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Found 9 results

  1. I have an idea for a weekly war event that will give raiding/ sneaking into enemy villages a meaning for high level players. The Economic Weekly Information War! Ninjas have to capture economic information of enemy villages( trade routes, suppliers, ect...) in the form of a "Economic Information Scroll"(EIS). 1) Every village will have a 1 information scroll sealed by a barrier/ locked in a vault . Or actively being taken or returned at all times. a) The Economic Information Scroll will be locked/sealed with a barrier seal. b) The Barrier Seal will require 1 of your own village's EIS to decipher and break the enemies seal. c) It takes 30-60 secs to decipher the Barrier seal , while holding your own village's EIS. d)Upon EIS capture. All Ninjas of that village will receive a global message saying " WARNING! Your Village's Economic Information Scroll Has Been Stolen! WARNING! 2) Scroll Deciphering a) It will take 1800 seconds to decipher the EIS without reaching 0 health, back in your own Villages designated deciphering location. b) Leaving the designated decipher location while deciphering will reset 1800 deciphering timer. c) Before deciphering can begin, you must have at least 2 EIS in your inventory. d) Upon enemy EIS deciphering start. All ninja of that village receive a global message saying " WARNING! Your Village's Economic Information Scroll Is Being Decoded By ________(enemy village name)! WARNING!" The warning will repeat every 5 minutes until coding is stopped or successful. 3)Economic Information scrolls. *EIS* a) EIS drop at 0 health. b) Dropped EIS can be picked up by any Ninja. c)Dropping a EIS ( reaching 0 Health while holding scrolls) will reset all code deciphering timers to 1800 seconds. d) Dropped EIS (while not picked up) have a 90 second timer before re-spawning back at their Barrier seal vaults or spawn points. e) EIS that re-spawn will give all Ninjas of that village a global message saying " Notice! Your Village's Economic Information Scroll Has Been Returned! Notice!" f) EIS have a time limit before they automatically re-spawn (Time Limit TBD) 4) Scoring Info points, winning the weekly war, awards and requirements. a) Upon successful Economic Information Scroll deciphering. The Village will be awarded 1 Info point. b) The Ninja and Squad members will get to pick 5000 ryo ,150,000 exp, each for completing the scroll decipher. c) To cross the seal and take your own village's EIS you're required to be lvl50 and have a full squad. Or be the Village's Hokage.(squad/ team members DO NOT have to be same village) d) "Economic Information Espionage SS Mission" is a timed Mission(Time Limit TBD) & can only be active/ held by ONE full squad/ team(The Deciphering Team) from each village at a time. (Other ninja can help or tag along ) e) Villages win "The Economic Information War" by having the most points at the end of the week. f) Villages members that win '"The Economic Weekly Information War" receive a 1.5x bonus to ryo gained from missions and a 250 ryo ticket for the week . Tickets can be sold at any shop. g) the 250 ryo ticket awarded by Winning "The Economic Weekly Information War" drops when reaching 0 health and can be picked up by any Ninja. I think this would bring a new aspect to Nin Online... But lets talk about it.
  2. Dokufu

    Hello guys!I was wondering about the game last night and suddenly this idea stormed in my head. What i mean is that i'll be giving away 4000 ryo to a random person How to enter this giveaway Go subscribe the official channel of Nin online: And comment down below Nin Online! Thats all you gotta do!Two quick steps And send me screenshot at my discord or pm me at this website!Discord: Dokufu#3240 Also the winner will be picked at 5th of August Gl and have fun my fellow ninjas P.S @Erox @Serias please do record events and if you can edit them and send them to Ueda so he can post it on youtube thank you.
  3. War Zone Details Event portals will open in each Kage Office. The Kage of each Village or a member of their respective Shadow Council must be present to command the Village. Village Score Details Manpower is used to add more Ninja into the Waiting Area. It can also be used to revive someone who died in a previous round. Economy is used to buy supply boxes for the ninja in each village, including healing items Intel score decides how many people are chosen to start in the waiting area of each Village. (In the last one it was 10 for each village. Now it will be 1 per 1000 score. So if a village has 23000 intel they can choose 23 people to start, or if they have 8000 intel they can choose 8 people to start.) Fighting Ninja Details War Zone Events will be in a war zone. Your Inventory must be clear of blood pills, Chakra pills and toad oils. If someone complains about losing their bounty, or complains about not receiving a bounty for any reason, they will be removed from the event at the GM's Discretion. Commander Details The Village Kage is the Default Commander, however they can delegate anyone on their Shadow Council to command. The commander will pick a number of ninja to enter the waiting area for their Village based on intel x1000 as stated above. Each commander, once all their ninja are picked and everyone is ready will then roll a dice. First Place: First to Draft, and able to choose amount of Ninja if not stated in the Round Type. Second Place: Choose the Level Range Third Place: Choose the Round Type This will change after each round. so whatever village wins picks their draft first, the village who came second picks the level range, and the team who came third will pick the type of round to play next. (If less than 3 Villages are present then the Village who came 2nd picks the Round Type and the Level Range) War Zone Round Types Biggest Breeze: Only Requirement is Wind Mastery Tsunami Clash: Only Requirement is Water Mastery Turn up the Heat: Only Requirement is Fire Mastery Shake the Ground: Only Requirement is Earth Mastery Bring the Storm: Only Requirement is Lightning Mastery Crossing Swords: Only Requirement is Weapon Master Medical Wonder: Only Requirement is Medical Mastery Fountain of Youth: Only Requirement is Taijutsu Mastery Protect The President: Kage rank and 2 Jounin or Above Mob Bosses: A member of a Village Org (Puppet Brigade, 12 Guardians, Seven Swordsmen) Intelligence Gathering: 2 Members of ANBU or Hunter-Nin Group Master and Student: A Chunin and 2 Genin Legendary Sanin: The Village Commanders Wild Card: GM Decides the Round, This Round does not have to be in the list Level Ranges 1-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 15-25, 25-35, 35-45, 45-55. Notes There will be a total of 20 Rounds. With every 5th round being a Wild Card round. Where the GM gets to pick the Round Type, Level Range and Number of Ninja. You cannot pick the same Round Type or Level Range until after a Wild Card Round (This is to add Variety in Levels and Rounds) The GM hosting the event has final say on any disagreement and can adjust the rules as they see fit.
  4. Ninja


    Seeing as this year is half way over we've been short of having some events like we did in the past. As a community we should try to get some events brought back what do you all think? Summer Event (before the end of august) Halloween Event (Killing Zombies to get rewards like cat ears? pumpkin head? Witch Hat? Simple icons to make if @Serias would be down) Christmas Event (Add some spice to this before it gets here) Why not add some player events too. Village Race for coupons/ryo/nin credit Tournaments For Low levels and high Hide and Seek Quiz Event Forum Events Best Signature Best Ninja Profile Most referrals(Bring back to zetsu skin/shark skin) Best nin video of yourself. This community is small and the staff that helps maintain the game is even smaller. As players and staff as a whole we need to do better to come up with things to make this game more fun besides just grinding and pvping constantly. Rory makes the game We make the entertainment in it Less rants on discord and more chants for events. I dont want to hear the server wont be able to handle this and that. These events can be done within your village and some of these events don't even require you to move let alone be on a map with 80 people. Expand your imagination, dive deep into your creativeness, and make Nin more than just a pvp game.
  5. Hello fellow Mist Villagers! I am glad to announce the new joint event that will be hosted next Saturday at 12 PM EST{23rd of May} by Mist higher-ups and Imperial Academy, the event will be a culmination of events, having both PvP and RP aspects, details are given below. Mizukage's Speech{The Beginning Of The festival}:- First Mizukage will start off the event with a small speech of motivation and will give his Shadow Council to state the general events that will take part in the festival, their time and hosts, lastly the Founder and Headmaster of the academy will give respective speeches and will start the festival with Enrollment exams. Note: This will take place at 12 PM EST. Enrollment Exams:- Hosted by Imperial academy itself, will be an event consisting of both PvP and RP aspects. The pass outs for these exams will be granted Initiate Students rank in the academy and will receive tutoring from hand picked teachers by Mizukage/Founder/Headmaster. Note: This event will take place right after the speech. Level Requirements: 12 level or above. Capture The Flag Event:- Consisting of three rounds, three-man team, the genins under level 35 will be allowed to participate in the event and will be rewarded on their performances. Note: This event will take place right after the Enrollment Exams. Level Requirements: 35 level or below. Break of 15 minutes. Senior Students Exam:- After the break, one of the most important exams/events of this festival will start, the exams to decide the potential candidates to hold important postions in academy and they will be nurtured heavily. The Initiate students who are level 35 or above are allowed to participate in the exams. Note: This event will take place right after the break. Level Requirements: 35 level or above. Fishing Event:- To lighten the mood of the festival an RP event will be held and all mist villagers will be allowed to participate, following the traditions of their ancestors, they will fish in the flowing rivers around the mist village. Best RP'ers will be rewarded. Note: This event will take place right after the Senior Students' Exam. Break of 45 minutes, other ranked mist ninjas can use this time to host their own events. Mist Tournament:- Mist Festival will end with 1vs1 Single elimination tournament for 41-60 levels and 20-40 levels. Lastly, if you're not yet part or in the Academy's Discord, you can PM me on forums and I will invite you.
  6. Erox

    mid level Easter Mid Level Event's

    Hello, to celebrate i will be hosting an event for mid level players for a chance to win any item in the Event Item Shop located in Takumi! Level Req's - 20-40 Time's - 4pm, 8pm and 12pm EDT/EST Please RSVP to join this event!
  7. Erox

    low levels Easter Lowbie Event's

    Hello, to celebrate i will be hosting an event for low level players for a chance to win any item in the Event Item Shop located in Takumi! Level Req's - 1-20 Time's - 2pm, 6pm and 10pm EDT/EST Please RSVP to join this event!
  8. Hello, This post was made to let the players know about the Event Rotation system I've been working on in hopes to better schedule not only event's but my personal life around NinOnline, in this post i'm going to discus each event, rules and the details concerning them and the Category of which they reside in. Major Event Chunin Exams This is a village based event based around Promotions and stages of exams which focus on different aspects of game play such as Teamwork, Individual Skill and Character. Note that the Kage can choose to promote based on whatever he deems worthy. It's an RP/PVP Event and should be treated as such. Rules Stay in character Follow the directions of the Kage, Proctor's and attending NinOnline Staff Don't spam the chat Stay Online and Active War Event I have no information on how I will run this event as I haven't seen or been shown how to do so yet. so for now know i'm working on figuring that out! Minor Event Tournament's Players will be matched up in a traditional seeding Bracket, which can go from 1v1's to 4v4's Rules No Pill's, Oil's, Summon's or Org Items Charms are allowed Survival Event Players join in an all out war where everyone is fending for themselves alone, the goal is to be the last man standing. Rules No Org Items Pill's, Oil's and Summon's and Charms are allowed Teaming is not allowed Free For All Players will fight until the last man standing, FFA's usually take place after tournaments or other miscellaneous events. Rules No Org Items Pill's, Oil's and Summon's and Charms are allowed Teaming is Allowed until the final 4 Quiz Players will take place in a quiz that can be based on either NinOnline or the Naruto Universe Rules Don't Attack or use Jutsu Follow the direction's of the Host or attending NinOnline Staff Don't Flicker out of the box's Paper Rock Scissors Player will take turns playing paper rock scissors against other players Rules Don't make your move until the /321 emote is finished "Go" Capture the Bell Player's will battle to take control of the bell, the last person to hold the bell at the end of the 2 minute timer wins Rules Don't start until the /321 emote is finished "Go" Follow the directions of the Host or attending NinOnline Staff Retrieve the Bell Two teams of 4 will compete against each other to grab the enemy's bell and take it to their teams side Rules Don't start until the /321 emote is finished "Go" Follow the directions of the Host or attending NinOnline Staff Player Made Event's Player's are encouraged to plan their own events and can submit them to any NinOnline Game Master Rules Follow the directions of the Host or attending NinOnline Staff Forum Event RP Story This event can change in many ways, but the main point to stay in character and build some type of story Note's: When inquiring to join any of these events (Aside form Major Events) refrain from spamming the Host or attending NinOnline Staff's PM's Most event's will be Scheduled in advance from this point on, this does Include Player Event's if given enough time in advance to prep for it Thank you! ~Erox#3942
  9. Hey everyone, I've decided to give some information on the system I have planned for things like the Chunin Exams. This is not a entirely new concept as I've heard of things like this in other MMORPGs. This system is called Roleplay Events (RPE) The system can be compared to a game of Dungeons & Dragons, where players will play out their character through the actual game rules, while it is being watched over, moderated and led by a Game Master. More information regarding RPE The player must have a Ninja Biography on the forum to qualify for a RPE. Examples of RPE are the Chunin Exams and Diplomacy by the Kage. Permanent death takes place during RPE. About Game Masters There are 2 kinds of Game Masters, which are the Head GM and Village GM aka. Village Elders. Head GM In charge of events and decisions being made that affects the game on a global scale, such as wars & diplomacy. A head GM will only be necessary once we have released Suna. Village GM In charge of internal affairs (of one village) such as giving ranks. He/she is answerable to the Head GM. About Kages Kages are players who appointed by leaders by the other players through elections. They are in charge of making small and large village decisions. Elections will be held once every 2 months or if a Kage has permadied. The players running for the election will need to be a player who is powerful and well respected by his fellow village ninjas. There will be some minimum requirements before a player can vote for a Kage, these are being registered atleast 2 weeks before the election date, and they have to be at least a level 10 Genin in-game. Kages will have the ability to change their village member's ranks & organization, but he is still a normal player. He is a figurehead, it is a role which comes with plenty of respect but is riddled by risks of permadeath. Kages which abuse power (their actions will be logged for Village GM to look through) will be removed, and banned. They may start a war with any village, but through the discretion of Village GM, who will stop any unreasonable decisions. Permadeath & Permadying Permadeath in Nin Online is not exactly the end for your character. Imagine it as a end for your indentity, but not your character. These permadeath cases will be rare, and only high ranking players will be at a very high risk for this. The system will effective kill your identity, your character will from then on be his own Kin, his son or daughter or a brother etc. as such name change will be required. His items will be passed down as well. As the perma dead characters die, their Kin becomes more willful, and embodies his dreams. Though the characters which permadie will be reset to level 1, they with slightly higher starting stats than a normal character depending on how powerful he used to be, characters who have perma died multiple times will hence be slightly more powerful. To make friendly diplomatic decisions such as forming alliances or settling/ending wars, player Kages must decide decide on a meeting place - preferably & traditionally within one of the villages as a symbol of trust. There, they will discuss and come to a decision which will be executed by the Head GM. How to Start Kages must request a meeting to the Head GM, and then choose a time & date agreeable by both parties and the Head GM. Travelling The travelling/escorting phase of this RPE goes like this.. [*]As this is a dangerous journey to go alone, the Kage should preferably stay away from fighting for himself. He is to find escorts from his most powerful ninja to accompany him for this journey (maximum of 7) [*]Kages may go about this any way they like, without escorts, or even request assistance from other villages to escort them. [*]If players not involved from the village are being annoying, they may be kicked or banned by the GM. [*]If the travelling Kage is killed on the way to the diplomatic meeting, this will be witnessed by the GM who will then determine based on whether any foul play was involved. [*]If the death was fair and it was a planned ambush on the Kage, he will face permanent death. [*]Escorts will not be at risk of Permanent death, but they will be at risk of losing their rank if they fail to protect their Kage. [*]Other players may attempt to overthrow the Kage by force. Assassinations are bound to be attempted. [*]Attempting to kill the Kage so that wars will be prolonged is also an option. [*]The Kages may choose to keep the details of the meeting secret or low profile or change the date and time if they feel it is suddenly too risky. Meeting phase The location chosen as the meeting place can be private. Thus, mostly no external threats will happen from this point on, unless it is badly guarded or planned. Decisions for the diplomacy must take place within the game chat, and both villages should have somebody documented what is said during the meeting. Once the meeting is over, and the decisions are made, Village GM and Head GM will make the necessary changes to alliances, wars, diplomacy. Players should report or announce the news/decisions on the forum. Eventually, there may be individuals or groups of players who want to be "Reporters" and run their own news section. I am all for this! The Kage may allow or forbid reporters at the meeting, and they are not to speak or ask questions unless permission is granted. Ending After decisions have been made and meeting has been called to an end by both Kages. The RPE is over and the Kages are no longer at risk of permadeath. Chunin Exams is a very important and core RPE. It will have a lot of permadeath risks. But at the discretion of the Head GM, if the Chunin Exams has been held poorly, he may decide to call the whole event off. How often is there a Chunin Exam? The Chunin exam will be held once or twice a month by the Kage and Village GMs. How to participate in the Exam? First, you will need to form a team of 3. You must register for the Chunin Exam on the forum, and your account must have made a minimum of 10 posts. Your character must at least be a level 20 Genin to join the exam. You will need to have a supervising Jounin during the event, unless one of the team members is above level 50. If one member of this team is not present on the day of the exam, a replacement is allowed. Registration fee of 10,000 Ryo per ninja in the team is required. The fee should be sponsored by the Jounin supervisor, or can be paid by the Genins themselves. Registration for the Exams will take place 1 week before the actual exam, and the teams applying should work together and practice fighting as a team before taking place in the exam! The exams consist of... Written Test 10 Minutes Not much to explain for this. Forest of Death 20 Minutes (No Permadeath, but Eliminations) Each team will be given a Heaven Scroll or Earth Scroll item which will drop when the player faints. Before they die, they may choose to simply run or surrender the item to the other team. Players may go about this however they like. Teams which fail this round, will be eliminated, hence half of the players or more will not make it past this stage. Once you have both scrolls, you must proceed to the finish point. If a team loses both their scrolls, they may still attempt to ambush other teams to get back the scrolls they need. Medical Ninja will be very important in this round. Preliminaries - 20min - 1hr Finals - 10 - 30min Both the Preliminaries and Finals will be held in different arenas. However, they will happen very similarly. Two ninjas will be pit against each other, they must fight until one surrenders or faints. High level Medical ninja must heal the player if he has fainted. If the player is not healed, he will perma dead. Only the 2 ninjas and the medical ninja will be allowed into the arena. Many possibilities are are available. Obstructing the player who has fainted from being healed is allowed within RPE. However, the player would be subjected to being banished from his village and/or be killed himself during the event. How does the player become a Chunin after the exam? All players who make it to the finals may be promoted. However, the Kage must make the final decision. He may choose any player that he would like to promote, and may hold back any player as well.