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  1. Commissions are OPEN! What's good friends! Setting up a thread for all your character concept and design needs. My favorite thing to do is design characters, so whether you want just a regular piece of art or something highlighting their design, I'm your huckleberry. PRICING INFO Price is per one ( 1 ) character. Additional costs for additional characters / backgrounds Payment delivered upfront and through Paypal ( larger projects can be split 50/50 ) Endless revisions up until final lines All artwork will be displayed in my portfolio unless otherwise discussed NSFW, gore, and other sensitive topics +30% to base price Ask me anything! Chibi / Cartoon - $10 Portraits Sketch - $15 Flat Color - $17 Full Color - $25 Waist Up Sketch - $15 Flat Color - $17 Full Color - $25 Full Body Sketch - $20 Flat Color - $30 Full Color - $35 Full Illustrations and Character Sheets - Let's Negotiate!! Contact Info Want to find me somewhere else? Check me out on: Instagram - young.lyndis Facebook - Lyn Makes Art DeviantArt - young-lyndis Discord - Kaizarel#2858 ( please mention where you're coming from! )
  2. I made all of these on ms paint with a mouse. I was bored out of my mind so i spent time making them. If you want one made or w/e dm me a picture of your character. It's 1k ryo or 5 nin cred. Now if you excuse me i gotta finish another one.
  3. Hello Everyone! My name is Aleiya, and I'm from the Leaf Village! I've always felt that during the night and the rain in the village, visibility is pretty low which is why everyone prefers day time so they can see well. I've always envisioned Leaf to be beautiful at night time with its warm lights and homely lit up stalls and shops so I decided to make some concept art for how I hope the design for the lit up villages can look someday! Please like this if you think it should be implemented! I know its a daunting task but its a long term goal to make Nin more beautiful as time passes. :3 I am also in no way an artist, and this is my first time trying my hand at digital art and pixel art so go easy on me! My design:
  4. Luhan

    Zoomed and In-game Reference: @Ueda Does this fit in Nin? (inspired from the NPC Duke)
  5. So thanks to my boi @Tekkey Hinode i got a chance to check out this site where you can craft own minifigure or just make in 3d your own minifigure of your nin chr. If you want to make me to make it for you pm me in discord at primal#1992 here are some of my gallery: 1. ANA PRIMAL 2.ANTEPRS 3. NORTHWIND 4. TEKKEY HINODE 5. DEKO 6. YAETO 7. AZHURA 8. SAVIOLA 9. RYUTEKZU 10 SANSHOUO 11. RUBY 12. PHOENIX HINODE 13. MACDOM 14. KING DONA 15. ANTAR86
  6. Shoichi

    I will post some forum signature that I have created with CS6 in this topic. I am still a bit rusty with my photoshop skills so bear with it. Also if I have some time I can create signatures for other people if you send in a request. I will see what I can do with the time I have. I will start off with this signature below. If you have feedback or remarks send me a message or post it below.
  7. Citron

    Art of my OC~

    Recent doodle of my perhaps last design for this OC to fit into the Naruto verse-
  8. The idea for Asoki Village dates back to 2006, or possibly earlier. Back when I was a 13 year old kid, I made an attempt at a game called "Hidden Villages Online" it was essentially the same idea as Nin Online, but I was new to game development for the most part and wasn't able to make it anywhere as quality as Nin Online is today. Hidden Villages Online actually saw multiple test releases where perhaps less than a hundred people ever tried it. But it was a good learning experience as a kid, and it helped me make Nin Online what it is today. In Hidden Villages Online, you started at Asoki Village, which was a small village, and that was where everyone was born. There was no Leaf village or Sand village, just Asoki Village. 13 years later, here is Asoki Port village, slightly different names, slightly better mapping. I tried to recreate it how my kid self would've wanted it. I hope everyone likes it! There's only ducks here, but there's going to be Mission NPCs and shops soon. Regards, Ueda
  9. Itama Date

    Blood Raven Group photo for now.

    Alba, Itama, Bmore, Omega, Blackkage, Bloody Steez, iKage
  10. Itama Date

    Blood Raven Group Photo in Progress

    Alba, Itama and iKage for now.
  11. Shikate

    Shikate's Development Log Here we will talk about combining your shape and chakra manipulation to create awesome earth jutsus. Are you ready my dear doton users? I'm sure you can't wait to learn! But first, let me introduce myself. My age is 16 and I come from Poland. I have been spriting since 2009 and I'm chosen to take care of developing jutsus for Nin Online! Aren't you sleeping yet? I hope so. Let's get started! Doryuu Heki A basic defending technique. That's what earth jutsus are, aren't they? Just remember that trapping yourself is not a way to run! Doryuu Taiga Have you ever dreamed of getting drown in a milk chocolate river? The jutsu is quite similar, unfortunately, we have replaced chocolate with mud Doryuudan Of course some of you might be perfect at Doton style. What would you say about mixing your Katon and Doton chakra to create something even greater? Shakugaryugan That advanced type of chakra will win fights for you! Okay guys, I hope that I'm not that awful at learning! Be sure to comment my development log and keep the topic alive! Thank you for your attention
  12. Ueda

    Dear Ninja, Recently we introduced a new introduction cutscene to the game, something which we lacked for years. While the tutorial was good at introducing your own character's story, there was never truly an introduction to the game's world. I've been wanting to do this for a long time.. which is why I got DaiKai to draw illustrations for us! I then coupled her amazing artwork with story writing to create slightly unique introductions for each village. It wouldn't be as exciting for me to showcase the entire opening here, but just for the players who have already finished the academy and won't see it otherwise. Here is how it looks in-game! This is just one of the many small attention to details I want for Nin Online. I believe this is a polish that will make the ninja world feel complete, add value to new player's starting experience and make them anticipate discovering the world and all it's contents. Regards, Rory
  13. Ueda

    Dear Ninja, First of all, I apologize for the lack of updates once again! Hopefully things will start picking back up soon. It's such a waste that we can't get Open Beta out quicker. I don't want to over hype whats coming, but we've been working on the new sub-paths for masteries, namely Kenjutsu (Sword Style), Gentle Fist and Fan Style. Sword Style This is one of the jutsus I've completed for Sword Style! It's called Risky Blade Technique. Why is it risky? You'll see! Gentle Fist Though it's name states it's gentle, the amount of power these techniques will push out will depend on the controlled strength of the user. Art by @Master Ant In addition to it's regular kit, Gentle Fist will be the first sub-style to include a Hidden Technique, which will be rare and not attainable through scribes. Fan Style Wind Mask Technique is a utility Jutsu for Fan Users that I think will come in handy for a lot of war/pvp situations. Art by @Master Ant I hope everyone continues to give us your support and patience as we try to make sure the game is ready for Open Beta! Also, do note that from now on we'll be trying our best to roll out large changes like entire new sub-paths at once. Also, new mob coming soon! Also, miss you guys! Regards, Rory
  14. Ueda

    Hey Ninjas, It's been a long time since I've made a development log. Though there has been so much progress going on. I finally decided to do one regarding a new jutsu which has had a very unique development process. For awhile now, I've been resting on completing the Jutsu kits for all our 1st Tier Masteries and focusing development on the Sand Village and other aspects of the game. But with the Sand Village coming to completion, I'm moving some of my time back into developing our kits to it's completion. We've had this piece of art @Fernando made, lying around for almost a year, which both of us found very hard to animate in 2D. Most of our Jutsu animations are usually pixel art animations, which mean they are done pixel by pixel, but for the first time in Nin Online history, I decided to use my 3D art skills to create a Jutsu animation. The task at hand was to create a Spiked Exploding Ball for Weapon Masters. So first of all what I did was create a simple 3D model of a ball with knife sticking out of it. This is Autodesk Maya and the model I made in a few minutes Next I textured the model with a simple texture of metal and an explosive tag on both sides. Next I made a simple looping rotating animation for it. Our 2D sprites are all shaded in a method called Cell shading, or Toon shading in Maya. So I used a shader to get this look. And finally, once I rendered it out and did some post-editting, I achieved this! It's a complex animation that fits in our game's artstyle and makes weapon masters that much more awesome! Hope you guys enjoyed this dev log entry! If you guys have any part of my art creation process you'd like to know more about in-depth, feel free to suggest it and I can try to document it in the next development log. Regards, Rory
  15. Ueda

    Dear Ninjas, I'm sorry for the lack of updates since the 2nd Chunin Exams. We had earlier promised to begin the new Beta phase a lot sooner but as life caught up with me, I've not had enough opportunity to complete what I want to before launching the Beta. That being said, most of the Sand Village is now completed and I am currently focusing on completing the Mastery Kits before we launch so that it will be as unlikely that we will need to wipe again in the future or give everyone stat resets. Here is some previews of new Jutsus! Taijutsu Lightning Water There's more and more to come, but just rest assured, PvP Combat is going to be a lot more fun and balanced in Beta!
  16. Hi Ninjas, It's been a very long time since my last development log. One reason being that I held back making any reveals until the previous testing phase came out. During that test, a whole bunch of content was revealed such as the complete basic kits for each Elemental Mastery. Another reason has been my long absence, this has been due to a lot of unpredictable events that has happened to me up until now. But I'm back, and I'll soon be starting to do live streams of my artwork in development again, so stay tuned! Forest of Death Arena Exterior Along with this building, an entire forest of death map has been completed, the size of the map being even larger than Leaf Village itself. This is going to be the most exciting part of the Chunnin Exams in my opinion. Players will be scattered to random points in the map with their team with one of the two Heaven Scrolls or Earth Scrolls, they will then go about battling other teams in order to get the other scroll to enter the Forest of Death Arena. Taijutsus These Taijutsus are currently still work in progress. Goggles & Eye Scope NPCs around Leaf Village Fernando and I spent some time to populate Leaf Village with lively characters which each serve a different purpose. Walking around Leaf Village won't be as barren as it used to! These are just a few of them. Look forward to more from me soon! Thanks everyone for being patient with the project. Regards, Rory
  17. Hi Ninjas, I'm finally doing something interesting today, so I decided to talk about it in a development log. I'm been studying a lot of game animations, but mainly that of MapleStory, and trying to incorporate the fluidity of their animation style into Nin Online. As for now, After some practice, I've created a style I personally like and think fits Nin Online well. I've used it for the animations below.. Level Up Animation This is how I designed it in Photoshop. This is how it is programmed in-game This animation will play on your character each time you level up. I'm not completely satisfied with it as of yet, so consider it a WIP. I believe it should be a hell lot grander. Critical / Dodge / Miss Animations These I like a lot. I believe good animations will really add on to the whole battle experience in Nin Online. The critical animation is intentionally a little Ragnarok Online inspired This is a little preview of the art seen in this development log, working together in-game. The principles I've incorporated into these animations, which hasn't been widely incorporated into previous animations are.. Breaking away from being overly traditional and only using Pixel line art and shading. Motion Blurs to create more intense effects with less frames. For certain elements, I try to use good timed scaling to create an effect of Squishyness For other elements, I tried to create an effect of Elasticity with well timed easing. Still maintaining the love I give all my animations, and still working on them as frame-by-frame animations. I hope you guys like this. Feel free to give your feedback. Also, if there are any web developers interested in coding our new homepage, please PM me! Regards, Rory
  18. Hello Ninja, In preparation for Closed Beta, I will be hosting a Contest/Giveaway. This contest is a Fan Art contest. All art is welcome, no ones art is too bad, just give it a shot! There will be a theme: Nin Online Themes. This includes Organizations (Anbu, Akatsuki, etc), Nin Online Fan Art, Nin Online Original Character Fan Art, etc. Rules Post your submission in this thread by making a reply. Up to three submissions per person. If you do submit multiple submissions, put them in a spoiler and edit your original post and add your extra submissions. You will not gain any advantage for adding multiple submissions, you will be judged for your overall work and effort. Your art should be 100% your own work, we understand some people are not born artists, we will take it, just draw or craft whatever you can. Plagiarism is very serious, you will be disqualified and warned. You may use Graphic (computer created) art or Paper/Canvas art. You can also craft using wood or clay if drawing or graphic art is not your preference. Your art MUST have content related to Nin Online. Whether it be characters, symbols, logos, or anything. Just make sure it is related to Nin Online! Your art may not contain any offensive or rude comments or imagery. The art should follow all community guidelines found here. Ninja who already have Gold/Silver may participate, however, they will not be able to qualify for any of the Gold Ninja ranks, as we would like to give the rank to people who may not be able to acquire Gold. So this means no Alternate Accounts (to Gold Members) should be applying either. Your submission should look like you put a bit of effort into it, try to not do very simple artwork. (Stickmen, messy and quick sketches, etc.) Rubric Judging will be based on the following. This is available to you so that you understand what we are looking for. Presentation - Entry looks easily presentable, could be understood out of context and overall looks neat. Effort - Entry looks like some hard work went into the creation of the art. Creativity - Entry does not copy a theme in other entries already submitted, has it's own unique twist. Relation - Entry is related to Nin Online in some way. Prizes $25.00 Nin Credit $10.00 Nin Credit 2 Gold Ninja Ranks Special Dates Entries begin immediately. Entries will close on August 24, 2016. Prizes & Winners will be announced August 27, 2016. Judges @Yuko, @Rory, @Akiro Good Luck, Yuko
  19. Dear Ninjas, The developers have been working hard over the past few days to get the Sand Village out. So I'd just like to show off some of our work to give credit where it's due. My desire for to get the village out as quickly as possible sometimes tempts me to take the easy way out and just make really shitty maps with just reused tiles. But looking at all the attention to detail I put into the Leaf Village (and watching Boruto: The Movie) gave me the motivation to spend a few hours yesterday finding more reference material and planning the village further. Sand Academy Basic Combat Class Combat Trainer NPC by Fernando Sand Academy Technique Class Puppet Master Sankuro by Fernando Sand Surgeon Ninja Set by Keijin Desert Warzone Now with added Sandstorm! As you can probably tell, the Sand Village Ninja Academy is actually completed in terms of mapping. The actual tutorial has not been scripted yet, but it will be soon! The exteriors of the Sand Village is also progressing very well. Regards, Rory
  20. Ueda

    Hi Ninjas, Back again for another art development log. I have interesting news.. the focus of the art development has been shifted from Jutsus to the second village, the Hidden Village of Sand! I already teased you all a few days back with the new forum banner, but here's a proper development log of the art working in-game. Even more good news, my conscription in the military will be ending in a little over 4 months, that will mean a lot more time to work on Nin Online and more time to dedicate to the community, like I did in the past. Animated grass Before going into the Sand village, I decided to make the greenery in the game a little more lively. Look closely! Sand Flak Jacket & Headband These are the basic gear seen worn by most ninjas in the sand village. I'll be adding more customized looks for these in the near future. For example, a variation of the headband which has the cloth covering one eye. The flak jacket looks a little bit different on the female. It's more light weight and has chest space. The Southern Gates of the Sand Village Watch as my Sand Ninja enters the "gates" of Sand. World Map I'm looking to hear your opinions on the current design for the world map I'm working on. If it's not pleasing for you guys, I'll consider outsourcing drawing a more detailed map to an illustrator. I hope you guys like this. Feel free to give your feedback and harsh criticism. Also, once again, if there are any web developers interested in coding our new homepage, please PM me! Regards, Rory
  21. Hi Ninjas, First of all, Happy New Year! To all the new members in the community, welcome to the forums and I hope to see you in-game soon. As you guys may have noticed, I haven't been around for awhile. I got busy with other projects and sort of lost the time to work on Nin Online. I'd like to apologize for the slow down and the eventually closure of the Open Alpha. It was never intended to go down, but due to the lack of manpower we had to. On the bright side, I've been starting to get more done, so I'd like to share with you the progress on the Sand Village and the plains and fields around it. Here are peeks at the vast amount of maps coming along with the Sand Village! The Kazekage's Office The Sand Village Academy Court Yard This is basically the equivalent of the Leaf Village's starting classroom. Entrance to the Desert Warzone Desert Warzone This is a huge map where anything goes. You can see it littered with past battles. With weapons fragments and signs of death. Sand Village Cemetary When there is a war.. there is casualties afterall. The Sand Village Hospital The exterior and interior of the hospital! Streets of the Sand Village The Village is so large and packed with detailed little areas like this. It's a bit hard to realize how much the release of the Sand village with change the game. Simply put, we will finally have reasons to PvP, we will have an on-going competition between ninjas of both villages, and finally politics and Kages will matter. I'm sorry this is taking such a long time to get done. As you all know, I really care a lot about the little details that go into making this world believable, immersive and fun to explore. I try to stay close to the source material, while also taking into consideration how it will affect the game play and take my time on introducing new areas. In the grand scheme of things, I hope that Nin Online will be a game to stand the test of time as the best Naruto Inspired MMORPG in terms of immersion. I hope everyone is as excited as I am! Regards, Rory
  22. Kingsley Syn

    Keijin's Small Update Hey everyone, Keijin here. There's a topic I'd like to address, though while I'm at it why not show some soon to be accessible content. This is just a small little update about some of the paper dolls/clothing in game. So here's what I've been working on recently. Keep in mind that not all clothing will be in shop's, some may only be obtainable as prizes from Events, and/or purchases from the Cash Shop. Finished Temari Robe - Post time-skip Sound 6 Robe Generic Brown Jacket (will also come in different colors) Sand Village Medical Clothing - There are 4 separate overlays here. (Hat, Mask, Apron, Shirt) WIP Blue Kimono (will also come in different colors) Child Gaara Garment (I'm not really sure what this is called) Temari Robe - Pre time-skip Feel free to comment and critique all of the above Also regarding the topic, @Rory recently has pointed out that almost everyone wears the generic robes in-game; and many responded with "add more cloths" So if you guys have any suggestions to generic clothing that you would like to see in-game leave a comment and if you have one, provide a link to what the clothing is. If we find it suitable, you just mind see it in game. ~ Keijin
  23. Ueda

    Hi Ninjas, While the programmers have been hard at work fixing server issues, I've been working on new areas leading into the Sand Village. This may or may not interest you, but it's tough balancing the positions and distances of villages to certain key areas while retaining the layout of the world we all know and love. I've over worked my brain time and again to try to get it right. So this is roughly how the path from the Forests where the Scout team of Samurais currently is until the Sand Village is going to be, some of which are already mapped out! Takumi Village is going to be a trading village, mainly specializing in weapons. So weapons ninjas and sword wielders will be in for a treat here! I've also spent some time to redraw the server images! That's all for my quick dev log. I hope you guys don't mind that it's even more drafty and less professional than usual. Development logs are supposed to be how I can share my progress with you guys quickly and get feedback sometimes. Regards, Rory
  24. Hishido

    Greetings, We're very aware that a lot of you have a big interest in pixel art, and as such a lot of you are drawing and posting on these forums. I think it's absolutely excellent that there's such a big interest in it, but I've also realized that a lot of people are drawing on a whim and, as such, aren't quite grasping the underlying concepts of drawing. As a result, I've opened this thread where existing staff of Nin Online can (if they want to) periodically post their own tutorials on certain concepts. Furthermore, I am also posting a list of 30 -EXCELLENT- pixel art tutorials for beginners. The List : If you're a new artist, I highly recommend going through some of the beginner tutorials before posting on the site. Some of the things I recommend working on are : - Color choice. This is probably (in my opinion) the most important decision to make before attempting to draw your icon. Pick a palette, choose colours that work well together, and draw from there. I'll probably post an entire palette tutorial in the near future, but go look through some of the other tutorials. Color choice can make or break your icon. - Perspective (NB - Go through this very thoroughly. Nin Online's perspective can be quite tricky for more complex icons, so make sure you understand the underlying structure before starting to draw). - Line Art (especially line breaks) - Shading (Need I say more? 99% of people can't shade properly. I recommend going through some physics theory on how light rays work and how they are naturally inclined to break and split over an object at different angles. There are excellent YouTube tutorials on this). - Proportions. Another big problem for artists - a single pixel out of place can make the difference between a skinny model and an obese sumo wrestler. Also, I see a lot of starting artists attempting to learn how to draw by immediately drawing human anatomy. Human anatomy is, perhaps, one of the most difficult things to master. It requires intimate knowledge of bone structure and muscle physics to be done even mildly well. I recommend starting by drawing normal shapes and experimenting with all the principles of drawing first. If you're comfortable with that, move on to drawing simple objects like fruit. After that, move on to animals, and then to humans. (Working on stuff like trees, lamp posts, etc... could work as well, but you won't be able to do that effectively until you can represent textures accurately.) NB : Experiment with texture depiction! The majority of pixel artists struggle very hard to represent texture, and it's a -big- problem. Another thing : Start by drawing still images. When you're comfortable with drawing that, you can move on to animation. I'll personally be making some tutorials on animation at some point in the future, as there are some basic principles that you need to know before even trying to start doing it. Good luck, and have fun drawing! Kind Regards, Hishido
  25. Hi Ninjas, As you may know, Early Access tests have been going on for about a week now. Thanks to the dedication our testers have put in to find and report the bugs in the game, the programming team has been able to make good progress in making the game as stable as possible for our Final Open Alpha test. Furthermore, I've been able to spend a lot of time creating new content with my army conscription coming to an end in less than 2 months! We've added new gear and made good progress on the Sand Village. New Gear I've created two new styles of Forehead Protectors, mainly for Leaf ninjas, as well as two new weapons. Yamato Forehead Protector & Twin Fangs Tobirama Forehead Protector & Shirokata Medical Ninja Outfit Leaf Medical Ninjas can now access the Leaf Village Hospital supplies to buy their outfits. They come in 3 pieces, a coat, a skin tight mask and a hat. If you have the Medical Mastery and have learned Mystical Palm Technique, you meet the prerequisites to access the shop through Tasuke in the Leaf Village Hospital. Credits to @ The Sand Village Me and @Fernando have been working on creating the Sand Village for awhile now. With the final Open Alpha approaching, the dawn of the first Beta will include two villages and an epic war arc between the two. We're working hard on creating a beautiful village for all the Suna fans out there! While progress is good, we are still far away from creating another village to match the Leaf Village in size. If you've been around since the beginning, you should know the Leaf Village took a month for me alone! I hope you like what you see so far with the Sand Village, see you all in the final Open Alpha tests! Regards, Rory