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Found 3 results

  1. Shinju Mochizuki

    Hi! I just started playing recently and wanted to say hi and share this little bio thingi I drew up! Ninja Bio Name: Shinju Mochizuki Basic Information Gender: Female Height: 155cm Birthplace: Benisu Island Rank: Mist Genin Mastery: Dying Introduction Shinju was a civilian from a merchant family based in Benisu Island before moving to the Land of Water. Being a member of the Mochizuki branch family and last in the line of succession for the position of clan head, Shinju expected to live out a quiet life away from the battlefield where clan, business, and power meet. However, with the clan head's waning health, both business competitors and cut-throat clansmen are trying to take advantage of the situation. Shinju leaves Benisu Island when her position dangerously shifts from sixth to fourth in the order of succession after two successful assassinations on other candidates for clan head. Stranded in the Bloody Mist when the passenger ship she boards to the Land of Hot Water is rigged to sink, Shinju decides that rather than wait for an inevitable death once she's found by her enemies, maybe she'll become a capable enough shinobi to survive... but probably not not because she's more likely to die first. Shinju's still dry behind the ears, but maybe Mist can get a bit of blood and water behind them? Extra When confronted by enemy shinobi: Shinju: "You don't want to do that." Enemy shinobi: "What'll happen if we do?" Shinju: "I'll die."
  2. Purple

    Whats up! I'm Eminence! ^-^ I'm a big fan of the Naruto series, and a good friend of sushi! (she's basically my only friend(and my best friend)) I also come from from a depressingly lonely island called New Zealand. I'm rather lazy, but eh. I like reading naruto fanfictions (squee<3), writing, annoying my (big fat ugly(not really)) brother, pissing off sushi(hehehe), eating food(especially all the asian food sushi buys me *u* (im still unhappy about not getting my ramen >_>)),. I dislike my cats thinking its okay to scratch up the carpet in the middle of the night, waiting for the next Naruto manga chapter, and waiting the 2 minutes it takes for my food to heat up in the microwave(im a fatass i know u.u). My hobbies are reading, writing, drawing(though im not all that good of it(though sushi thinks im amazing)), watching anime. My dreams for the future are to be an architect or a software developer and to be fluent in japanese. Thank youu~~ if you have any questions, fire away!
  3. Light

    Hi guys! I don't really use forums, but hopefully I can change my "bad" habits. I'm huge fan of competitive games! Can't wait for this newcomer! All I hope is that skill goes over "no-life points" cause of my lack of time to play video games 'cause I've grown "old". Well basically you can wait from me alot of QQing 'bout unbalanced stuff towards PvPing. ( I've learned my bad habits insulting etc, from my MOBA history. ) Hopefully non takes em seriously! I will do my best to behave nicely.^^ - I don't care PvE that much, only necessary levels or whatever the system will be. And if I'm lucky enough I'll make few friends along the way! See you around. If not earlier, i'll try to get on at the end of this month.