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Found 5 results

  1. i reinstalled it, shuted the firewall, checked if i still have game files but still when i open launcher it's cool but when i press start there is nothing please help
  2. About two months ago I became acquainted with a player known as Sirou while he was on his alt account known as fatboy. One day he dm'd me about selling his account to me with everything that he had grinded for it. I rejected the offer as it goes against TOS but we both had a mutual friend so I offered to pay off whatever fees he had in exchange for some help with content that I wanted to create within the game and a promise that he wouldn't sell items and/or items from the game again. In reality I made it clear that it was just a donation to him because he is a friend of a friend and it was in my power to help him but that is what I wanted from the bargain, his connections within the game. He decided to give me the staff and made an alt account to play with me but after having some in game beef with me instead of asking for the staff back like a normal person would he decided to scam it out of me (on an account known as Hatako Uchiha) and now he is going back to his same practices and selling the item to someone else.. all because after everything he has put me through, he knew that I would not even think about giving him his staff (or anything else for that matter) back. If you look closely at the account in Nin discord known as @Deucalion on discord it was made less than 24 hours before I got my staff taken and is selling a staff less than 24 hours after it was taken. At the very least it's a very big coincidence, but most of us agree that it his probably him, even the way that they type is similar. Below I will leave all of his account names and any screenshots that I have that are relevant or show this man breaking TOS. Thanks for reading through this. I hope that there's some kind of retribution for his actions because this guy has been a headache for me for the amount of time that I have known him and he finally went too far. Quite literally he did this after knowing that I just came out of a week-long stay in the hospital. His actions were nothing but despicable. Sirou (This is his main account) Luke Na/Koken (This account has been carrying a max level snake summon since it was level 30. In the SS I sent you it shows that he was selling a max level snake summon. This proves that I did not buy the account as I would have received the snake summon along with the account if I did, on top of that it creates continuity between his different accounts. I mean you could just check his IP, I'm nearly positive that he doesn't use a VPN but I just wanted to throw that in there) Fatboy (that was the account that he was selling in my SS. Check the stats and the mastery to confirm it) Hatako Uchiha (This is the burner account that he used to scam me with) N02 (The account he used after getting a bad reputation within the leaf village on his Sirou account) He probably has more accounts but those are all of the ones that I know of.
  3. When we use the Flick or Substation technique, if there is someone facing the wall or facing backwards in this way (in some cases), we are not facing the person we are using the technique with. I think that this should not be the case and it is a bug. A situation that also affects PvP extremely. For my own self. like in this video, when I Flick, he needs to look at the player, but my character is not looking.
  4. As everyone knows we got dailies with the reward being influence points but sadly that feature has never been implemented and somehow is still a reward for doing dailies thus being a useless reward please remove this its been 4 years this been in game with no future of ever changing please give us ryo instead or even blanks this influence reward does nothing and its about time it removed.
  5. Welcome to our another release of P&P Newspaper, in this release we got @Erox the Lead GM answering our dumb questions enjoy!. Here is the PDF version to download : PP_Brothers_newspaper_12_july.pdf Who should we get next to do interview with us? Let us know in comments below