hospital Medical Director
  7. Late Nights and Puzzling Motivation - Stephen's Dev Log Sup Ninjas, Some of you might have noticed that I haven't posted anything in this section of the forums since I revealed the "Underground" and some of it's mysteries. However before you get your hopes up and think you're going to see some sweet sweet teasers I just wanted to warn you that this post is going to be a bit... wordy and less visual. Over the past couple weeks, I've been planning and re-organizing myself for what only can be called the longest working month of my NinOnline career. As I write this at about 5:09am on the eastern coast of the United States, I am reminded how grateful I am for the opportunity to work on such a lively and recently.... expansive project. No amount of gratitude could fully be given to @Rory, @Seth and even @Akiro for giving me the chance to work on something that I've been part of the community of since the early 2000s. Thank you to each of you, however; for the community members reading this I bet you're wondering why I'm even posting this as a development log? Well question it no further because for the last few days I've been hard a work cushioning the current content that you know and love with a bit more fluff to make your stay with Nin Online a bit more comfortable. What is cushioning, and why would this effect everything you know and love about NinOnline? Well to be completely honest, I can't tell you the exact details. Consider this entire topic to be a verbal teaser of things to come, for now enjoy a brief look into my near-daily process and what I've been doing for you! Design These past few days have pushed me towards an amazing growth spurt of creative ability, I've designed things that we haven't previously used in any of the current areas of NinOnline's world and hidden them in such a way that you'd never guess they were even tucked away right below your bloodhound-like noses. From the most obvious changes to the smallest tweaks of existing areas, you'll find more things in areas that you've probably written off as "completed" or "dull". My goal for the next month is to design puzzles, areas, mazes and even encounters that will push me and perhaps even you to the limit! I've thought about what I've wanted from this game, and I'm even thinking of things that weren't even thought possible before. I can't show you what I've been working on mostly because it'll ruin the fun of you figuring out how it all works, but I absolutely believe that you will love what I've come up with and have placed gently into certain areas of the game Inspirations Pardon me for this but I've always considered myself to be a bit of a thinker and puzzle-geek so when I started to design these new experiences I put my mind in a place that even I haven't put myself in since I first picked up my Nintendo 64 Controller and embraced the puzzling world of Ocarina of Time. I'm a fan of brain games, challenges and having to use your mind to advance through a series of tasks. I'm not exactly a fan of hacking and slashing your way through a situation so don't expect my brain children to be as linear as previous experiences. However, much like a classic RPG, I couldn't have you walking through a treacherous area and expect you to happy with the reward of just making it through... Right? Low and behold, I'm not exactly a seasoned professional at these things so expect my inspirations to be deeply rooted in my experiences as a gamer, and also an avid Role-player. I'm sure there will be tons for you to learn, and even more for you to unlearn before you can find your way. Conclusion I bet you're wondering when you'll get to see all this stuff I'm very very gently insinuating to exist, well when the flood gates of the Closed Beta raise then the precious expansion of sandbox-style content I've been working on will surely begin to leak out in all forms of guides, instructional and tutorials. Oh and before I leave you with a sore taste in your mouth, I figured I'd give you a little bit of candy for all the trouble I cause by making you read this rather.... plain development log. I didn't say it was the best candy, just a little bit of mystery... Where does it lead? Stephen
  8. Stephen


    The Underground - Stephen's Dev Log Sup Ninjas, It appears to have been awhile since your last little taste of our inner workings, this is my first official development log since I joined the team in October of 2015. I am but a small gear that keeps the machine known as Nin Online in exciting fighting order. As most of you know the Sand Village is inbound, and without much surprise I can say that we're working on far more than you can see on the streets and from the Edge of the Fire. I've been working on this for quite awhile, and much more but officially with the floodgate lifted I'd like to welcome you to the beginning of the Underground world of Nin Online. The Sewers Although you're getting a look, you'll have to find your way there yourself. And you'll have to find your way THROUGH as well, unlike previous areas in the game unless you've been through this zone before you're going to have some trouble making your way through the Underground Sewers.... Without spoiling any of the secrets that I've hidden and measured in this map, here are a couple screenshots and a quick snippet of the beginning few steps of the huge area. The beginning looks pretty simple, but as you get deeper into the maze you'll realize that not everything is as it seems. The Inhabitants Within the Underground you'll find the visibility to be the least of your problems, if you've noticed by now the sewers aren't just filled with water. There are critters the size of lions, tigers and bears down there and the only thing they eat is meat. The Mighty Mutant Rat is about as vicious as your everyday Ninja, dare I say even more so. The Corridors and The Ends And just to give you a bit more of a tease, here are the final two screenshots which I give to you. The area and the inhabitants aren't the only thing that's interesting about this zone, you'll find just about as many secrets in this area than you'll find in the Leaf Village as a whole. Every turn can lead you either closer or farther to the end, and at the end you may even find yourself turning around. To conclude, I give you a final welcome to my very thoughtful and twisted world of mystery and of course before I wrap this up I'd like to thank the rest of development team for giving me their support with this mini-project of mine. And of course I welcome all of you to continue suggesting you're beautiful content ideas, I read them everyday as I drink my morning coffee and bite into my mid-morning doughnut. Thanks for everything Ninjas, Stephen ( Formerly known as Yoshimitsu)
  9. Seth's Development Log Event Headquarters Dear Ninja, Event Headquarters is a new place for ninjas to battle one another, apart from Bounties which is coming soon after the Sand Village is released or maybe even when it is. Think of it like Team Deathmatch, but when you die you are sent back to your team base to try again to kill more ninjas! The first team to reach 100 kills, will be victorious. Which means these matches can last quite awhile! It will be out in the upcoming patch 1.9.4. Event Headquarters This area is located east of the Chunin Registration Building, which is also east of the playgrounds. In this area, you will be able to find events which are hosted by players. There is a requirement of participation, but it does not cost anything to start them. You simply just gather enough players to do them. At first, all we are going to have is Team Deathmatch, but later we will expand this area to house a ton of exciting and replayable content for the community to have a great way to PvP together, across even villages. This is a great way to sharpen your skills, before entering the battlefield to kill other players and getting Bounties. Teams The two teams we are going to have are Red and Blue. We will not ever add more than these two most likely. Each team will be teamed together, meaning they will not be able to inflict any damage to their own team members while in this area. Although, once they leave it will go away. For each kill your team gets, you will receive 5 Event Tickets and 10 if you get the killing blow. Once your team is victorious, you will receive 100 Event Tickets vs. 50 if you lose. Event Chest This is the reward chest for your bravery, valor, and well ninja kills. There are tons of rewards, including equipment and ways to level up using Training Scrolls. These items are also bound to your character and cannot be traded. Shops The shops will contain a wide variety of items. Training Scrolls can be upgraded up to level 20, giving additional experience and not costing anything extra to upgrade except a small amount of Ryo... There's also a teleport item to get back to the Event Headquarters every 15 minutes. As a side note, team colored robes are required to be worn when participating in the event, and we will have robes with and without hoods. You simply just equip them before entering, it is a requirement to wear the correct robe before entering and cannot be taken off after entering either. These items will be received upon paying the shop for them which will cost Ryo. They will be kept and likely will be moving the robes from Snake Lair to here, as part of the shop rewards. Players won't care for that right now, but when we wipe they will. Event Battleground The place which battles are placed are in a Event Battleground after being taken into the team base. Each team will be required to have at-least 3 members before battles can start. The maximum size for teams is 5, if the number is over 5 you will instead become a Spectator which goes inside the railing part of the arena. Red will go to the top part where Blue will go to the bottom one. If you have any comments or concerns, post them below. I will correct this post and add more detail if I see fit. Best Wishes, Seth
  10. Rory's Development Log #11 Expanding Gameplay & Content This is just a little something to appease those who only look at my dev logs for pictures. The floor tiles are temporary as they aren't done originally, they're ripped from a GBA game right now. It's just a test for the future Syndicate/Missing Ninja main hide away. There will be such tunnels, and a very large "underworld". Talking about Missing Ninja. For those who have wondered about how this will work, you're in for a treat. Note: Everything I write here is subject to change. Faction System Soon after we have a stable village structure for the Leaf Village, we will expand into working on a Faction system that will pave the way for more villages following the Leaf Village as a successful formula. Each of this village (including Missing Ninjas as a collective village) will be placed into a Faction. Factions can either be Allies or Enemies. Village Leaders aka. Kage will be in-charge of deciding which Villages are allied and which are enemies. These decisions will be made through Game Masters, and from that point on, the villages Ninjas will be either.. Allies PvP (button) must be enabled to attack them, sort of like a Friendly Fire toggle. Enemies Open PvP anywhere, anytime. Concealing your identity makes yourself a "Ally" temporarily to everyone. As other Ninjas do not know you true identity, they cannot simply attack you anywhere. However, if they suspect you are an enemy, they may toggle PvP and attack you. Missing Ninjas will always been Open PvP, unless they have concealed their identities. Making more villages After a stable village game play is complete with enough content to satisfy players. We will work on the following in order. 1. Missing Ninjas 2. Sand Village 3. Mist Village 4. Cloud Village What comes after this in terms of factions is not planned and is up for healthy discussion! Content Generally We are very aware that the combat system is generally lacking. It is far from complete and we will be working on it when we have a server capable of handling our player base, stable enough for the long term. There will be many more Jutsus for all the elements, and even Jutsus for Medical, Taijutsu and Bukijutsu (weapon) ninjas. Combat is still undergoing a lot of planning, but we will aim to create it to be as fun as possible. It will be heavily based on Tactic, Skill and Build. We have been getting a lot of Jutsu work from @Kimi and we're thankful! Finally While most of the community has been very understanding about the delay, I'd still like to address this. We're really sorry if our lack of foresight has caused any trouble to anyone! We have gained valuable information from each test, no matter how short, and we spend hours a day fixing it. @Seth and @ have been working extremely hard to bring the game a stable release. Regards, Rory
  11. Seth's Development Log #3 Maintenance Mode and Content Expansion Introduction There's some changes coming to the game that we're revealing early. Basically, we have made a lot of changes to shops, added more items, a new arena area, and an authentication server maintenance mode. Shop Improvements We have added the ability to have multiple prices for items, this means we can have upgradeable items where the store will accept an existing item you already have and a currency item. Shops also use the price of the item directly rather than a value that is assigned by a developer, this will reduce redundancy and allow for a more consistent game economy. Maintenance Mode We've added a new mode to the authentication server that will prevent non-Admins from logging in when it is enabled. This is to reduce confusion with upcoming updates coming to the game. Will display an error message saying that the server is under maintenance. It will help lessen the strain on developers and increase capabilities with debugging the game New Items New Area The Forest of Death Arena is a PvP location that will teleport players to the entrance when they are killed. The entrance is a temporary location.
  12. Rory's Development Log #7 Chunin Exam Arena, Ino's Flower Shop, Konoha buildings & more! Dear Ninja, This is going to be a pretty long, detailed development log, I'd like if everyone take their time to enjoy each picture and sentence, because It's a whole lot to take in! First of all, I'd like to apologize for the lack of development logs, and the scarcity of live streams recently. I've been making good progress, however, a lot of this is hard to show in pictures, so I've kept them to myself. Some of these things include GUI pieces like the new shop window, buff display, team/party menus etc. These things are usually not much work on my part, and thus I don't enjoy showing them off, so I wait for Whack to code them in and let him show them off. I've been concentrating on maps for the first demo release, a lot of which has been rebuilt since the previews which were shown. Konoha is about 1/2 done at the moment. I took a short break on that to touch up on certain other important visual aspects, and interior maps. Here are some previews of the Konoha map in action, along with some new buildings & locations! I'd like to stress that this is not everything, and I'm showing things selectively! Random Building/Shop Ino's Flower Shop Besides this, I've also spent some time to improve the previously one colored, boring water sprite into this! It's a small addition, but it really gives the village much more life! This is a big thing I took a really long while to do, it's only the exterior of the Chunin Exam Finals arena! This is a screenshot of a playground in Konoha. It is based off (but not copied exactly from) some scenes of Konoha from the latest Naruto movie. I've also spent some time on some really juicy looking interiors. These are iconic places that every Naruto fan should recognize in an instant! Chunin Exam Finals Arena Chunin Arena within the forest of death, where the preliminaries are held! The hands took almost two days to complete because of all the detailed shading it required, but it's finally done. The rest of the arena still needs touch up, but I'm glad the hardest part is done. I spent some time working on jutsu scrolls. This pales in comparison to the other work above. But I'd like to show it off anyway. Some of you were complaining of me being "lazy" and not posting dev logs, so I decided to get this one out. So you can rest assure that progress is coming along smoothly on my side as well as Whack's! For some bad news. First early Alpha release delayed! Don't panic! It's only delayed till the 1st of August. We initially wanted to do it on the 31st of July.. so the delay is of one whole day! That's all for now! Regards, Rory
  13. Whack


    Whack's Development Log #4 Jutsus and Shops! Whats up everyone, I'm going to sleep early tonight after a hard days work. It was my day off and I spent the majority of it programming. In the past few days I have accomplished a lot. Here are the deets. Hiding and Concealment Jutsus NPC Conversation Shops Bugfixes Hiding and Concealment Jutsus Hiding jutsus make your ninja invisible to other players, but based on their sensory skill, chakra, they may be able to see you partly or fully. It only lasts until attacked, or you attack someone, or the jutsu runs out of the time it was prescribed. Concealment jutsus hide your identity from other players, and can last much longer. Many more jutsus will exist in the near future, I just wanted to do these first! Oh, also Jutsus will be added slowly, but there will eventually be hundreds. The reason that this took up such a huge chunk of my working time is because I had to write many new packets, and edit the logic of NPCs so they could not detect invisible players, but use algorithms to detect if a player is nearby. It was a fun experience, but a long one! I would show a picture of this Jutsu in action, but it makes you invisible, so yeah. NPC Conversation Next up was NPC Conversation, where you can speak to NPCs and hear what they have to say, which will eventually lead to events, quests, and bounties! Shops This is something that I needed to do for awhile, because it was obvious that there would be places to buy food and clothing in Nin. Introducing, the amazing, the spectacular, shop interface! It's nothing special...or is it? Or am I just talking gibberish because I'm super tired? You decide! Anyways, thanks for reading you guys! Suggestions below or in the suggestions forum! Regards, Whack
  14. Ueda


    Hey everyone, This will be something short, Whack/Eddie is preparing something more for you guys. But I've been working on lots of content in the past few weeks, this is something from today! Look at that yummy looking Sushi and Ramen! Well ain't it getting misty here.. Regards, Rory
  15. Rory's Development Log #4 Kunoichi & More! Hey everybody! This is the first time I'll be posting a development log in a little over 2 days. But we're still on track and moving forward, not to worry! Female Sprite Base [/info] Good news for all our female followers (which I doubt exist) or guys who'd like to play as a Kunoichi (more likely). I've been working on something important for the game - the female sprite base. With 88 animation frames, it's was definitely not an easy task for me, but it was important as hell to finish before moving on to other paperdoll items, or anything else at all. After this, I'll need to make the paperdolls for the items done for the male, work for the female base as well. These are the walking animation frames. These are some of the attacking animation frames. I know being bald doesn't exactly make her seem very feminine. So here is a demo of her with a test hairstyle. It really brings out her eyes. [info=And more] I've also managed to get another paperdoll done for the male base. Something I'm sure a lot of people will like. ANBU Vest! NOTE: The clothes underneath aren't "Anbu Standard Uniform", but I haven't got short sleeved shirts done or tighter pants. So bear with it for the moment! About releasing my spritesheet and other stuff There's a good reason why I don't mind posting up my work in this form, ready for people to take and use. It's not because I encourage that they do. But as much as I want to create the game, I hope that in future these development logs will show a process or example of what is needed for others to create a game like Nin Online. This said, nobody is to use the sprite base, or any other of Nin Online's artwork for any other game. It's been done so many times in the history of Nin Online, that I'm almost certain some noobs will come around and try to edit the base slightly, make a shitty game and try to gain attention from that. I wouldn't bother taking any action early on. Seeing as how if you can't create your own sprite base or art, you aren't competent enough to make a game anyway. If on the off chance that you do release it, I'll consider taking legal action.
  16. Whack


    Whack's Development Log #5 More Jutsus & PvP Hello everyone, here's an update on what I've been working on recently. Most importantly is Jutsus. In the last dev log, I spoke about Hiding & Concealment Jutsus. Hiding jutsus will make your player invisible to other players, while concealment jutsus will hide your identity. This means that they can see you, but they won't know who you are, unless they remember what you looked like. Concealment jutsus will last much much longer than hiding jutsus will. The ability to see a player using a hiding jutsu will be determined based on their chakra stat, and the hidden players intellect. Here are the newest Jutsus. Cloning Kawarimi Elemental-based weapon speed/damage bonus Stun Animated projectiles These jutsus require lots of testing, which has been done by Rory and I. In the next alpha, these spells will be used by players so that we can test for bugs and other errors. We have tested these in PvP, and on players. Cloning Jutsu Cloning Jutsus are used to distract and confuse other players. These jutsus do not last very long, and are buff (time) based. When used, a number of clones based on your jutsu's ability will appear around your player, which looks exactly like you in every way, shape, and form. Kawarimi Jutsu Kawarimi Jutsu, when used, will make you appear behind your attacker when they attack you next. If they shoot you with an arrow or fireball from 10 tiles away, you will suddenly appear behind them to fight back by surprise. Elemental based bonuses These jutsus will charge your weapon with electricity, fire, or other elements to increase the damage you will do to opponents. Stun Jutsu This type of jutsu will stun your player for a small amount of time, allowing you to get the upper hand and gain some time to cast a more powerful jutsu, or attack them without them attacking back. Animated Projectiles Thanks to Keezus, we now have animated projectiles for things such as fireballs, including starting up animations, as well as fading away animations and a collision animation. Animated projectiles are also now pixel based, which makes gameplay look much smoother. And here is a video of the Jutsus in action (remember, this was to test for bugs!): Also, kickback is now pixel based, which will make gameplay smoother as well. I am also working on kickback for PvP. I have also been working on many server side improvements and fixes. Anyways, I have to go now. So thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed the video! Regards, Whack
  17. Rory's Development Log #8: The darker places It's been awhile since my last development log. Since then, we had a short early alpha test release, which brought to light many many problems which we're working on fixing before the near alpha test. I have also taken the time to create and implement new content. In the early alpha, everyone was confined in a bright and shiny Konoha. I've decided to open up the world just a little bit bigger. You can now explore the forests surrounding Konoha and even enter some darker places. Who knows what kind of dangers lie in stall for you outside of the village! Without further ado, here are some of the maps that I've created. For those who don't know much about mapping, it's a lot of work especially for tiles on a grander scale than the usual BYOND 32x32 tiles. It's made harder by the fact you have to balance between layers above the characters and below. Luckily, our map editor is user friendly enough and I've managed to complete 5 forest maps so far. This one is a familiar scene to Naruto fans! Also notice how we've added some really pretty light rays for day time in the maps. We now have a time system, 2x faster than the real world clock. Hiding jutsus will work more effectively at night, so invasions and fights in the night are going to be interesting! On to some.. darker places. These are war zones, so everyone is in danger here regardless of whether anyone has toggled PvP. Here is a blocked bridge. And.. a small road split. These are some screenshots of the 4 times of day in action. Night Sunrise Sunset Sunrise You've seen this in the screenshots at the beginning of the dev log. Well now that everyone has seen what we've been up to.. I hope you guys understand when I say, there's still a lot to do. We definitely won't be able to make a re-release within the next 10 days. So hold your horses for a little while! We apologize. Regards, Rory
  18. Dear Shinobi, It's with great honor that I present the following awards to the top 2 participants of the #1 Official Nin Online Community Competition! Ready, Set, Refer! has went on for the past two weeks, during which the community has grown in size by almost 400 members and almost 4,000 posts have been made. The competition proved successful in growing our community size prior to the launch of our Early Alpha Release at the end of this month. It was a tough fight, but the top two contestants it all came down to was none other than @Stylishninja and @Shauri So to start off, I'll pass this time on to Shino to talk about how we decided on the victor. Thank you, Shino. But I don't think that's enough information to decide our winner. We'll need to call my friend Neji (R.I.P) to get the rest of it! BYAKUGAN! Good luck with that, Neji. We can't wait for Masashi Kishimoto to revive you. With these statistics, and the formula, we have come up with a winner.. which Minato will reveal. Once again, thank you all for participating. Stylishninja and Shauri, PM me if you guys have any questions about the prizes and when you'll get them! What kind of competition you would like next for the community, a Fan Art competition? Pixel Art competition? tell us below!