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Found 6 results

  1. Yousei Reiketsu

    Hayashi Attire Concept By: Yousei Reiketsu *Edited December 19, 2020* I was playing around with some concepts lately, After seeing a lot of the clans attires recently being imported into the servers I was inspired to attempt to make something neat of my own. The concept above derives from many vast inspirations. In this post Ill be breaking down each piece while providing additional backgrounds upon what slots are these concepts intended to fill, a brief description of them, as well as a little bit f background upon the process in which how these pieces came to be. Hope you enjoy them. Attire Components
  2. Tameshi Hinode

    Hinode Loyalty above all else ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The hinode clan doesnt take those words lightly.Loyalty towards the village.Loyalty towards the hokage.Loyalty towards the clan.Clan members who dont take their responsibilities serious,become outcasts and lose the respect of their fellow clan members.Clan members who plot against the village,get hunted down by the rest of the clan,to make up for the shame that those individuals caused. One must continously train his body and mind,starting from a very early age.For many members of this family,hobbies,games and friends,are considered to be a waste of time and a burden,because they are distracting someone from his duties.Those duties also include assassinations of ninjas who turned their back on the village.Because of this,its recommended to not get too close to people outside of the clan,since they are all potential targets.The Hinode clan is not full of heartless people,they simply are very determined to protect their village with all their strenght,and believe that they have to make sacrifices for the greater good.Traditions and the concept of honor,play a big role in the clan.A mission has to be fulfilled.A higher ranked clan member and,especially the hokage,has to be treated with the utmost respect.There are also strict rules and rituals,to maintain order and discipline,but also to remember the clans history.Kenjutsu basics are taught to every member of the clan,even if this particular clan member wants to focus on a different fighting style in the future.Besides kenjutsu,members of the hinode clan also tend to have a talent for fire jutsus and taijutsu. A sword,used in anger, may cut trough flesh and even bones,but words,carried by the wings of good intentions,can pierce the heavens and scatter the earth beneath. Members of the hinode clan,know this,and are constantly trying to gain more knowledge about their environment and find new ways to manipulate its shape,without resorting to violence. Weapons and jutsus are used in places where words cant be heard,and good intentions alone,are without meaning. Stategy,tactics,diplomatic,s or just politics in general....having a deep understanding of those things,is just as important as being skilled in direct combat,since they can win a battle before it even begins. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Looks and stereotypes Members of the hinode family tend to wear long coats or just wide,comfortable clothes in general,that are dyed in different shades of black and grey,sometimes also mixed with white or blue. Their skin is slightly pale,and their long hair is of black color,just like their eyes. Their size varies from average to tall,and even ninjutsu users are somewhat muscular because of the kenjutsu training that every member of the clan goes trough. The hinode family is known for being very serious about their duties and traditions,but also for their black humour and sarcasm. They do not trust outsiders easily,but have no problem with talking to them when the situation calls for it,and stay polite while doing so. Since their highest priority is the well being of their village,they often take a liking to other people who have someone,or something,they are loyal to and try to protect. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for making it this far. What i wrote above,should give you a rough idea about our clan concept. We will stand loyal to the leaf and the hokage,take part in pvp and hopefully,we will also be able to bring back some roleplaying into the world of nin. You may have guessed it already,but we are a samurai inspired clan. Kenjutsu plays a big role,but everyone can join as long as he values loyalty as much as we do,no matter what mastery,rank or lvl he has. Potential can be hidden in everyone. Thats also why i dont think too highly of accepting people just based on a forum reply,id like to get to know you guys a bit first. If you want to join us,you can send me a pm here,ingame,or on discord and we can talk about it and see,if our goals collide. Maybe youre not interested in joining us,but you still want to contact us and get some informations about the clan? You can do that aswell,feel free to add me on discord!(we also have our own discord server,for everyone who is interested) And ofcourse,im also thankful for any feedback you guys may have,so please go ahead and post it,maybe i can improve something. Im looking forward to work together with everyone who stands behind the leaf! *bows* PS:If you want to know more about our lore,check out this thread: Important: If any of our clan members causes problems,please let me know(preferable,with a screenshot)and i will take care of it. Clan founder: @Tameshi Hinode Clan leader: @Phoenix Hinode Regular clan members: @Tekkey Hinode @Boko Hinode @Healy Hinode @Zabuza Hinode @Kiroku Hinode @Gashadokuro Hinode @Dredge Hinode
  3. Adarya

    Hello! I made this quick banners for Suwa clan members, in case anyone wanna decorate their profile cover photo. Feel free to use them.
  4. Sour

    Description: The Suwa clan is a militarized shinobi clan from Konohagakure. They are a combative people known for their strategic planning and sometimes savage battle tactics. Suwa members are genetically predisposed to high levels of intelligence and superior physical ability. A select few possess the shikotsumyaku, a kekkei genaki which gives its wielder the ability to manipulate their own skeletal structure. By infusing their calcium with their chakra they are able to weaponize their bones. Upbringing for young clan members is very strict. At the age of 6, two years before the academy, children are taken from their homes to begin training early. Suwa academy students are expected to finish at the top end of their class. They are also expected to graduate before the average 4 years. Suwa genin are expected to be assets for their village upon graduation. History: The Suwa have always lived in the forest just south of the village. Their clan is one of the first to join the hidden leaf after the Senju and Uchiha pact. They adopted the philosophy of the will of fire and became loyal members of the leaf village. Various clans within the village today, are decedents of the Suwa. Due to its militarized structure the 1st Hokage assigned the clan as an attack raid unit of the Hidden Leaf Village. Historically, the Suwa are independent people who believe in living off the land. Hunting, fishing, and farming are all basic skills a clan member acquires growing up. The clan is also credited for inventing methods of irrigation & terraces. These techniques created more farmable land in the forest and prevented the topsoil from being washed by heavy rain. Today the Suwa clan is still a large contributor of the leaf village’s crops, fishes, and meats importation. The Suwa is also known for being fearless in battle. During the 4th great ninja war 1,000 enemy shinobi attacked the intelligence post of the allied shinobi forces. This was the enemy's attempt to break the communication between various battle companies. The position was held by only 22 shinobi. Suwa clan leader and war advisor, Miyoshi Suwa, ordered everyone to retreat. He stayed behind, buying his allies time to escape. For 2 days Miyoshi fought and killed over 900 shinobi single handily. Only 42 shinobi returned to battle after Miyoshi was killed. It is said before he died he was offered a chance to surrender. Instead he recited his now famous quote “a shinobi dies, he does not surrender.” His last stand is infamous among leaf village shinobi, but resonates especially with the Suwa. Today the clan is led by a direct decedent of Miyoshi, Sour. His goal is to restore his clan back to power and make them a prominent clan in the leaf village. Nara Clan / Kaguya Clan Inspiration: Clan Leader: Sour Specialized Jonin, Chunin, Jonin 1st gen ANBU Black Op Council Member Characteristics: Enjoy the thrill of fighting Skilled in survival Brutally honest Extremely loyal to their friends Skeptic of outsiders Criteria: Active player Lvl 30+ Like to PvP Application: Name Mastery Level Reason you want to join (can be RP) Warchief: @Sour Clan Elders: @Kamakura @Takami @Charky @Josh @Tobi Suwa Sergeant Guard: @Jay Suwa Assassin: @Saggitch @Atari Suwa Shinobi: @Mokaru Suwa @max suwa @Afkaleru @Kimuta @Wall Might @HalfBloodPrince @Hanami @CiroSuwa @Su5hiCZ @Zukoo @Adarya Suwa Corps: @Last @Ozu @DeDe3x @Jeremy
  5. Noroime Tate

    Hello and welcome on my topic. Dear Ueda , me And my mates from Ukiyo clan with support all people from clan made this hat , you probably know it. again i wanna ask you if you can add it for our clan, sure after your work on nin online new server. I dont want Force you add it right now but all clan was excited about hat
  6. Light

    What happens if we get lucky and there will not be a character wipe.. Can we re-stat our characters / pick new clans once theyre done? Can we change village without problem once new ones are added in?