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Found 3 results

  1. Indra

    Intro. Flicker is in my opinion, and many others, the most annoying and broken jutsu of this game. It breaks every bits of balance between masteries to a point many change occured due to jutsu pairing way to well with it. Wild slashes, firewall, earth spikes etc. Why does it anihilate the balance? Jutsu's are made with cons. You throw a fire ball but you must cast it. You stun an enemy but you must be in melee range. Imagine not being required to be in melee range to land this last one. Now you have something not working like it was intended to be. It is precisely what Body Flicker does. Makes most of the skill shots free to land and gives ''range'' to jutsu's that were meant to have a very low range. Imagine lighting cutter being instant. We all agree that would be broken right? It needs its cast time to be balanced. Why doesnt that apply to techniques like poison scalpel? Or tai/GF techniques. Why is wind claw being landed without any counter play? Paired with body flicker, those jutsu's are as strong as an instant lighting cutter and it destroy the way they were meant to be used. Why does it go against the way Nin Online is? Nin Online is a MMORPG focused on hard work, skill, and the journey you live with others. The current Body Flicker makes fights easy and creates free combo's that you cannot dodge. It is a total skill killer. Instead of practicing their aiming, people practice their combo allowed by flicker. That's lazy work, yet amazingly rewarding. It makes fights conveniant. From my perspective. Instantly teleporting to your enemy to land a free hit is just unbalanced. It sounds like minato's flying raijin and it annoys me. Combo's made with flicker deals too much damage and its mostly unavoidable. People have become really flicker dependants and it is a really bad thing. Many ''top tier'' players would not be as famous if flicker wasnt there. Please keep this topic about flicker and dont talk about sub punish or village weapons. Those are other problems that requiere an entire post. Lets not get this out of hands.
  2. Kimimaro K

    In the lore Nin is based on, the stronger abilities always seem to come with a con as well as the benefits. Naruto and his Rasenshuriken for example. Or Sasuke sharingan over use. I think a way to balance the S rank/Adv Jutsu would be to require health + chakra to cast. And/or to have 5-8-15 sec self debuff, maybe slow or bleed or chak drain, depending on the Mastery. It would give a Risk vs reward to S rank/ Adv Jutsu and deter shinobi from spamming. Making using those S rank/ Adv jutsu a more tactical thing. Like one Ninja sacrificing themselves to save their team, by using their strongest Jutsu. Leaving themselves dead or in danger of death.
  3. SDZ

    I appreciate the provacative title. I'm a new player to nin and so far am completely in love with the game, and despite what people may say, I think it is wonderfully balanced (relatively), the staff team so far have been completely amazing and the game looks beautiful. However that being said, one thing that I think really would level the playing field would be the issue of FPS; As with PC games, specs greatly vary from player to player. The problem arises in nin is where increased FPS and better refresh rate screens (I'm looking at you 144hz gang) result in players being able to execute combos that normally wouldn't be possible for others with lower FPS. This also includes actually running faster in maps, especially ones such as big desert etc, which imo is a huge tactical edge. Whilst we cannot control things like ping, I believe introducing a mandatory FPS cap for all players (could be 60hz, perhaps 120hz?) would really level the playing field a bit. From what I've read I also believe this would be in line with the vision the staff team has for the game. Let me know what you guys think!