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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Ninja, Since 2013, we've ran two major competitions called "Ready, Set, Refer!". Those were referral contests. This time, it's going to be quite a different concept, but it's your chance to win a bunch of prizes. It's not as major as the referral contest, but it's going to be a lot easier to join in, so I hope there'll be more participants. Ready, Snap, Go is our first screenshot competition hosted by myself, where I'll be picking the best 6 screenshots, and each player will receive the following prizes! Prizes 1st Place: Silver Ninja / $10 Ninja Credit / Shark Skin Changer 2nd Place: $10 Ninja Credit / Shark Skin Changer 3rd - 6th Place: Shark Skin Changer On top of these prizes, the screenshots will also be prominently displayed in the Official Screenshots section with a text saying "Screenshot submitted by YOURNAME" for probably the rest of time, which will be a neat legacy/mark to leave on Nin Online, if you're into that~ The reason I'm including so many Shark Skin Changers may seem weird at first, but I'm sure you can make the connections yourself! Rules Submit as many screenshots as you like of Nin Online Screenshots should be of Nin Online (In-game, not login, not discord) Screenshots should be 1920x1080 or 4K but in Zoomed Mode, don't crop your screenshot! Screenshots should not be stretched in any way Submit screenshots without any personal credits (we'll add that in ourselves, in a consistent style) Editing must be done tastefully, as to not mislead potential players (and no memed images) Submit your screenshots into this forum in the account you would like the prizes to be received on. The Deadline is June 5th 2019! Tips Hidden UI Mode is preferred but not a requirement ("Tab" Key to Hide UI) Empty scenes are boring, try getting a group involved Less text on screen makes for a more appealing screenshot, chatboxes can be fine, but it's not appealing text, it'll be distracting Choose an interesting map which means something to you or appeals to everyone you can use ALT + PRT SCN to capture a image of your window, if you are playing in windowed mode. If you are playing in fullscreen mode, just PRT SCN will do. Once you have that, you can paste your clipboard into paint and save it as a .PNG for highest quality Hiding your cursor is a good idea Think about what you can use to attract potential players into the Nin world Looking forward to seeing what everyone submits! Regards, Ueda
  2. Dear Shinobi, It's with great honor that I present the following awards to the top 2 participants of the #1 Official Nin Online Community Competition! Ready, Set, Refer! has went on for the past two weeks, during which the community has grown in size by almost 400 members and almost 4,000 posts have been made. The competition proved successful in growing our community size prior to the launch of our Early Alpha Release at the end of this month. It was a tough fight, but the top two contestants it all came down to was none other than @Stylishninja and @Shauri So to start off, I'll pass this time on to Shino to talk about how we decided on the victor. Thank you, Shino. But I don't think that's enough information to decide our winner. We'll need to call my friend Neji (R.I.P) to get the rest of it! BYAKUGAN! Good luck with that, Neji. We can't wait for Masashi Kishimoto to revive you. With these statistics, and the formula, we have come up with a winner.. which Minato will reveal. Once again, thank you all for participating. Stylishninja and Shauri, PM me if you guys have any questions about the prizes and when you'll get them! What kind of competition you would like next for the community, a Fan Art competition? Pixel Art competition? tell us below!