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Found 4 results

  1. Hair and Clothes
  2. Ninja


    So lately there has been a lot of separate single post on things to be changed, fixed, nerfed, buffed, and so on. I'm tired of seeing the single posting and I'm sure Rory is as well so I decided to post a few suggestions in thread with my own outlook as to why it should be changed and the changes I'd make. Again these are only suggestions so please don't be negative on my post or I will have the lovely GMS handle you. Wind Wind has always done great damage as a mastery, but in the past jutsus like drilling air bullets and vacuum spheres weren't just quite up to par and received buffs to make them better such as drilling air bullets becoming run cast which is a fine change. Vacuum Spheres also had received a change by making them hit 3 times if you landed each previous shot which the damage scaling up slightly more and the last hit stunning whom ever was being hit. I suggest removing the stun that Vacuum Spheres do simply because it was mainly added to make wind better since it's kit lacked knockbacks, stuns and a level 35 jutsu. Since then Wind claw has been added which is very strong so why not tone down vacuum Spheres. Wind Claw is also another overly strong wind jutsu which good base damage, a 2x3 hitbox, and it causes bleeding which can do up to 20 damage. This jutsu is instant cast and like most of Wind's kit you can use majority of the jutsus instantly or on the move with little down time in between jutsus. I suggest we make Wind Claw a 1 second Run cast Jutsu and reduce the base damage from 46 at max to 38. Everything else can stay the same with this jutsu besides these 2 things. Earth Earth is a good defensive maybe even the best defense as well as a good CC/AOE mastery made for fighting multiple people. The whole kit is great, but there is this one jutsu that needs to be changed. Earth Wall is a jutsu that creates 4 walls of earth around you that is meant to block projectiles and warps we thought. Well we thought wrong... I suggest that Earth Wall should continue to block projectiles, but not only that. if you are standing in the middle of the earth wall it should block warping jutsus such as Lightning Cutter, Body Flicker, Substitution, Crescent Moon, and Risky Blade. Any jutsu that allows you to warp to the opponent should be denied as they stand within the earth wall. Int Medic Int Medic only has 3 jutsus to use that deal damage with support jutsus such as antibodies and Curse Seal. Medic has received changes almost every year since open beta due to complaints and now its time for another change to it. I suggest increasing the damage of Poison scalpel and raise the CD to 10 to balance it out. Increase Poison Senbon's poison duration as its a 1 tile projectile with a 1 second cast time that doesn't really do high damage unless you invest into a lot of intelligence. Antibodies needs to last longer than it currently does and/or When antibodies is casted upon your teammate/ally let it also give off a heal that =s up to 100 health at max. that's 4 ticks of 25 or 2 ticks of 50. You can also make this jutsu requirements be chakra based and remove it from the intelligence side of medic since its a supporting jutsu and is utterly useless unless you heal them after you use antibodies on them. The cast time for this jutsu is also 4 seconds..which i recommend reducing or making it a run cast 4 seconds instead of stand still cast. Taijutsu(Gentle Fist) We all know how broken taijutsu is especially gentle fist with it's damage. As a current Gentle Fist I'm going to suggest something, but don't be discouraged it's not buffs! I suggest that Gentle Fist Damage is slightly reduce across the board, but in return it gains some passive abilities that work with some of the jutsus. Vacuum Palms use to be instant cast which was ok with it's small range and slow speed but over the time it was changed to a 1 second run cast. I recommend keeping the 1 second run cast but increase the range it travels from 5>7 at max and increase in it's speed similar to that of Slashing Tornados. In return raise the Cooldown of this skill from 4 seconds to 8 or from 5 seconds to 10(cant remember the exact values). For Palm Bottom I recommend removing it's stun and instead replacing it with a 1.5 second silence at max level and in return lower the damage it deals as I said above and slightly increasing the cooldown from 8 to 10. General Techniques We all know how useless Fuuma Shuriken is and how broken sensory is. I have some changes for these as well because nothing will be left out! For Fuuma Shuriken I suggest that we make it 2 second run cast with a 1.5 second stun and a 0.5 second self stun at max level. I also suggest increasing it's damage from 18 to 22 at max and in return raise the cooldown or the chakra cost of it. For Sensory I suggest that we raise the cooldown of this skill to 20 or 25 seconds at max level and keep it's range at 20 tiles or reduce the range and let it's cooldown stay at 15. I recommend the first option more because Map locking last for 15 seconds the same as the cooldown of this skill at max currently. About time you can leave the map the person will just sensory you again and with a 20 tile range this is broken. You can also remove the instant cast of this and allow it to keep a 1 second cast but remove the self stun at max. Strength Weapon Master For Strength Weapon Master all everyone knows about is the warping skills risky blade and crescent Moon you want to know why? Most of the strength weapon master kit is kind of bad and not up to par. I suggest Shockwave Slash range is 12 at max level and change nothing else. Wild Slashes should cause bleed with a total output of 10-15 damage from it but in return increase it's chakra cost or cooldown. Crescent Moon Beheading should be 3 second run cast instead of it's current slow run cast of 2 seconds. Summons As you all know some of the summons use to be bugged such as, Hawk, Poison puppet, Ninken and so on. Some of these got fixed and some are still broken. The ones that are still broken please make the proper bug report post in the proper channel. While some of these were bugged and fixed some of them don't even use the skills they should or lack. I don't know if this is a bug but I recommend Slug Summon is given the ability to heal or shoot a slimey like jutsu similar to that of mud river that slows the opponent. Slug currently is the only summon with the least hp at max and least damage because it's suppose to have the ability to heal but doesn't. I suggest that Clam's Aoe effects everyone within it's range instead of just the 1 person you have targeted when they run near it. I Also suggest that AOE using summons such as, Puppet Coffin, Max Level Monkey, Max Level Clam have the hitboxes fixed as they break your sub without even being near the animation of the casted jutsu. I also Suggest Mastery locking Weapons to the specific masteries that they are sub classed to. Pipe for Water/Bubble and Fan for Wind/Fan users simply because I hate to say it but Leaf can't utilize no weapon despite the game being roleplayed and choose your own path. Meanwhile Earth Lightning users can use Fans or Pipes depending if they are in Sand or Leaf. Fire, Lightning, Int Weapon Master, Water, and the kits I didn't mention needed no change as they are the most balanced skills in the game currently and the ones I posted are the ones that need changing in my eyes. Hope my suggestions are good.
  3. I think that adding blessings with a higher XP rate can add more variety and income to the concept of blessings.. for example you could add 2x XP for $10 or 2.5x for $15.. or make them cheaper but cut em into 30 minutes. You’d be surprised at how many blessings would be popped if this was ingame and how much profit and player base would be made off of this SIMPLE cash shop item .
  4. Hey fellow Nin players!! I was thinking that since we can craft poison kunai and veiled sakkat, why not take a step further and add NPCs which can craft clothes, there are a lot of mob drops which do not serve any purpose, also to increase danger zones' activity, put the NPCs in famous spots like bounty house, katabami bridge and dark forest. This way people will go out of the their villages to farm mobs, craft clothes, make their own unique clothes and style, I don't know how much but it'll definitely improve the draught that occurs in danger zones from time to time. Also on a personal note, I would suggest to add another crafting shop(if my suggestion gets accepted) at the small tatori village and make it a danger zone while foxes map or dragon flies map right of foxes map should be a safe zone. Thank you! also feel free to improvise on the idea. @Ueda Take a look