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Found 4 results

  1. TL;DR: Shirokata is very underwhelming for its level/STR requirement, and its unique effect is actually a nerf, read below why. This is coming from someone who has all the swords besides bone/blood, and I've tried each out for several days. 1. Shirokata is the worst compared to its sister swords. Dark Bandit Blade is literally same STR req and level req as Shirokata, but strictly better damage. Even Maramusa is better to use than Shirokata. Muramasa requires 10 less levels, and 20 less STR. And it actually gives the user +1 to STR. Muramasa's requirements are wayyy lower than Shirokata's, and its base damage is only lower than Shirokata's by... 3. By requiring 20 less STR, you pave way for more diverse builds with Maramusa. Shirokata doesn't live up to the 100 STR req. I don't think I need to prove how good Religious Katana is. The base damage is lower than the aforementioned 3 swords, but the attack speed more than makes up for it. So much so, that if 2 people held down Z against each other, Religious wielder would beat the Shirokata/Bandit/Muramasa wielder easily. It's gotten to the point where you just buy and keep Religious for all your levels, until your level/STR is high enough for Bone Sword/Blood Katana later on. The intermediate swords are bad, and Shirokata is the worst between them. Don't like words, and want raw numbers? (The higher the better) Damage of the sword per STR required: Religious Katana: 0.37 Muramasa: 0.375 Shirokata: 0.33 (lowest) Bandit blade: 0.35 Crystal Sword: 0.35 Blood Katana: 0.41 2. Its unique effect is negligible. The Wiki says 12% chakra per 40 seconds. Okay... 40 seconds is a long time but okay, it's at least something I guess. Except it only actually regens flat 10 chakra, not 12%. If it was 12% regen, and you had 300 chakra, you'd regen 36 chakra. A big difference. Even if it was 12%, 40 seconds is way too long for frequency. It should be 4% chakra per 10 seconds, so it's more vivid and applicable. 3. It's bugged; making the unique effect actually a nerf. 3.1 First bug, the passive Chakra Regen, every now and then, removes itself for no reason. Unequiping and re-equiping Shirokata enables the regen again, but it shouldn't turn off ever. No one wants to not have chakra regen. Just keep it on forever. 3.2 Second bug, when the regen happens, there's a pop-up text +10 that appears above your character when you get the chakra. Except... that pop up also weirdly appears when you're already full chakra, when it shouldn't. This exposes you if you're hiding behind a tree preparing an ambush, because the pop up appears over trees, objects, everything, giving away your position. The only reason I even walk around with this sword is because I like the visuals of it. 4. Suggestions on how to buff it. I always believe that balancing is about keeping in mind item identity over item standardization. (I'll prolly make a post about this later). Buffing Shirokata's damage or attack speed is not it, and would just make it like other swords. (Although, I do think a slight buff to attack speed is necessary) Each sword has its own identity, and Shirokata's, I guess, is the Chakra Regen passive. My suggestion is to do the following: - To make the regen 4% chakra every 10 seconds. That'd be 10 chakra if you had 250 total chakra (which is what WM users generally go). - To lower the STR req. STR req should be 85 at most. Currently, you're telling me this sword requires 100 STR, when, just with 10 more STR, you arrive at Bone/Blood, which are miles better? If Shirokata's damage is similar to Muramasa (33 vs 30), the STR req should be similar to Muramasa's (80), not 100. If you don't want to reduce its STR req, then buff its damage to match that of Blood Katana/Kyuketsuki (Crystal). If you like this post, do not give it reacts. Just upvote the post itself, so Rory can see.
  2. Spooks

    I know this may have been talked about in the past.. and if it has been I want to bring it back up Whether or not people want to admit it.. leaf is a village that takes pure skill.. we don't have a aimbot Fan that snares every 2 secs.. or a Instant poisoning WATER PRISON pipe. We don't even have a stick to run at ninjas with or some kind of pebble to throw at them, literally NOTHING and I see it as a massive disadvantage especially with others villages orgs being people running with boomsticks and godzilla puppets but that's a topic for another day. : ) Enough Rambling.. lets start . Chakra Based Weaponry Chakra Blades: (Melee/Close-Mid Range) A sharp Knuckle Blade with the abilty to absorb the users chakra for added lethality, in the right hands this can be a very useful . Attack style: Sends out a wave of Chakra in a straight line(basically a downgraded hiramekarei), slicing them for bleed 1 DOT if critical . Range: 1-2 tiles Scaling: Chakra Dmg: Medium Attack Speed: Slow Requirements: Lvl 10, Leaf Village & 20 Chakra (inability to use taijustu jutsus while equipped) (Inability to use chk scalpels while equipped) Chakra Dagger: (Melee) A weak short dagger infused with users chakra to gain a slight boost in damage and a Major attack speed Attack Style: Basic sword attack.. but one handed Range: Basic attack range Scaling: Chakra Damage: Low Attack Speed: Very Fast Requirements: Lvl 10, Leaf Village & 20 Chakra (inability to use taijustu jutsus while equipped) (Inability to use chk scalpels while equipped) Intelligence Based Weaponry Rajin Blade: An electric energy sword that originally belonged to the Second Hokage, said to be the sword of the Thunder God. Attack Style: Sends out a wave of electric energy damaging and immobilizing the target for a very short duration Range: 1-2 tiles Scaling: Intelligence Damage: Very Low Attack Speed: Very Slow Requirements: Lvl 10, Leaf Village & 20 Chakra (inability to use taijustu jutsus while equipped) (Inability to use chk scalpels while equipped) Wooden Staff: Nobody knows what the Adamantine Staff does yet.. sooo I cant give a Description but basically a watered down version of whatever it is (inability to use taijustu jutsus while equipped) (Inability to use chk scalpels while equipped) Agility Based Weaponry Sōshūga: The “Twin Attacking Fangs” are a beautiful pair of nunchucks with handles carved to have the shape of a dragon head at its base. Attack style: slightly increases damage and extends melee range by 1 tile Range: 1 tile Scaling: Agility Damage: Medium Attack Speed: Normal Requirements: Lvl 10, Leaf Village & 20 Agility Flying Raijin Kunai: A specially crafted Kunai used by the Fourth Hokage and can be seen as the starting point for the Transportation Jutsu that he excelled at. Attack Style: throwable projectile, if the kunai hits a target it marks the target for 10 seconds.. during this time the user can choose to teleport to the target (ALT+Basic Attack Keybind) Range: Normal Throwable tool range Scaling: Agility (higher agility = lower cooldown) Damage: Little-No Damage Attack Speed: Instant throw and recall but Medium base cooldown Requirements: Lvl 10, Leaf Village & 20 Agility I don't know what's the plans for leaf and if the fact that it doesn't have a weapon is the way that the creator wants the game to be but I hope you take my thoughts into consideration . If you made it this far, Thank You & I appreciate it .
  3. Benjani

    pretty sure most of you guys can agree that the damage on lightning is underwhelming. these are a few suggestions to buff the dmg Lightning senbon does 26 base damage at max lvl, it should be changed to 29. its a skillshot and its 1 tile. Lightning spear does the same damage as light senbons when maxed, i think it should changed to 32 base dmg Lightning cutter is fine Feast of Lightning does 30 base dmg when maxed, it should be changed to 37 base dmg, its a stand still homing Lightning current does 6 base dmg when maxed, it should get changed to 12 base dmg. Pillars is fine Feel free to give feedbacks and your thoughts on this guys
  4. Dona

    I have been playing this game for a long time and during the begining of my journey debuff like bleed, poison, slow, silence, snare and many more were not a thing. So when they were added and tweaked to work well with the current jutsus, the game became way more balanced. Right now I believe that it is the most balanced the game has ever been, if we forget the official organizations buff that is! They were introduced with no weakness/debuff just like the jutsus in the first years of nin online (example: Youthfull spring, used to boost your speed and melee dmg without any self-silence, everyone thought it was fine like this until silence was added and it became less powerful but way more balanced compared to other masteries). so i started to ask myself why are the jutsus and consumable items the only things with debuff? Maybe that new organizations items would make more sense if they had some kind of debuff too. (this is just an example of a debuff) And if adding a debuff to the weapon is not a good idea (it would be dumb to have a self-bleed or self-silence debuff to any weapon) maybe that negative stats should be a thing! This is the only thing that I never saw in game. It might make balance more easy if you had to give up a little bit of "this" to have a strong buff. Of course, it is not every organizations items that needs negative stats or/and debuff. And everything that I said here is not limited to official organization items but to regular high level item too. (it could be bone sword too) I took the seven swordsmen buff and blood katana as an example because they were the only items I had access to (and the only items i had some idea for this suggestion).