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  1. Just some misaligned text on the Dance of the Crescent Moon Manual. It runs on and cuts off the "Common" in the top right of the manual
  2. Sometimes summons (So far tested with weasel and puppet brigade puppets, but others report that their summons don't work either) will do the attack animation to raid points but deal no damage or gain experience towards leveling the jutsu. Level 7 or higher summons AND the puppet brigade grand puppet will cast their unique jutsu, but their standard melee acts the same as their lower leveled counterparts. I observed this happening originally when the raid points were past the 2 hours remaining mark, but would deal damage correctly with the fresh reset when you could gain the % bonuses still. Recently, however, I haven't been able to gain experience at all towards my summon due to it not actually dealing damage to the raid point despite it going through the animation.
  3. Itachi Uchiha

    A really good suggestion was made by discord user Nullz#7605 about the fact that during a survey daily, upon entering the guard duty map, a giant text appears above your head with caps saying SURVEYING. This doesn't make any sense. Why would a ninja, a stealthy assassin, scream that he's spying on enemies in the same map. The suggestion is to remove the "Surveying" above the surveyors head, but allow the GUARD DUTY text to display above guard duty missions to allow "GUARDING INTERRUPTED" to display. This method keeps gameplay similar, but allows for surveyors to be stealthy about this mission.
  4. It's come to my attention that most people who first choose the medic mastery often times reset their characters, due to the difficulty it is to level up against mobs, and depending on the dailies you get, it makes traveling to other villages a nightmare as you tend to get killed on the way there, or on the way back with an item that drops upon death for said mission. My idea would benefit all villages, all players, and hopefully bring more medic/support players to the table. My idea you ask? Granting xp upon healing another player via Treat Wounds, as well as granting xp on reviving players (and other support jutsu excluding cursemark). This would give more urgency (especially during raids) for teams to work together. Another idea, if simply using the jutsu seems too unbalanced, then perhaps granting an item that allows for xp to be obtained while using said medical jutsu, such as surgical gloves, or a headpiece.
  5. Myself and 2 other people decided to try this game together, all from different places, on pretty high end PCs, so nothing like that would be the issue. Currently, we are unable to view our character when creating them at all. No matter what customization options any of us try, our character does now show up when attempting to create it. Beyond that, all of the clans for every village show absolutely no information about them in the Information hub to the right. I would think this was an issue on just my end, but it is happening to all three of us, from different areas, on pretty powerful PCs. I just wanted to let you know, it's hard to create a character when you cannot see them and cannot read about what you are joining lol
  6. game sometimes crashes on map changing, sometimes crashes on log in, one example was i was passing from a map to another and crashed, then tried to log in like 5x only to be sucessfull at the 6x, game went smooth from there, 1h later game crashes again on a map change, happening several times during the day. this aint happening to me only, it happens to a friend of mine as well, not sure if it happens to more people, but its kinda bothersome if we doing a mission or other stuff where we cant die, and then die while changing map, something we cant even control.
  7. Itachi Uchiha

    This topic has been brought up as many times as @Feinzin nin discord, but here's another suggestion: @Ueda you said you want the game to be a hard-core experience, and that's fine. But the Mist Village is lacking a severe amount of players despite having the most fun organization buff, a fun passive (IMO), the best village weapon, and a really cool village asthetic that you spent over a year working on. Why is it dead despite being a really cool village? The boat ride. Here's my 2 suggestions to change this problem. 1. When a mist ninja VILLAGER (Excluding rogues) goes to the ferry man, he would have a new dialogue saying; "Ah, a fellow Blood Mist ninja. I will help you destroy our enemies by granting you a free ride to the mainland and a faster route." - Free ride and faster route. Maybe by 2.5 minutes to the mainland making it 2.5 minutes there and 2.5 minutes back for a total of 5 minutes sitting on a boat doing nothing instead of 10 2. Reduce the amount of bears spawned in the 2 maps after port. It's awful as a low level mist ninja to have to evade 2-3 maps of very strong and high level mobs. Please reconsider this, @Ueda. Mist village is really cool and you spent too much time and effort to let it die like this.
  8. Itachi Uchiha

    EDIT: ALL REFERENCES OF +50 FORTITUDE ARE CHANGED TO +40. There was a discussion in Nin Discord and good points were made to have it at 40 instead of 50. Suggestion: 12 guardian buff would be +50 fortitude from the sash and nothing else. Just converts all stat points to our health which pushes 12 guardian's RP as monk defenders, not assault specialists. Since the buff can be compared to the akatsuki buffs ONLY by the fact that they are both raw stat points, it makes sense to make this comparison: The akatsuki buff: +25 to all stats. This includes damage stats, chakra, and health. Most akatsuki members will benefit only from 3 stats (+75 usable stat points) but hybrids benefit from 4 stats (+100 stat points). They don't have the protection of a village so I absolutely agree with the design choice to make them a stronger org buff than twelve guardians which has a village backing them. 12G would have +50 usable points whereas akatsuki would have 75-100. Why does 12G need a buff? 12G needs a buff because +10 in all stats is laughable. Puppet brigade gets massive puppets that are immortal and shoot waves that can mow down an army in 1 lucky wave. Akatsuki gets 125 stat points, and 75-100 usable points. Seven swordsmen get very hard hitting swords with amazing affects like AOE snares and long range stuns in ADDITION to raw stat points. 12G gets +10 to every stat. How is that fair? The argument of "Numbers is your buff." Is not a fair argument to make as leaf, for one thing, is not the largest village anymore. And secondly, if sand was always the largest village would their puppet have 250 hp and not have a wave? That doesn't make sense. 12G badly needs a buff. I know I just joined the org so people will say I'm biased. But I've been in every org except 7sm, but have had extensive practice fighting 7SM in addition to fighting as an ally, and thus I can say that 12G is SEVERELY lacking comparatively.
  9. If you experience high ping, you should look into paying for a gaming VPN. These exist to eliminate the latency trips that your network ISP has to travel, by optimizing the network pathway. The server we run is in Canada and if you aren't inside Canada, the pathway to it could be really bad. This is something we can't fix, which is why we will look in the future to provide an alternative server for EU region and US. It just is not something we can do with our budget, time, or resources at this time. The only real solution is to pick a good VPN/proxy and use it for the time being. ExitLag NoPing WTFast PingZapper KillPing These are the major ones that I have researched and used most of them. I use ExitLag personally.
  10. You can force use your dedicated GPU by changing settings in your graphic settings.
  11. Microsoft forces Windows Defender in Windows 10. It is advised to disable it if you use a secondary virus protection software or if you don't use a SSD. It can cause problems and degrade system performance by a large margin. Disabling it in Windows 10, it will turn it back on automatically. You must disable it using the Group Policy or Registry. This will also fix problems with client.exe not being found for some users.
  12. If your game has graphical glitches here are three steps you can do to fix it. Update graphic drivers and reboot computer. Uninstall graphics drivers, reboot PC then reinstall latest ones. Change the RenderMode in the client config from 0-3. 0 is auto, 1 is hardware vertex processing, 2 is mixed vertex processing, and 3 is software vertex processing. The client config is located inside the bin folder. Right-click the desktop icon and open file location then go into the bin folder to find it.
  13. Updater If your client says it is out-of-date, please ensure you have the latest updater installed. Right-click the shortcut for Nin Online on your desktop. Left-click open file location. Replace Launcher.exe with updater_latest.exe, ensure to rename it to Launcher.exe. Checksums If your game files are out of date and you want to perform a forced update, erase checksums.xml in the bin folder of the client. Right-click the shortcut for Nin Online on your desktop. Left-click open file location. Enter the bin folder. Erase checksums.xml. Start the Launcher.exe. The newest updater has a Force Update button in the Settings. You may also click on this and it will do it for you. Client if your client is out-of-date, ensure you erase it within the bin folder. Right-click the shortcut for Nin Online on your desktop. Left-click open file location. Open bin folder. Search for client.exe and erase it. Reopen the Launcher.exe or click on the desktop shortcut of Nin Online. If all else fails, you can manually download the client.exe here. After doing so, replace the client.exe in the folder with it.
  14. If you encounter this error while logging in, please run the registry modifier and the executable. You may have to restart your computer afterward. Right-click link and save as .reg. Double click it then apply changes to your registry. SNI.reg Run as an Administrator user and ensure it is in your bin folder of the client. SNI.exe
  15. Ueda

    At level 100 you have the option to cast Death God seal on a weaker ninja and it just warps you and your enemy to map 1000 where you two will never been see again.
  16. Ueda

    Ranks Kazekage The Kazekage is the Sand village's leader. The Kazekage is generally regarded as the strongest shinobi in the village, responsible for keeping Suna on an even footing with the other villages despite its small size. The Sand Village, being a monarchy of sorts, picks it's leaders from the adopted children (aka. Sand Siblings) of the previous Kazekage, upon the end of his life or service as Kazekage. Retirement: If a ninja is a Chunin before becoming Kazekage, and serves as an active Kazekage for atleast 6 months. He will be promoted to Jonin upon retirement. Chunin & Jonin Path Chunin and Jonin path is the traditional ranking system in all villages. Chunin As a Chunin, you have reached a level of maturity and ability that primarily consists of leadership skills and tactical prowess and as such, are qualified to guide other ninja and lead missions. In a war, a Chunin would be a team leader. Requirement: Passing a Chunin Exam Jonin Generally highly experienced and highly skilled shinobi who serve as military captains. In a war, the Jonin would be a commander, commanding teams as battalions. If enough villagers and the respective Kage deem the shinobi to be fitting to the rank, they will be promoted. Requirement: Send a team of Genin into a Chunin Exam, Complete numerous RP Missions with players with mostly good reviews Specialized Jonin Path A Specialized Jonin, sometimes called an S-Jonin is a ranking granted to Ninja whom display "Jonin level abilities" in one area of the Ninja Arts (eg. Sensory, Medical Ninjutsu) but are not balanced in terms of skills, and hence would be unlikely to climb the normal Chunin and Jonin paths. Specialized Jonin are normally tasked to lead missions that require a higher-than-usual level in a specific ability. Eg. Leading a team of Medical Ninja on a rescue mission. In a war, a Specialized Jonin will normally either lead a team tasked with his specialization, or fight as a Genin-level ninja. A Specialized Jonin is comparable to a real world military specialist. A completely different path from the Officer rankings, and still under officers (in this case, Chunin and Jonin) in ranking. Requirement: Display extraordinary abilities in one area of the Ninja Arts, participate in a Chunin Exam. Genin Genin are the lowest level of ninja and also the ones that display the most difference in power. When they become genin, ninja start to do their bit for their village's economy – being sent on missions that the village gets paid for. Requirement: Pass the Genin Test in the Academy Academy Student Academy students are trained and prepared for life as a shinobi. They are not an actual part of the shinobi force, as they are still in the process of mastering the very basics of the ninja lifestyle. However, they can be conscripted as part of the war potential in times of emergency. Titles Council Members Council Members of the Sand Village advise the Kazekage and take his place in events where he is unavailable as leaders. Requirement: Sand Siblings who did not become Kazekage, and/or close companions of the current Kazekage. Sand Siblings The Kazekage is responsible for adopting children and raising them as potential leaders for the village. The Sand Siblings are chosen by each new Kazekage, and the remaining Sand Siblings usually become Council Members for the duration of their sibling kazekage's reign. Requirement: Must never have been a sand sibling, kazekage or council member before. Assassins Leader More information coming soon..
  17. Light

    Kazekage(s) [BETA] Time spend on duty 1st: Argoh 1-Month 2nd: Konahri 3-weeks 3rd: ReubenNick 1-week 4th: Miki 2-weeks 5th: Kaguya Light 6-Months 6th: TetsuHawk Present Sand Assassins ( not officially lauched until further note ) Military corps leader(s) [BETA] 1st: Proxied 2nd: Medical corps leader(s) [BETA] 1st: Tresmorne 2nd: Chunin [Alpha] ( BrokenInside, Konahri, Jazzberry jam ) [Beta] ( Dareem, Brae, Rainyer, Kaguya Light, Arashi Himitsu ) ( Bowieeee, Nut, MrChubb, Pervy Sage ) Specialized Jonin [Beta] ( Tresmorne, Proxied ) ( Miki, Vaga )
  18. Hello Ninjas, For the sake of clarity I've decided to post a bug report template, this will further aid in the staff's ability to squash any of the bugs found in the game in an accurate and timely manner. // BUG REPORT TEMPLATE <strong>Map the Bug happened on: </strong>(Leaf Village, Sand Village.... etc) <strong>Type of Bug: </strong>(Graphical, Mapping Error, Technical... etc) <strong>Description: </strong>( A short yet detailed description of what the bug is, how it happened and what led up to the occurrence) <strong>Steps to Reproduce the Bug: </strong>(Optional but exceedingly helpful) *Screenshots, Gifs or Videos of said bug here*<br> <strong>Detailed System Specs: </strong>(Processor, Operating System, RAM, Graphics Card... etc) Thank you for your time.
  19. Mac Bootcamp using a separate install of Windows. Veertu (for native virtualization using Hypervisor framework provided by Mac if using Yosemite or above without 3-D acceleration). Parallels (for feature-rich virtualization with 3-D acceleration). PlayOnMac uses WINE. It does not work with the game, I tried. As a side note, Parallels costs annually for new versions and Veertu is free for a lifetime software purchase. Bootcamp is the best free option you have and is a native install making it have native performance. I do not believe using VirtualBox on Mac is a good idea, but you can try. My experiences were left unsatisfied. Linux Qemu + KVM using GPU pass-through for native 3-D acceleration. Example. Virtualbox using software virtualization with weak 3-D acceleration. PlayOnLinux uses WINE. As a side note, Linux is for advanced users and if you don't know how to do this yourself you better not be using this since you are likely wasting your time using an OS that is not designed for consumers. WINE The game is too complicated to get to run under WINE for novice users. Additionally, the way WINE works is not very good for software developers to port app packages for the many flavors of Linux or Mac despite looking very hard. I once tried to port to a Mac App, but I could never get it fully working, so it will have to wait til the new engine. I have got the game running 95% bug free using WINE and PlayOnLinux, but it is really complicated for novice users. PlayOnMac I could not get the game to render probably, the display server that Mac uses is different and for some reason doesn't want to render DirectX8 the same as it does on Linux. The updater worked on both though. To get started simply install these dependencies. Make sure to install them before install the installer. .NET Framework 4.0 + XHTML. XHTML is required, there's not much documentation but if the updater doesn't work then this is likely the problem. I believe version 3 is required. Visual Basic 6 Runtime. Microsoft Core Fonts. Mono. If you get problems with the install, it is up to you to resolve them. Make sure to post your results here if you are successful. Let us know what you did to get it to work, so we can improve the process for other users. Support We will try to support Mac and Linux in the new game engine, for now this is all we can offer.
  20. Lets be a bit more realistic for a few seconds... When you're playing in game have you ever equipped an item that removes another item in a completely different area of your characters body? Kind of like how a headband (forehead) won't stack with goggles(face) because they're both classified under the type of MASK? Well without breaking the game too much I think I can suggest a safe alternative to what I call gear type overwriting. First, foremost and about as simple as it's going to get is that we need cosmetic equipment slots which allow us to stack multiple items of the same type. The one in the regular slot giving their regular stat bonus while the piece of equipment in the cosmetic slot doesn't yield ANY of it's stat bonuses. That's really all there is to it... EXAMPLES... Goggles and the Forehead Protector Shino Coat and the Flak Vest Forehead Protector and the Anbu Mask. I'm sure some of you can come up with your own combinations too... ANYWAYS.... THIS IS *pause* SPAR-.... NIN ONLINE
  21. Our game does not support custom DPI settings, it must be at 100%. There's not much we can do with our current engine to combat this, I am not willing to code in a fix for it either. I rather wait until we port to a better engine. Go to Control Panel. Click Appearance and Personalization. Click Display. Click on set a custom scaling level. Change the percentage to 100% in the new window. Restart the computer. Windows 10 Windows 8.1 If your settings are below or above 100%, it can causes glitches with the window that will make it unplayable. Windows 7 and below should work fine, since it has automatic scaling visualization built-in.
  22. You need to make sure you are an Administrator. To see whether you have administrative privileges on your computer: Go to the Start menu (in the lower left corner of your Windows desktop). Click Settings > Control Panel or Control Panel, depending on which version of Windows you have. Open User Accounts. Click the Users tab. Are you running Windows XP? Make sure you install all updates available. Install .NET Framework 4.0. We offer limited support for Windows XP.
  23. Introduction Please follow the guide thoroughly when reporting a bug to ensure it is as helpful to the developers as possible. Guide If you have a problem, giving an error in text is not good enough. You must take a screenshot of it and tell your system specs, as well as specifying if you have .NET Framework 4 or later installed. Old Operating Systems such as Windows XP have hardly any support from us, you will not be granted any fixes just workarounds. We used to support Windows XP, but we are slowing cutting support for it. Steps How did this bug happen? Explain what you did and take a screenshot of the problem. Outline the steps you did to encounter it. What Operating System are you using? Do you have problems with other games? Is your video card capable of DIrectX8? Have you tried running the game in a virtual machine to see if it is something you did to your computer? Have you looked elsewhere to see if the problem has been reported already? Do not post multiple bug reports, they will be hidden and a warning will be given. This is considered spam. Make sure to cover all these in your bug report, make sure to let us know what you have done to your computer which could cause a compatibility issue. This is drivers, gaming software such as Raptr, AMD Gaming Evolved and Geforce Experience. Guidelines Do not report exploits. Instead, send us a PM or contact us using this form. Reporting exploits is publicly is prohibited as it makes aware a harmful bug that others may abuse. We look at this as teaching and showing other people to use the exploit, which will worsen the situation. Do not PM staff about all other bug reports. You may use the contact form, but we really suggest using the Bug Report forum, because we don't want people spamming our inbox. Try to search for bugs that have already been reported. Do not report a bug if it is already reported, instead add details to make it more informative to the team.
  24. Introduction This error is caused by your ActiveX being blocked by a security update for Microsoft Office. You can try updating Microsoft Office first before attempting to run any of the suggestions below. Steps Please follow these steps provided by Microsoft if you are using Microsoft Office. Try to uninstall Microsoft Office if the Fix Tool does not work. Make sure to reboot after each tool or uninstaller you run. Try using CCleaner to ensure that no leftover registry entries are causing blockage for installers or maintenance tools.
  25. It's come to my attention that a majority of you are looking for an application to resize your windows to larger/smaller sizes? Well here's a helpful and virus free application that will enable you to resize your client. (Click ResizeEnabler.) DISCLAIMER: This may or may no work on any Windows 8 or later operating system