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Found 3 results

  1. Fuzeko

    Yo sup peeps its yo boy Fuze, So since i upgraded my pc just enough to be able to record i started recording hunts and posting some edits of my hunts! Id like to know if yall like this kind of content and tell me if i should keep making these Let me mention i have alot of fun making these and i think we lowkey need a constant Nin youtuber Am i right??
  2. its yo boi @Fuze I realised that not enough people have gotten their hands to either some handmade art or even some already made but costumizable art that @Adarya introduced us all too. {btw im not dissing her xd} Anyway my point is that over the time that passed and since we are home isolated i managed to improve my art skills and drew lots and lots of pictures for people and me I will show u some examples also if interested you can contact me at anytime in discord Fuze#0458 This is me and @Raikuzu this is @Rumaki this is @Raw this is @Dayum this is @Korra this is @Nitche this is @Atrane this is @Leevi and for last @Light Wish i can get some good and bad feedback in all this art, Thanks alot if u actually got down to here and if its possible i would love to know what everyone thinks drawing is something i wana start doing proffesionaly and ur support in any way or form will help me do that! also an edit i amde from the first pic""
  3. Fuzy

    Hey peeps its yo boy fuze I didnt post any of my art for a while cause i wanted to improve I made this one for me and @Raikuzu Hope people like it! Incase u want some art u can contact me in discord BigLionBeliever#0458