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Found 18 results

  1. Dear Ninja, As time goes on and screen technology becomes more insane, we want the game to look the way it should. It was quietly introduced, but if you see the settings in the Launcher, there is now a checkbox labelled "Zoom". This is a compatibility feature meant for people with resolutions 1440p and higher. If you have a 1440p or 4K monitor, you may want to consider player the game in this mode so that you can actually see your characters. What Zoom Mode does is that it renders half the amount of pixels eg instead of 2000x2000 pixels, just 1000x1000 pixels, and scales it to your full 2000x2000 display. This brings the game closer to you and lets you see characters in full detail rather than as ants on your high resolution display. This is similar to a feature commonly seen in other games known as Resolution Scale. Where the game engine renders only a percentage of the total number of pixels and scales it up to the full resolutions, and using anti-aliasing and other techniques to try to maintain fidelity. This is typically done to maintain a stable framerate as not many graphics cards can support games at high resolutions. For 1440p and 4K gaming, you typically need atleast a GTX1080 for 60fps gaming or it's AMD equivalent. Not many people have such hardware at their disposal. Sometimes less is more. Personally I use a 34inch 1440p Ultrawide monitor and with Nin Online in full screen, characters and jutsu become impossible to discern, everything just looks like ants. The issue isn't just high resolution, it's high pixel density. So I've begun using this Zoom Mode to be able to see the art clearer and also maintain a stable FPS. Nin Online was never meant to be played as an Ant Simulator!! If you find yourself in a situation like this where you characters are too tiny, you may consider ticking Zoom on your launcher! Good job @Seth Regards, Rory
  2. Dear Ninja, First of all, I want to take some time to talk about the status of the beta phase. We really like it. We're almost done making Nin Me and Seth have been working hard enough to get things done, and slacked off enough to not get burnt out for the past 6 months and so after a good 6 months of hard work work.. without further ado.. The game world is basically complete as you can see, all we need to do is add some buildings and trees and what not and it'll be a full game I'm sure! Premium Masteries So we asked ourselves internally, what does a pancreas do exactly? We decided that it would be best to add new masteries for everyone, because 8 just wasn't doing it. Some of the ideas that we considered included Seals mastery, Genjutsu mastery and of course Puppet mastery. So presenting to you... Uchiha Mastery The mastery of Itachijutsu, Uchiha Mastery makes you a Itachi, a prodigy of the Leaf Village's Uchiha Clan, who became an international criminal after murdering his entire clan, sparing only his younger brother, Sasuke. Itachi-nin can learn jutsus such as Sharingan and Raven Fireball Technique. Scorpion Mastery Scorpion Mastery is the specialization of clawjutsu, it transforms you into a Scorpion and you get a variety of customization options for your scorpion-nin. I'm sure you guys will have a lot of questions, especially "why is there no red option?" We initially included a red scorpion option, but we eventually decided to remove it because it looked too much like a lobster. Which brings us to the final mastery! Lobster Mastery Unlike Scorpion Mastery, however, Lobster Mastery does not have customization, as we firmly believe that lobsters should remain red. Paid Masteries As we've hinted in the title of this development log, these masteries will be Cash Shop purchases. We've yet to set a price to unlock them, but we're looking at a subscription model. Thank you for taking your time to read this! Please leave us your feedback. Regards, Rory
  3. Seth's Development Log Social Improvements Dear Ninja, This is a quick Development Log from, we have done a lot more than this although we wanted to give you guys something to show for what we've been actively developing! Split and Combine Stack Using Shift + Left Click you can split and combine stacks. Shops and Character Creation You can now rotate your character by pressing the arrow keys or WASD while in a shop or character creation scene. You can also select the Bald hairstyle, which is selectable for both male and female genders. Social You can now block and report players by right-clicking them, then selecting "Report" or "Block" which will immediately do the action without having to input anything. Report Reporting a player allows you to inform staff of misconduct. We're also going to remove the bilingual rules, we are only going to moderate users if they are reported. When they are reported, we will translate their text if it is not a language we do not understand to punish them if they are indeed breaking rules or harassing players. It is no longer the job of staff to actively moderate the community, it is up to the community to report players that are breaking the rules. We will still moderate although, we're going to focus more on community events vs. actively policing everyone. We will punish users who are causing problems and start watching their behaviors in-game, before officially banning them. Reporting allows us to find the troublemakers without interfering with player's experience in-game. It also provides us an easy way to dish out punishments and provide a more private experience for players. Block Blocking a player will prevent all communication from them, including chat bubbles and messages. This also blocks any invites they send you, such as a team or trade invite. We've done a lot more than this, it is being saved for my final Development Log next month! It will be my biggest one we've ever had, introducing a lot of new features to get everyone excited for the Beta launch.
  4. "The long days are over, but we're still waiting on a half-portrait from @." Hi Ninjas, This is going to be a feature-rich demonstration showcasing some of the changes we've made on the engine side as well as a side of Music. Music and Sound The game has had all its music revamped thanks to @Afilion. We also have improved the sound volume of the interface to be quieter than the other sounds in the game such as animations and Jutsus. Emotes We've fixed numerous issues with our emote system, improving the fluency of the animations and adding more features such as repeating and slower animating. @Rory also has improved the heart emote and added a new one. Interactions and Combat There is no longer an attack animation such as kicking or swinging your weapon when interacting with an ally NPC or event. You now will only punch toward their direction. You don't have to use control anymore to swing your weapon, kick, or even punch. It can all be done by the right mouse button. This works great with WASD, arrow keys, and mouse movement. Shop We've made improvements to the shop to display your current gear rather than a naked version of yourself only with what you are hovering over. Conclusion This is my first one, but it isn't my biggest one coming before Open Alpha 3. We've made many small changes to the game, this is just a cosmetic preview of the most significant changes that you will notice. Stay tuned for my big one in a few weeks!
  5. "I stole Rory's Development Log image cause I can't make my own. Don't tell him, it'll be our little secret. " Hi Ninjas, This is a fairly short showcase demonstrating some of the new changes we've made to the game as of late. I already am working around 20 hours a week on Nin Online, and this is ramping up the more I get motivated. Pretty soon, @Rory and I will be teaming up to get content flowing out the door for Open Alpha 3. Expect Early Access which will not be the finished game within 2 weeks or less, but it will give our veterans an opportunity to experience what the game has to offer! Even though the game is an alpha, we put a lot of focus on polish and try to make it feel like beta. The main difference between our alpha and beta definition is content. The game's content is by far alpha build quality. There's still a lot of changes we're making to the game of course, like bounties, clans, and more villages to name a few. Beds They are now multi-directional and behave much better. They were also broken before I fixed them yesterday. We also are making the tiles in the game feel more realistic. Social Login We've already posted about this in our social medias, but this will give you more information. There were problems with people being able to login during the Open Alpha 2 and Closed Alpha 3, because users had to reset their password if they used a social media to create their account. We went ahead and ridded you all of that trouble, now you can use your social media that is connected to your Nin Online account to log in without any hassles. Server Selection This was done mostly by @. He is truly one of the best programmers we've had on the team. This allows you to select a server before joining the world of Nin Online, each server will have its own settings and features. Until we hit beta, the servers will behave the same, but we are planning to expand them to have optimized settings for specific player bases in our community. Right now, we have three servers planned for Open Alpha 3. We will expand these if necessary, but they are being made now for preparation for that test and not Early Access. Conclusion We're going to be pumping out more Development Logs now, so this is a short and sweet one, but we have done a lot more to the game than just this. As a side note, we've had a lot of our best team members resign due to real life issues. I am the only programmer left on the team. Most of our artists are still on board, but don't worry we got it under control and the programmers that left, are having real life issues and may return one day!
  6. Dear Ninja, This is one of the many development logs I will be posting over the next 3-5 weeks upcoming to the release of Open Alpha 3. Many of these changes have been in the engine, but we just released finished this organized update recently which will include a video demonstrating the interface changes and 3-D sounds! We will also have a GIF like good old times. UI Improvements Past The game used to have problems when you moved your mouse and clicked while over windows. There was also problems with windows not being all that responsive and controllable. We've fixed all these problems and more! Now There have been a bunch of changes made to the interface. We believe it is the core of the gameplay experience and deserves as much love as the actual combat system. We've added where the escape key can be used to clear or close target, interface windows, and menu rather than just menu and target. It also will clear these in a very specific order: target, interface windows, then menu. The interaction of the windows has been improved significantly for those who didn't play in the Closed Alpha 3. They now save their position when you logout or close the client, and they will respond more intuitively. Improved the description windows for Items and Jutsus for all windows. The sound effects for the windows and interface have been enhanced. Cursor icons work much better. Beta The keybinds will come when they are ready. No promises for gamepad or controller support though... Auto Loot Past In the last alpha test, you had to manually pick up the same item many times, but we've implemented a very basic Auto Loot system to solve this problem! Now The new system we've implemented basically automatically loots items of the same ID or name when you pick up an item in a radius around your character. This means that if you pick up Ryo, any Ryo within the radius that the Auto Loot system operates in will also be picked up around you and put into your Inventory. This should solve the annoyance of looting at-least for now! Beta We've aware that not everyone wants to Auto Loot, and those that do, want more flexibility with it. That is why we're going to make further changes to it in the beta version! Hold space to open up a loot menu and show all the items underneath you. Turn Auto Loot on/off with a setting in the menu. Bind the Auto Loot key to a specific key such as holding space or pressing space rather than always Auto Looting. We will by default make this hold space in beta. 3-D Sounds The game sounds are less annoying now and more realistic. You won't feel like there's a million sounds around you. We reduced the amount of sound by a lot and blended them in more. There a lot less annoying now with a more realistic sound reduction and natural positioning. They now use their location and the location of your character, to make the sound louder or quieter based on the distance you are away from it. When you get far enough away from it, it will eventually have no sound. Finale And...@Rory is back. Seriously though, I am going to sleep after this. Also, many more updates shall come forth in the coming weeks, please bare with us for a little while longer and the game will be at a playable state soon. Thanks, Seth
  7. Dear Ninja, It's been more than a year since my last Development log. I usually refrain from writing one of these since I'm really bad this. But due to the long blackout of information here I thought why not.. Introduction For the last few months we haven't told you anything about the progress of the game. We've not written any dev logs nor have we shown any proof of work being done and on behalf of the entire Nin team I'd like to apologize for this. I hope this Dev log is one of the many to come within the next few weeks. Preview We added in Facebook, Google and Twitter login to the forum but we didn't have Social Network Login implemented into the game. Due to this many people who registered through their social network account couldn't login to the game during tests without tweaking at their account settings. Social Network Connection was in our list but we didn't prioratize it enough. During this long break I finally got some time to implement this into the game. You can now login without having to enter in through Facebook or Google or even Twitter. Conclusion This may not seem much of a big update but at least it's something. Many of you complain that we aren't do any work but you've got to understand that our team is a team of mainly just 2 programmers, Seth and me. Seth is usually the only person who works on the game like almost everyday. All the negative feedback puts a lot of stress on him and the more the stress the less he works. I hope you guys don't stress him out too much your you can Nin Online, goodbye. Regards, Abhi2011
  8. Seth and Abhi's Development Log #5 Bank and Right Click Menu Introduction We're working on many new updates for the next alpha, but our first reveal is the Bank System and the addition of the Right Click Menu. The Right Click Menu is a way to drop or use an item with a new part of the interface rather than just the mouse. Instead of this, you are being given the choice what to do by being able to select what you want to do with the item. Demonstrations The below illustrations showcase both the Right Click Menu and the Bank System. The Right Click Menu The Bank Right Click Menu This system will be applied to all items in the game, you just have to right click them to utilize it. As many of our testers may know, this system is also available when right clicking players. We plan to add more support for these type of interactions to make the experience as simplistic as possible for new players to pickup. There may eventually be support added for Jutsus/items on the map as well. Bank This system is useful for storing your prized possessions that you wish to keep but not inside of your inventory. Essentially, you will be given a set amount of storage spaces in your Bank. Items that are stackable which show a number next to them will all go in one slot, whereas items like equipment will take up one slot for each unique one. For example, if an item is identical to another it will use the same slot, but if it has different stats on it then it will use multiple ones. More information about the Bank will be provided in a later Development Log.
  9. Seth's Development Log #7 Fullscreen, Splash Screen, and Misc. Improvements Fullscreen You may now enter fullscreen mode by pressing Alt + Enter or by inputting the /fullscreen command. Once you enter fullscreen mode, it will be saved, and each time you launch the game it will restore your preferred setting automatically. Splash Screen While the game is loading, it will display a splash screen. This screen will fade in as the game loads and fade out once the game has finished loading. We've also improved the game's loading to be very fast which means that there is no need to have a loading screen any longer. Item and Jutsu Description Overhaul We've improved the coloring for the level, rank, and type requirement to be more informative and consistent with the other parts of the game. For example, if you do not meet the level requirement for an item, it will show as red rather than green. Green demonstrates that you pass the requirement. Red demonstrates that you do not pass the requirement. Chakra cost has been added to the Jutsu description. Projectile Improvements We've added where projectiles can hit in all 8 directions. They also are able to explode or animate once they come into contact with a solid object such as a wall or corpse. This also means that once a projectile hits a corpse, it will end prematurely, too. 8 Directional Attacks You can now attack from all 8 directions, the same goes for NPCs and other players. Hotbar Improvements We've added the ability to swap your hotbar slots by holding shift and dragging them to the slot that you desire. You may now also destroy slots just by dragging them off the hotbar, but this is not in our demonstration.
  10. Seth

    Introduction One of our breaking changes we are trying to push in Alpha 3 is the ability to share your profile song with your friends in-game. You can change your profile song then send it immediately to anyone in-game, all they have to do is simply press accept to listen to it in the client. There are many other features like this we are planning to add into the game, but we want to know your opinion on a few details. Details We need to know how the community feels about their profile song being available to anyone who simply right clicks their character, and this means anyone can listen to it, but if someone wants to share it with you, you must accept it before it will play. The other idea we have is a way for people to create their own profile songs by requesting them from our composer @Afilion, would people be willing to spend money on this service if it was offered? We're all volunteers here, and it is always nice to help out the developers who contribute to the game freely. This makes our time here more valuable since it both helps our expenses and offers more services to our community. Conclusion This is a new idea I had, so it may change, but we thank everyone for their opinions and concerns with it. We will keep this open for a couple weeks to determine the direction for this before it is fully implemented.
  11. Suirad


    Suirad's Development Log #1 New Updater Introduction I am finished streaming for today. Got quite a few fixes and back-end work done and working quite nicely. Getting this bad boy ready for that 1.3.0 release coming soon. Post Stream Logs Part 1 - 4/9/2014 • Added new changelog web-embed area • Figured out issue with flickering & hiding of changelog area when files were being checked and downloaded • Rewrote part of the screen drawing to correct flickering • Attempted to redownload the entire client, with complete failure haha • Found out that the folder the file is going into needs to be created beforehand and corrected it • Try again to finish redownloading the client, fails again... • Tediously figured out that the entire path above the folder needs to be created before a folder can be made • Made a new procedure to recursively make paths for all files before they are downloaded • Successfully restored client using launcher alone! • Pushed out patch to live version of the launcher with the new updates
  12. Seth


    Seth's Development Log #1 Resolving Installation and Update Issues New Installer Preview New Changes We've fixed problems users had with the last installer such as administrator rights. The updater will now request administrator rights automatically. Release We have released the new installer in this
  13. Dear Ninja, It's been awhile since the last development log. I thought I'd share some sweet news about the development along with some pretty screenshots to please your eyes for the time being. We've been taking trips to visit Konoha between our long hours working on the game, and I can only describe the place with this word - "Home". Each time I log in and visit the pier I feel like I could just chill with my friends there for hours and talk about anything! I can't help but feel proud that I built this village myself with this as the objective. I wanted to create a home for all the leaf ninjas to feel like they belonged somewhere. I was largely influenced by Ragnarok Online in my teenage years to know the importance of creating a grand hub where players could enjoy just hanging out with their friends in. Ignore the naked, bald men selling food in the night market. This is a picture of our visit to the Night Market today. It was rather cloudy as you can see! Update on Authentication Server Abhi has gotten the Authentication server done and almost bug free. What this means is that as I type this, I'm playing Nin Online with my forum account! It won't be long before we release a stable client for everyone to play. Update on other problems Unfortunately, the 1024x768 resolution is still not optional at this point in time. We're going to work to fix this as soon as possible. It's a problem which mainly affects those who use 1366x768 monitors (mostly laptops), and it's a problem we want to fix. It is quite a bit of work required though. Update on content Abhi is likely going to revamp much of the mission system which is in place at the moment. It's isn't adequate if we want to build the game around interesting missions for everyone! The Academy Student phase of the Leaf Village up until the end of the Genin Test and graduating is complete! The Konoha outskirts are much much more vast than they were before now. Hope these screenshots can satisfy your thirstiness for Nin Online for the time being while we work hard to push for a release as soon as possible. All I can say is Gold Ninjas should stay tuned for a closed test really soon! Regards, Rory
  14. Meisai : (23 July 2015 - 05:23 PM) Wow, and the event thread? Am I on punishment or something? Dafuck Meisai : (23 July 2015 - 05:22 PM) So I typed a lengthy post on the death penalty thread and now it's deleted?
  15. Abhi's Development Log #1 New Login System And Possibly Release Date! Hello fellow Nin Onliners, This is my first Development Log, so please bear with me. Almost the entire community would like to know how and why I became a developer. Along with what I am doing. I became a Developer a few days back. For those who don't I created the Updater. (Its open-source) and I basically helped everyone with DirectX problems. So, I thought why not just help with the game. I am currently working on an Authentication or Login Server. Auth Server/Login Server An Authentication or a Login Server a separate server that will take care of player login and other BTS stuff. This will reduce the load on the game server. The new Auth Server is linked to the Forum MySQL database. It "authenticates" or cross-checks the username and password of the player while login with the actual data. If the details are valid then it starts filling up your account with the necessary data, including your Forum Display Name as your IGN and your forum group. All Administrators will automatically become Game-Admins and all Developers will become Game-Mods. The same with Gold Shinobis. As most of you might be knowing Rory's going to be working on cosmetic items that will be sold in a "Forum-Store" (You can buy it from a store which is going to come up in the Forums.") When one buys items, the item will automatically be updated in the game. The Auth-Server will help a lot in this. Now for the best part, the Release Date. I don't want to spoil on the fun so I am not going to say much. But what I can say is that it is coming soon. (Within the next 10 days.) If anyone wants to guess when its coming up, please do so in their posts in this topic. Please do not create multiple topics discussing it. Best Regards, Abhi2011 - Developer
  16. Whack


    Whack's Development Log #3 New Features! Welcome to my third development log! I am writing to you all at 1:30 AM, because I am proud of how much work I have got done in the past few days! We have added many new features, let me start by listing them, and then I'll talk about each. Death SystemNew Item/Equipment Types Running Animations Convenient PM and slash command system Ryo System Online Player Editor Dynamic Item Drop locationsYes, all of these systems have been done in the past 2 days! Believe it or not, that is a lot of work - over 20 hours - and the community has motivated me to work hard. Honestly, I owe it to you guys that I got this much done Death & Revival System Before, when a player died he would be sent to a hospital or another designated spot. Now, when a player reaches zero health, they will turn into a dead body, dynamically renderred based on your players hair, sex, skin color, and other items you are wearing. You will then be given an option to wait 30 seconds to be revived by a medical ninja, or go straight to a hospital. Upon the 30 seconds running out, you will be send to the hospital, and you may return to your body to retrieve any items that MAY have been lost. It will be easy to see where you died, because there will be a body where you died at for 5 minutes! 'New Equipment Types After about three hours, I finished the rest of the equipment types, so that each player may now have a Hat, Mask, Weapon, Shirt, Vest, Pant, Shoe, and Accessory all equipped and visible at the same time! Can you picture the possibilities?! 'Running Animations When a ninja starts to run, you will now see them running with a brand new running animation! 'PM Slash Command Convenience System There is now two textareas below the chatbox, one is a small box where you may type a players name, or a slash command, for example "/g". Now when you type your message and press enter, the system will detect what you have typed in the first box, and send a PM to the players name entered, or send a global message, or any other command you can think of. The convenient part is that the text stays in the first box until you remove it, so you can keep PMing the same player without having to type /p playername message OVER and OVER! 'Ryo System The Ryo system is now completely implemented, which means now you don't need to trade that old smelly shoe for that nice studded vest. You can just buy it with Ryo, duh. 'Online Player Editor A fully functional player editor, incase something is to go wrong when the game releases. We admins can easily fix your problem if one may arise, by editing any variable of your player all while ingame. 'Dynamic Drop Locations When items were dropped before, they would just be dropped in the exact same spot. Now when items drop, they will be scattered around a bit, to make items on the floor seem much more realistic and beautiful. Sometimes, untidyness can be a good thing I hope this made you guys more excited for the release, and if you have any suggestions on what you want to see, post them in the suggestions forum. I love to read them, even if I'm not replying I still am! Thanks for reading! Regards, Whack
  17. Whack


    Whack's Development Log #2 Ninja Creation! Hi everyone, I'm glad to see the community growing rapidly! This is my second development log, and as you may of noticed Rory has four already! How am I supposed to keep up with that guy? Haha, just kidding, anyways I'm doing this fast because I have to go out to a graduation party tonight, and I just got something done that made me want to tell all of you about our progress. Hair Color Selection Your ninja will be customizable in many different ways, one being hair color. So far there are 14 different hair types, seven for male and seven for female. For each hair, there is 27 different colors. Thats over 300 different combinations from hair alone! Here is a sneak peak of the ninja customization screen! As you can see, there will also be 27 different eye colors to choose from, as well as your starting shirt and pant color. All players will start out as an Academy Student, and progress from there. I am extremely impressed by the amount of work Rory has put in, and I am definitely feeling confident that we will meet our schedule for Nin. The two of us work fantastic together, and I can't stress that enough. Our chemistry as high as it can get! Thanks for reading, and hopefully this makes you more excited for the July release of Nin Online! Regards, Whack
  18. Whack


    Whack's Development Log #1 Graphical User Interface Hello everyone, welcome to my first dev log! For the past week, I have been working on the GUI, or the graphical user interface. Basically, it is the buttons and visual pieces that you use in game to view your characters stats, your inventory, people talking, and other things not part of the Nin world. For the most part, I am done with the menu interface. It looks beautiful, feels smooth, and the sound effects and music really finish it off. As soon as you open the menu, it will immerse you into the fantastic and exciting Naruto world, and that is definitely something that we want. Although it might seem like an easy task, GUIs are one of the most time consuming and boring parts of programming. I program because I enjoy it, but when I tell you that I hate GUI programming, I'm not exaggerating. It's pretty bad! Alas, I am nearing the end of it, as all I have left is renderring common windows such as inventory, character, options, friends, missions and others. It should only take a few more weeks to finish up, and then I will be working on core gameplay features. Speaking of features... There are a few things I have already programmed into Nin Online. For one, there are over 20 animations for each player. Walking, running, attacking with two hands, hand to hand combat, punching, kicking, breathing, standing, and even dead bodies. This took a lot of work from Rory, and a lot from me as well. No matter how hard a mapper works to make the game look good, animations are what makes a game feel beautiful. The constant moving of water or players makes the game feel alive, and makes it fun for everyone. Anyways, thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to bringing you all more content soon! Regards, Whack