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Found 2 results

  1. Tobi Suwa

    Okay...first of all,i shall introduce myself for those that don't know me. My name is Tobi,of the Suwa clan and a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf village. I really didn't want to post this,but I can't hold retain myself anymore. I was playing this game from June 20th,2017 and I'm still active...(I know I had my ups and downs where I wasn't really that active bcs irl, but okay). Put that aside,I was living by a shinobi codex from a first day..And I did everything I could for this village,and I still got many plans of doing even more. The truth is,I've been joining CE's since the very beggining i hit lvl 50,and in this years I've hit a number of 10 entries or so...Now (make in mind that I'm not trying to say I got anything about his people,and they are all of my friends, but I must say this). In these 3 years i had so many entries,and I even got a 2nd overral place at the CE in 2018,and I didn't get promoted,for the reasons unknown to me..While people who didn't even get to the finals got promoted over me...But okay,i didn't want to speak about that because if wasn't the only one that didn't get promoted also despite their great effort in CE's. All these years I never broke a single rule,i focused myself helping lowbies,training them,helping them with ryo and items. Also,I've been a member of many organizations and groups inside the Leaf village,and I've also been a LMPF captain... All I want to say...I feel like I deserve more.I think I deserved to be promoted because of my effort in all that time. Also,I'm not the only one that deserve more recognition... There was a case that one person got a SJ only based on his entries alone,while others shed blood,sweat and tears working their ass off. I joined so many CE's not because of myself, but because I care for this village dearly, and I don't want to see it fall. I was a witness of many afk chunins and jonins,and many of them that left the village to become a rogue just like that. I wouldn't be a person like that because I would be active, and I would host as many Rp's i can per day. I never went rogue,and I was a 100% for my village 24/7... I know this post will not get many recognition,but I'm doing it because I can't stand this injustice anymore. I hope that nobody gets offended by this post..But I really spoke the truth,and I lift a huge burden of my heart. Peace and Love...Tobi Suwa.
  2. Feinz

    Before I begin, we all understand that bubble is the weakest mastery in game and isn't really viable for PVP or even PVE with the exception of the tool. Our cries for buffs or change fell short and while it is a wonderful concept backed by wonderful art, it is time to be realistic and delete the mastery(no offense). Yes, lets delete the bubble mastery and replace it with Kaguya style! I'm sure most of you are familiar with Kaguya Kimmimaro from the anime, so let's just get right into the techniques. Tier 1 level 10: Bone bullets Description: The user rapidly shoots out 5 bone projectiles from his finger tips at his target. Video reference: Tier 1 level 15: Bone armor Description: The user sprouts bone from his body to defend himself from basic attacks from enemies. In return the enemies get bleed damage. Reference: Tier 2 level 20: Dance of the Clematis: Vine Description: The user manipulates his spine and uses it as a whip. *Just recolor lightning spear and make it a bone spear, ez* Reference: Tier 2 level 25: Drilling bone arm Description: The user brings out a massive drill manifested from compressed bone and chakra. The drilling arm can be used for a few (2-3) melee attacks and do destructive damage(in reality, just good enough damage.) Reference: Tier 3 level 30: Dance of the Seedling Fern Description: The user spawns a small field of sharp bones that damages any enemies on it. *Recolor firewall but increase the size a bit* Reference: Tier 3 level 35: We have a history of leaving off the last jutsus anyways, so let's leave it off for now. And if we're giving this mastery a basic tool similar to how fan has wind, we can give it it's own bonesword but a very very toned down version, if not, just make it the level 35 technique but with a duration. Also, this could be the hidden mastery for tai or wm? It would make more sense for tai though. Furthermore, me and my villagers have agreed that we would put the money necessary to commission the artwork to produce these jutsus if this is to be taken into consideration, just say the word