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Found 3 results

  1. Noroime Tate

    HELLO AND WELCOME HERE Sage mode is something what everyone wants ... i am with them too xD and here i come with my idea on Sage mode ( idc here with stat ) i made sage mode for what i know summons rn . you can see first monkey sage mode what i posted on an earlier topic. then are toad,hawk,slugma,dog, weasel, panda and clam, also i made for this gif new eye style. i made sage mode idea and ''seriously'' eyes
  2. Noroime Tate

    Hello guys , i come with idea on rework for clone jutsu Clone Jutsu was only cosmetic or in better option was working on same principle like cloak :/ but with bubble clone comes hope. How you know bubble clone works like summoning pet , he attacking enemy wich Is targeted so.. here i come with idea where Clone will attacking like bubble clone but with much less power , i mean this: Clone Jutsu You can make a clone what dealing 10 base damage ( scaled with intellect ) clone has only 25 hp (on max level 35 hp). Multi clone dont Will be exist anymore but clone jutsu Will be more useful at Battle or griding. Please think about it , try do best for bring back clone jutsu to the game. (Gif from nin online Wiki)
  3. Ninja


    So this topic is probably late but none the less needed in my opinion. I have been in every village and rogue as well and one thing I find annoying to try to do is Waging War, Cold Blooded Killer, and bounty hunting missions. These missions are annoying because you can't go into enemy villages or zones and kill them and it count towards these missions. In the past this was possible but for some reason it was removed. I recommend allowing Ninjas that enter enemy villages able to obtain Kill mission and bounty hunting mission rewards for successfully killing ninjas in villages. Reason being is because in the tutorial it says that enemy ninjas can attack you in a safe zone since they are not from your village, but why cant we also gain bounty and have the kills count towards missions. Let's say I'm a Mist ninja and I decide to raid sand/leaf/takumi; If I kill you in your safe zone the kill should count towards my mission whether its bounty or waging war. If they kill me in return if I'm trying to escape or continue to kill people it should count for a kill towards they waging war/bounty hunting. I'm recommending this because sometimes people don't go into danger zones. You spend several hours sometimes a couple days trying to complete these missions if you hold on to them for that long. This will also increase activeness inside the villages and make it more worth while to raid a village. This also makes it more fun to defend your village against enemies and add some RPPVP sense to the game a little more. Imagine Leaf ANBU successfully sneaking into your village or Takumi to assassinate a high bounty older from another village knocking the bounty they had in half then trying to escape(if not successful) and in the attempt to escape Hunter Nin pops up destroying them and reaping the bounties they have. There is already something in place where if you kill anyone under level 10 that's not a genin or even if they are a genin you don't get any type of reward. I feel this should be raised to level 15 if something like this is implemented. This is just an idea to increase activeness within the villages instead of afking all day waiting for a blessing to be popped to do dailies and log off. it also increases the want and need to enter enemy villages besides just trying to sneak and do documents, spa, or spy.