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Found 42 results

  1. Dear Ninja, This is a small update from the new artist on our team, @ and our beloved team member, @Fernando. I did not participate in completing this update except adding them in game, but I will be presenting it for them since they are both inexperienced at writing these, and we need more updates to show obviously. The Companions will not be in this alpha. They are just an early concept we are planning for beta. But if we get time, we may push them in an Open Alpha 3 update since it will last for several months. Hokage Outfit Now, we already got a Hokage Outfit, so why might we need another one? Well, we're going to bring forth the 4th! Since, the 3rd has kind of already been made... Companions We're going to have Summoned Companions which can be created using elemental Jutsus such as an Earth Golem, or by using a Puppet Companion while specialized as a Puppet Master. You also essentially will be able to pick the path your character will go in the game during the beta phase not during the alpha phase. You will be able to control these units, think of it like a RTS (real-time strategy game). You essentially can send it to attack units and use its abilities via a Companion Hotbar (multiple units will be shifted through using a shortcut key and this will change the available Jutsus in the Hotbar). These companions will have actual Jutsus that are very important to use at the right time! Now just imagine, if you had 10 or more of these puppets to control - now that will take a lot to master! Conclusion We will probably not get time to add in Companions by Open Alpha 3. The Hokage Outfit will likely only be used for a NPC and probably not be made available for players. If we do decide to make it available, it will most likely be a Cash Shop item. This outfit is essentially just to be a fan service to the community and possibly used for an important NPC in the game. The Hokage outfit was done by @ and the other art pieces were done by master, @Fernando. I will be posting my Development Log next, stay tuned!
  2. Fernando


    Fer's 1st Development Log Katon Karyuudan no Jutsu (Fire Style, Fire Dragon Awakening) Dear shinobi, I bring you my very first development log, announcing this very little update, hoping you all like it. My latest contributions in the game are the Akatsuki Cloak fully animated and the Fire Dragon Jutsu, along with some customizations, but I didn't feel like showing it in this development log. Katon Karyuudan technique I'd like to thank and credit Elk, for making the North state sprite for this skill, and Rory for spending 3 whole days animating the Jutsu as well as the Akatsuki cloak. That's all from me for today, thank you for reading.
  3. Rory's Development Log #13 Lightning Senbons & Technique Icons Dear Shinobi, Today I worked on a Lightning Technique called "Lightning Senbons" and finished some icons for other techniques. So let's play a game.. Who can name all the following techniques based on their icons? and for Chidori Senbons.. Unfortunately, that;'s all for today! Regards, Rory
  4. Rory's Development Log #12 Water Prison Technique & more! Dear Shinobi, It's been a long time since my last development log. Once again, I apologize for not keeping everyone in the loop with developments. It's not easy being in the army and still working on a fan game. My lifestyle is pretty crappy at the time being. To give everyone an idea of what I'm going through.. Being a National Service soldier, I get an allowance of SGD400 a month. My parents are divorced, so I live with my mom and 3 siblings, my mom doesn't earn a lot, so she doesn't provide for us. We just get roof to sleep under. My dad is jobless. So $400 is practically all I have to survive on, about half of which is spent on transport. Take note that $400 here in Singapore is close tonothing, we're statistically the world's most expensive economy. I do freelance work in what little free time I have to survive. But I've decided that once I clear my last job, I'll spend more time on Nin Online and live on whatever crumbs I can find. I miss the days I could just wake up and just work on the game the entire day I had a few hours after dark to work on some stuff, so I did a Water Prison Technique animation! Water Prison Technique I'll take the opportunity to showcase some other stuff I've worked on recently. Updated Masteries The 3 new masteries in the UI are Medical, Weapon & Taijutsu Mastery. Heaven & Earth Scrolls for Chunnin Exams Minimap This hasn't been programmed in yet, but these are the UI pieces. The recent bank UI was also done by me. Hopefully the progress is pleasing to everyone, and hopefully this will help ease the whining! Regards, Rory
  5. Rory's Development Log #15 Explosive Tags & Lightning Shocks Dear Shinobi, Glad to be here again to bring you more updates about progress with our current crunch for more Jutsus and animations. Seth, Abhi and Suirad have been working long nights to implement new features and fix existing ones for the past few weeks. Stay tuned for Seth's programming development log really soon and some great announcements coming your way! First of all here's something very true to the Naruto series. Explosive Tags! I don't want to spoil you guys too much about how it will work, I'll leave that to when Seth has them programmed in and I'll let him do the honors. Just know that here will be many ways to use tools such as this! Lightning Shock Animation An animation that plays when you land a lightning technique. Charging Chakra We're revamping the way you regenerate Chakra while in combat, it's going to be much more dynamic. This isn't exactly how it's going to work, but that's the current animation! You will press "Spacebar" to get into your chakra charging state where you will make the handsign and remain there for as long as you need. Out of combat, chakra regenerates quickly. That's it for today again! I hope you guys are enjoying the updates as much as I've been enjoying sharing them. Regards, Rory
  6. Introduction The forum needs some excitement and some revival, so I got permission from Rory to host a Nin Online Fan Art Contest. The reward for making the best artwork judged by the staff team will receive a Silver Shinobi. As we have noticed, this may not be an appealing reward for everyone, so included with the reward will be a Fan Art forum award. Guidelines Draw as many entries of Fan Art for Nin Online. It can be done on notepad (take a picture) or with software, which ever works for you! Must be your own artwork, cannot be copied or drawn over work. You can draw any fan art you like, although relevance to Nin Online is a judging criteria. Send all entries to me in private message or in a comment in this thread. (If multiple, put all of them in one post, do not make multiple posts). (Optional) Drawing our 3 man Chunnin team (in the banner) They are Taki (purple hair girl), Shiro (white hair guy) and Kuro (black hair guy) *possible bonus points". Note: You don't need to be a talented artist to enter this contest, do your best. We are not expecting amazing artwork. Official Rewards Silver Shinobi. Fan Art Forum Award​. 1st Place - Gold "Pencil & Brush" Award. 2nd Place - Silver "Pencil & Brush" Award. 3rd Place - Bronze "Pencil & Brush" Award. This contest will be held from May 31st to June 15th. It may end early if we deem it necessary by not having anymore entries.
  7. Ueda


    Rory's Development Log #14 More and More Jutsus Dear Shinobi, Today I'm going to showcase 3 work in progress techniques I'm working on at the moment. Let me take time to remind you all I'm not that great an animator. Poison Cloud Technique This is a offensive technique for Medical Nins. Still a lot of work required for this! Lightning Spear Technique This is a directional AoE Technique for lightning users. Mystical Palm Technique This is one of the most basic techniques for a Medical Nin! It can be used to bring back a fainted ally before he returns to the hospital. That's all for today! Regards, Rory
  8. Ueda


    Rory's Development Log #16 Lightning Current Technique Dear Shinobi, Today I worked on the technique animation for Lightning Current Technique aka. Chidori Nagashi. In the past few days, I've worked on a lot of random techniques and their art, and spent some time to implement the Earth Techniques done by Kimi a long time ago. Lightning Current Technique AoE Lightning Technique which deals damage to all enemies in it's 3 tile radius. Poison Cloud Technique Again I've smoothed out the Poison Cloud Technique animation with more frames at the start, and I've improved the overall look by cleaning up the pixels. It's now working in-game! Rock Pillar Prison Technique This technique was done by @Kimi awhile back, but it's finally been implemented! It stuns the enemy for a brief while to open him/her to attacks. Earth Stump Technique Another technique by Kimi, this is the Earth Stump Technique, a targeted damage attack. Special Weapon Techniques These are 3 special techniques that utilize ninja tools as ammunition. Poison Senbons (Medical) Explosive Kunai (Weapon) Wind Shurikens (Wind) That's all for today! Look forward to more exciting Jutsus from me soon. Regards, Rory
  9. Seth's Development Log #6 Substitution, Wyrm Waterball, and Great Fireball Techniques Dear Shinobi, We've been working hard on bug fixing and balancing of the current Jutsus. Although, on top of that we've completed three new ones that will be available in the next alpha. Substitution Technique This Jutsu allows the user to have a short term buff that lasts 7 seconds which the cooldown is also 7 seconds, so when you are attacked it will be activated and the buff will be removed. Whenever the user is attacked, they will teleport behind and face the same direction as the enemy that hit them. This will prevent all damage from the attack or Jutsu that they casted and give you the upper hand to make the first strike! Wyrm Waterball Technique This Jutsu allows the user to attack an enemy from range stunning them for 1 second and knocking them back. The design of this Jutsu both the way it works and the animation at the end are likely to change. Great Fireball Technique This Jutsu allows the user to cast a giant fireball which does area of effect damage to enemies in a 3x3 (tiles) or 96x96 (pixels) radius. It also will stun all enemies hit directly by it for 1 second, knock them back, and cause DoT (damage over time) up to 10 times within the second it lasts, but the user will be unable to move until it is finished being channeled. Animation is still being worked on, the position of the fire is not correct. Special thanks to Elk for making it.
  10. Rory's Development Log #13 Body Flicker Technique Dear Ninja, Seems like today will be another "Daily development log". This one will be a little short.First of all, here's the Body Flicker Technique skill animation! Body Flicker TechniqueThis technique will allow the user to teleport a short distance closer to his target. Essentially, it will be a gap closer move.As you can tell in the open alpha tests there was a lot of trouble getting close to the opponent to land hits. With Body Flicker technique, every player will have a strategic chance to move closer to his target.I could think of many other uses for the technique as well. It will be harder to use as a skill to run away, unless you have team mates maybe.The technique will also not teleport you right to the target, but a few tiles closer. It will also have a cooldown of around 4 seconds. I plan to add an Advanced Body Flicker Technique for Taijutsu & Weapon mastery. This will give the Taijutsu & Weapon users a better grasp on his target! (From the open alpha, this was obviously a problem). Great Water Arm TechniqueThis technique does not accurately follow Suigetsu's technique. Instead, I gave it my own spin, making the water surround the arm of the user instead of pumping in his arm to beef it up. This makes it look more interesting in my opinion. This technique will give the user a large increase in strength for the duration of the buff. Keep looking forward to more awesome jutsu and artwork from me! Regards, Rory
  11. Seth's Development Log #2 Spell Previews and Emoticons Introduction We've been working hard on the website as of late, but we have some updates in store for the game. There are several work in progress spells that will be implemented into the game soon and emoticons. These are a work in progress and will change when they are released to the game. Emoticons Players will be able to use commands such as "/?", "/!", and "/..." to make an emoticon appear over their head. Spell Previews
  12. Rory's Development Log #5 Hokage Building / Office Hey everybody! For the past two days, I've been live streaming my progress on, it's been pretty fun, having company while I do my work. It's always been my goal to have an open development process, for everyone to watch as we create the game, and this is just one way I can think of that will accomplish that. The link to my is.. But I might move to a Livestream soon, because it's free, and I can have audio on it. It took two days to finish this, but I'm finally done with the biggest building so far, which is the Hokage Office/building. As promised, I'm going to work on the Konoha Hot Springs next. This will be a fun add, especially when we release the game late this month. Note about the "Release" The release we talk about late/end July will be a very basic demo/alpha version with little content to keep you playing. But for the hardcore fans who are staying around watching the development. You'll have a nice little place to chill and hang about rather than the forum Shoutbox! The releases will also be prone to wipes. Without further ado, here are some screenshots of a test map with the Hokage building in it. Once again, thank you for all the members who were with me while I worked on this! If I do choose to live stream what I do next, I'll post the link in the Shoutbox. So stay alert for that!
  13. Rory's Development Log #3 Will of Fire Monument / Konoha Memorial Training Grounds WIP Hey everyone, Here on time to provide another development log. I'd like to mention that any tiles I do, I create bearing in mind making it as re-usable and ready for in-game use as possible. I normally go through 3-4 hours of spriting, plug the tiles straight into map editor, and it will work perfectly because I had already thought it through. In the past, I used to create buildings and tiles more like creating mock ups. I wanted to get it to look good, not bearing in mind the scale for the game, the size, whether I could divide it into 32x32 tiles like I needed to. This led to a whole bunch of useless graphics that needed rework before it saw any practical use. This time round, I've done the Will of Fire / Konoha Memorial. To explain what I just mentioned above, look at this.. I use those walls for a lot more than you see right there. The graves are actually using the same base. So only one 32x32 box is changed, but there can be 8 variations with those few tiles above. The stairs are reused a lot as well. The curved background is a pretty unique structure, so it's only going to be used once. Alright, so on with the Training Grounds. In the Naruto series, you have a bunch of training grounds, a lot of them being very dark looking. Like the forest of death. The one which I've done the entrance for is.. The darker tileset is done for.. But they will also be used for many others. Like the famous Chunnin Exam Forest of Death. Now that gate looks a little plain eh? Well I have two signs I plan on re-using else where, that I made into separate tiles. Together they will look something like this. Well that's all for today's entry! Thank you for your support, and do leave comments and your opinion thus far in this thread.
  14. Ueda


    Rory's Development Log #6 Hokage's Office & Hot Spring Interiors Hey since yesterday's development stream (and I apologize for the bad streaming I did yesterday, with the constant errors and going offline) I've completed two unique interior types. One is for the Hokage Building and another for the Hot Springs. The Ninja Academy is almost mostly complete. First off, I'll this is the Hokage office. This is just such an important location in the Leaf village! I'm glad its done. As promised, being a member on the forum has it's perks, as you get to see screenshots like this before anyone else. Here are the screenshots! The second location isn't so well documented, but I did what I could from my research and made the tiles below! The layout might change later on, but this is how the Spa/Sauna/Hot Springs looks like at this moment As you can tell, I take suggestions really seriously, and I really love the idea of having nice hang out spots within the village! Of course, for those who tuned into my development stream, you've probably seen more or less the work below with the exception of some new tiles and decorations. So please do stay active on the forum, when a livestream is up on or, I will spam the links in the Shoutbox! In advance, I'd like to congratulate anyone who is going to sit in this wonderful office. Till the next update, see you! (Very soon)
  15. Photon

    Just gonna post random pixel art I've done here: -Hi guys. Well this isn't really a "new" icon. I had an older version ages ago that I had done sloppily. I just added a few tweaks like changing the stance and some colors and added new accessories. It would have been better if I remade it from scratch, but I just felt like editing my old one since I'm lazy so: -This here is my semi-naked shady-looking informant hidden in Konoha... He knows things.. Resources courtesy of Nin Online. - Our little secret... - Knock-back
  16. Rory's Development Log #1 The Konoha Gates Hey everyone, this is going to be my first official Dev Log on the forum. So hear me out all the way, it's not going to be long. Basically for the past 2 weeks, I've been creating tiles, characters, items, GUI and everything needed for the game in a crazily fast pace. For today, I'll be talking more about the tiles. I've already got enough tiles done to map most of the districts of Konoha, but have not yet started on many specific buildings from the anime/manga. So this dev log will show you some of the buildings I have done, and started on, and plan on doing. The Konoha Gate #1 This is the main gate of Konoha. From my research, I've found out that there are actually 3 of them. Which is perfect, because one central exit is something I never wanted! The other two will look different, and be located to the East side of the village. (I do my research) Ichiraku Ramen One of the most iconic spots in the Naruto universe or atleast Konoha. The ramen house will be run by new management, but will still sell tasty noodles to the ninjas of the leaf village! I've decided to use the ramen as more of a slight stat boost item, it's mostly for fun though. There's supposed to be 5 chairs, but I made some mistakes to the tiling, I'll fix that soon enough! Ninja Academy (WIP) Another iconic place for every Naruto fan. The academy where ninjas are born. This is the exit of the academy. Take note that I may post WIP stuff in my dev logs, because I don't necessarily complete things at one shot. I also want to give more in-depth progress, and show my entire creation process. Still need to do.. From the top of my head, I can think of the following I'll still need to do before launch. Hokage BuildingJounin Lounge(?)Weapon ShopClothes ShopIno's Flower ShopOther 2 of Konoha GatesHotspringsHospitalWell, that's all for today's Dev Log! Stay tuned for more coming tomorrow or the day after. Remember, these are daily developer logs, but we're still trying our best to focus more on actually creating the game, so it might not be as frequent as we wish! Regards, Rory
  17. Well I've been wanting to become a Pixel Artist for some time now, I guess I finally gained enough courage to start trying... I'm open to any criticism of what I need to work on so please go ahead.. 1st Hokage - Harashima 2nd Hokage - Tobirama 3rd Hokage - Hiruzen Shippuden Naruto Shippuden Naruto with a Chuunin Vest (One Day ^_^)