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Found 3 results

  1. Erox

    Hey there! I wanna hear some ideas you guys have and thoughts on what you would like to see for future events in Nin. Go ahead and post em up! (Try to put some details on how it would work and ill see what i can do!)
  2. Stephen

    Nin Online Wiki! This is a little something myself and a few other members of the community have been working on since the beginning of the Second Closed Alpha Test. It's kind of a 'dropbox' of sort for almost everypiece of information that you could ever need when you're playing Nin Online in the past, present or future (SEE DISCLAIMER BELOW). Of course they're a bunch of nooks and cranny's that we may be missing when it comes to information, but trust me when I say that we are working diligently every hour that the game is live and some afterwards to provide you with the most accurate source of Nin-formation that we possibly can. But of course I'm posting this to let it be known that theirs an epicenter of information... I am posting this to let you know that there is hope outside of endless searching and surfing through the mess of forum topics! BE FREE FROM YOUR SHACKLES MY BRETHRE-... *cough* wrong place.. wrong time... Thanks my fellow Ninja! Yoshimitsu **** NO NDA WAS BROKEN IN THE MAKING OF THIS POST, ALL SCREENSHOTS AND PICTURES WERE MADE PREVIOUSLY AVAILABLE PRIOR TO NDA BEING ISSUED AND/OR WRITTEN
  3. Ryoshi

    Hey! Looking forward to the game's release, it looks awesome already!~