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Found 11 results

  1. MidoZZX


    I've got bounty hunting I misison and I can't do it so I just abandon it.. and then it came again so I thought I was just unlucky.. but abandoned it 5 times with it coming every single time.. I just want to skip this mission..
  2. Quite a few times per day, while my team and I are killing enemies, Target no longer works for anyone in that map. I am wondering if this can be checked on as it is a huge game changer when you are fighting? It isn't that big for me, but for medics it changes everything. Thank you! -- Edit -- To clarify, it only inhibits Targetting with X, but not click to target. Which is pretty big in the midst of battle, but just wanted to clarify.
  3. Ryuchi Hakuja


    When using the Palm Bottom Technique on mobs, their hitbox is knocked back but their sprite isn't. In game this makes it appear that the mob is on the same tile after the jutsu.
  4. If we use substitution while fighting Rat Kage, we get free substitutions when Rat Kage uses its jutsu and the substitution is used up only when the Rat Kage auto attacks us. Last time when I fought it I got subbed thrice in succession.
  5. There have been occuring instances where people cover the map with explosive tags & bear traps which result in disabling jutsus for other players. There seems to be a certain tool-projectile limit which affects everyone on the map when the limit is capped. Example: 3 players place all the explosive tags they can on the map = nobody on the map can use tools or any jutsus that shoot out projectiles. @Ueda
  6. Rumaki

  7. Dial Mark


    Map the Bug happened on:Mist Village/Possibly all Villages Type of Bug:Technical Description:After logging back on in mist hospital i walked out with 300s left on battle injuries and for some reason the Jonin started what i can only asume is their "aggro" because cloaking teleports them back to their post but if i approach either of them agen they continue to follow me.It might have something to do with this character recently being exiled then pardoned a day ago. (Made fresh Sand alt and it happend with the Sand Village Jonin aswell) i'm not 100% sure if thats how to recreate this but that is my best guess.
  8. Aaruni

    I wanted to buy something but every time even when I change devices it shows an error and I wonder if it's just for me or not
  9. Hageshi

    This looks about right @Ueda @Seth @TheWolf (Finished RP 1 and tried picking the next one)
  10. Chalaka

    Map the Bug happened on: Type of Bug: Technical Description: Kunai Dagger requires 10 Intellect. I've been informed that it also scales off of Intellect but the item says Strength. Increasing Intellect does not increase weapon's damage. Steps to Reproduce the Bug: Equip item and increase Intellect.
  11. Kurenai keeps moving around the Leaf Village a lot when she should be standing infront of the academy. Please fix this @Ueda ( Shes in a different location in this ss )