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Found 31 results

  1. Neo Trinity

    Found this game by chance, coming upon its OST. I looked it up and now I'm here. I know this game is RP oriented but I wanted to jump in and play so I am making up my character as I go along. Chose the Mist village since I knew nothing much about it and it's pretty cool. I hope to learn more about this game and become a helpful medical nin. Unsure what I'll make my second jutsu.
  2. Soki Yuki


    Mist Military Police Force Application's are open! please fill an application then contact either the Deputy Chief of the Chief to proceed! Name: Level: (We ask that you be at least level 25-30, or show willingness to progress) Rank: Mastery/Mastery's: (This is to help us decide where to put you) TimeZone: Why you want to join: RP Background: (This could potentially help decide how serious you are on the line of duty) Chief: @ExiledTheridion Deputy: @ExiledKyoho
  3. Battle God  Mac

    Hi hi Mac here, I was wondering if Leaf was a good village to migrate to idk to much about the people there or the village culture, and was wondering how good 2020 Leaf is compared to a place like mist. I was gonna try leaf out for the GF/GF combo, but was wondering if Tai/Water was just as good.
  4. I made a quick video guide for side missions located across the villages. More will be coming soon and if all goes well I’ll do daily mission video guides! If I’m missing anything leave a comment . Big thanks to @Senketsu for helping with the mist missions! Leaf Seals- Sand Seals - Mist Golden Bars - Leaf Cloak Technique Mission - Sand Flicker Technique Mission - Kraken Tentacles Mission - Shoutouts to @Feinz @ExiledKyoho and @Satan for helping! Snake Lair Mission - Guren Mission - (Coming Soon) Mist Secret Seal - (Coming soon)
  5. Leiting

    .:Mist Exclusive Tournaments:. 2vs2 Tournament for 20-40 Levels: Prizes/Rewards:- - First Prize: 3k Ryo and 10 Blanks. - Second Prize: 2.5k Ryo and 5 Blanks. - Third Prize: 1.2k Ryo and 3 Blanks. 2vs2 2vs2 Tournament for 40-60 Levels: - First Prize: 10 nin credits. - Second Prize: 2.5k Ryo and 6 Blanks. - Third Prize: 1.5k Ryo and 4 Blanks. Rules: - No Toad Oils/Pills allowed. - No Summons allowed. - Charms are allowed. .:Timings:. - 20-40 levels' tournament will start tomorrow at 2 PM EST. - 41-60 levels' tournament will start tomorrow at 4 PM EST. .:Sponsors/Hosts:. Sponsors: @sunmis and @Kronkaro, will be hosted by @Leiting.
  6. Hey, i've decided to link some videos doing by myself. I'll hope you will enjoy this fun. Thanks for good feedback
  7. Hello Nin Onliners and welcome to the Mastery Guide of Nin. This Guide will give you a rough summary of what each Mastery is about and the playstyles revolving said masteries. Also the current High to bottom tier of each mastery. I will also update that tier list every month due to the "Metta" always changing. *Please Note: If you pick a mastery strictly because it is top tier at the moment or high in the Metta food change just keep it mind it does change. Choose a mastery because that's who your ninja character is not because it's the hot thing. Also this is my view on each mastery and not the actual lookout on them from Rory's perspective or the rest of the community so please don't bash or slander what is said here but simply provide positive feedback until the topic is locked.* List of all Masteries Fire Water Earth Medic Lightning Weapon Master Wind Taijutsu Bubble ------------------------------------------- Tier List Tier S - Gentle Fist Tier A - Taijutsu, Water, Weapon Master(Strength), Wind Tier B - Fan, Earth, Medic(Int), Fire Tier C - Fire Tier D - Bubble *Fire is classed as Tier B and Tier C because it's CC and Damage make it Tier B but the casting times, chakra cost, and self stuns make it a Tier C* Also this Tier list is how I see them and not the collective of the community. Tier List is also Subject to change along with the Metta. ----------------------------------------------- Fire - Fire is one of Nin's most original masteries and was one of the first created in the game. Fire mastery is used a lot by new players and experienced ones due to the fact that their abilities have a lot of Crowd Control with long range and High Base Damage. The Jutsus of the fire mastery can damage multiple opponents at once and cause a Damage over Time Burn status to who is hit increasing the damage output of that jutsu. Fire is GREAT for training and farming for items in the game. The downside to using fire however is that the jutsus take a moderate amount of chakra to use and several of the jutsus require you to cast, aim, and you can even get self stunned from using them. Water - Water is one of the most balanced masteries Nin can offer and has nice utility with its jutsus. Water has some of everything that everyone likes when it comes to playing the game. Crowd Control, Stun, and Knockback are things people like and this is where you can get it. Water is great for training and it's jutsus aren't as hard to land as some of the other masteries. Water has a second substitution jutsu which comes in handy with escaping and has a stunning jutsu called Water Prison. Water is overall balanced in terms of damage and chakra cost making it new player friendly and easy to use. The downside of water is that Water prison takes a while to master so don't expect to land it in fights at levels 1 and 2. Water Shark is also terribly hard to land due to you needing to stand still and cast it giving your opponent time to evade the move. Bubble - "Who's your bubble buddy? That's right I am!" Bubbles utilize a weapon known as a Bubble Pipe which can only be used as a Neo - Mist Ninja. These Pipes require 20 strength and allows you to place bubbles on the ground that snare opponents. Bubble users aren't the best damagers at moment but that may change in the future who knows! Bubble has quite the utility ranging from several jutsus that stun such as Great Bubble Shark, Soap Bubble, and Bubble Spray! These jutsus will keep you snare locked and make you think twice about running into a bubble. We have SpongeBob beat at blowing bubbles because ours are deadly! Moderate Chakra Cost, Average Damage, and Great Support/Utility is what this mastery brings you. You also have a deadly Bubble Clone that hits like a truck but can easily be popped by a needle so WATCH OUT!! Choose your path Wisely. Earth - Earth is 1 of the most crowd control oriented mastery's and most defensive mastery in the game. Earth allows you to knockback, snare, and slow several opponents at once with its jutsus and even gives you the ability to create an Earth Wall which can repel most if not all ranged attacks until it's destroyed or disappears. Earth has 1 of the best AOE Snaring jutsus in the game as well called Earth Prison which allows you to bind several opponents at once at given levels. Earth revolves around team play mainly due to its innate nature to Crowd Control everything it also has great synergy with almost every elemental mastery. The down side with earth is the Chakra cost on a few of the moves and the need to stand still to cast the jutsus. If you can manage with that its good. Lightning - The Mastery that rules Stuns; Lightning is a deadly mastery but takes a lot of skill to use solo. Lightning has 4 stunning jutsus one of them being the famous Lightning Cutter Technique that sets up for outstanding combos and does great damage. Lightning is great in 1v1 battles and team battles due to their stuns and the little crowd control that they have from the jutsu Lightning Current. Lightning cutter also sets up combos for teammates. Training wise lightning is a little slower than most masteries due to not having not as much Crowd Control. It's more of a single target mastery. The downsides of lightning is that the jutsus require precision and timing to land certain moves and requires a decent amount of chakra as the moves cost quite a bit. Wind - A strong wind that can blow you away! Wind is a mastery that consist of High damage and Long range techniques. Jutsus Like drilling air bullets or vacuum sphere has high damage and long range going up to 15 tiles away. Wind requires great accuracy when using it's jutsus with moderate to high chakra cost. The highest chakra costing jutsu cost 52 chakra but does high damage as a result. Wind also has the ability to knockback the opponent but again only if you can land the jutsu. If you're from the Neo-Sand Village Wind also has a sub path which uses Fans and the strength stat instead of the intelligence stat. Fan - Fan is a mastery than uses tools to blow strong winds and force you to fly in the direction they want you to. They have Close to Mid Range fighting capabilities and if you take them lightly they will make you pay for it. Using signature jutsus like Slashing Tornadoes to set up combos and knocking enemies back and slowing them with skills like Wind Mask make them a threat. Moderate Chakra Cost with great damage. A little slower than other masteries but the burst damage is great. They can cause bleeding with slicing winds from a distance and create cyclones right in front of them. With great crowd control and the use of a fan you'll have a hard time getting close to them. You better pray they down have a blue fan also because if they do Lord help you. Choose your path Wisely. Medic Int - Sinner and Saint; Medics keep the game going and keep the players surviving any creature or opponent they face. Medics have 2 different playstyles with the Intelligence path revolving around Poisoning their opponents and the Chakra path which supports his teammates and himself through heals while dealing moderate damage. The Poison path for medics is a grueling path early on due to the need for tools to cast 1 of the jutsus, but as you progress it gets moderately better as you unlock 2 other poisoning jutsus that help with training that cost nothing but chakra. this path also allows you to learn Curse Mark which allows you to boost all your stats by a set percentage based off your overall chakra. As a poison medic you also have better synergy and a better chance at getting a mastery that works well with it mainly an elemental. Due to recent changes however you can not use this path and cast healing techniques on teammates as they share cooldowns so decide properly in the middle of combat. If you're ok with using only 3 jutsus to deal damage you will survive the grueling training, but if you can not then my friend its ok for there is always another path to take. Chakra -The Chakra path for medics has it harder early on than the other path due to you needing tools to level until level 15 where you get chakra scalpels. Chakra Scalpels will be chakra medics main source of damage as well as Throwing Senbon. The Chakra path can apply a lot of pressure in combat due to the need to not charge chakra as often as most people in the game. They can also solely focus on 2 stats; HP and Chakra which makes them a force to be reckon with. However, if you can not land melees or Senbon the other path may be better for you because this path takes more skill to deal damage but on the bright side your healing abilities will make you a nuisance throughout the game. Choose your path Wisely. Weapon Master Strength - What's hotter than someone with a sword? Strength weapon masters have the ability to use swords to hack and slash at the opponent and dwindle down their HP using sword based attacks. Harder time training due to needing to be in close range to land blows but if you can stick it through weapon masters are great in the end game experience and in Combat against other players. Feeling bored? You can always get some friends and go fight bosses to achieve a stronger and better sword! In the future weapon masters combined with elemental masteries will gain enhanced sword abilities that give their swords other little things like burn, stun, knockback, slow and so on. There is always a new sword coming out as well so never be bored as there are continuous bosses to fight or bosses to be added they drop new swords. Weapon Master Intelligence - The Intelligence path for weapon masters is mainly played as a second option and not a first. Reason stating...RYO! This mastery is a money sink and if you don't have the money or the means to make the money to use this path of the weapon mastery then don't go it. However if you can handle the costly need for ninja tools to use your jutsus this mastery is great! Low Chakra cost, Great Damage, and Great Crowd Control is what this path offers. You also have the ability to set traps in preparation for raids or to block enemies from getting through locations. This path excels in team gameplay due to these traps but is tougher to use in 1v1s as the opponent can just avoid your traps. This path also has some of the nicer animations and cool tricks for example: Shadow Shuriken warps you to your opponent if you land it. Exploding Kunai causes a nice size explosion when maxed and it hits someone or something dense. Choose your path Wisely. Taijutsu Agility - Agility Taijutsu use to be one of the best masteries and still is if used correctly. It offers a second substitution jutsu to evade jutsus, knockbacks that can interrupt casting, low cooldowns, a stun, and consistent DPS. Moves like Seismic Dash combined with Body flicker gives you the opportunity at easy damage and low cooldown moves like Breaking Kick offer you the ability to continuously pressure your opponents into a corner as you rush them swinging your fist and your legs in this case. 2 of its other jutsus offer great range and 1 of them even stuns the opponent for a slight second! If you build your character correctly you can even combine it with elements like Water(Tai Water FTW) or Fire. The best synergy with this mastery is Medic due to Chakra Scalpels and Agility working together to give higher damage output when punching your opponent. The downside of being agility taijutsu is that the jutsu damage/scaling isn't as good as the other masteries as well as the mastery not having any other mastery that is based off agility. Taijutsu Strength - The sub path of agility taijutsu is its strength counterpart called Gentle Fist. Gentle Fist has higher base damage/scaling and a good variety of jutsus. Jutsus like 16 Palms if landed can silence your opponent for x duration and drain there chakra over time causing them to constantly need to charge. They also have Rotation which allows them to knockback opponents if surrounded but this jutsu you don't get until you are higher level and train one of the other jutsus to achieve it. Some of the other jutsus of this sub path cause knockbacks and stuns as well but give a higher damage output than its brother Agility taijutsu. Focusing more on burst damage than DPS this mastery can offer some good follow ups. Downsides of this path is that it only has 1 substitution and its the basic one so you only have 1 chance to evade a jutsu. This mastery also has higher chakra cost than the other path with a couple jutsus that have cast times. On the bright side because you are strength based, you can combine this mastery with the likes of Strength weapon master to maximize damage output. However there is no advancement if you combine the two but there will be advanced gentle fist in the future. Choose your path Wisely.
  8. Leiting

    Hello Mist Villagers! New interesting event and a new organized force ready to roll out! Hunter-Games:- A start of a new event, a game where there is both the hunter and the prey and the task is to stand their grounds and successfully hunt or remain safe. Rules:- 1.) Participants only get one chance. Once they faint, they lose the round. 2.) No summonings. Pills/Oils and charms are allowed. 3.) The fights will be limited to only safe zones, once a participant tries to go to a danger zone, he will be disqualified. 4.) Hunters are only able to hunt twice in a single round, that means they are only able to kill two of the preys, once they have done so, they are to return to the event's host. 5.) Prey can only defend twice before they need to come back to host. 6.) There is only two rounds to the game(Reasons will be known on the event day). Level Requirements:- 25-40 and 40-60 Rewards:- People who score perfectly in both rounds that is they hunt successfully twice and defend themselves from being hunted twice gets 1k ryo and 5 blanks. Now then! Dragon Force:- New organized force that is ready to claw down at the enemies of the village, picked from best of the participants of the Hunter-Games, they got a towering bloodlust ready to be unleashed. • Mist Shinobi can also challenge a Dragon Force member in a best of three of the rounds challenge to become part of the force. Uniforms:- • We are fundraising everyday to upgrade to better uniforms. News on the Imperial Academy:- We are constantly upgrading our discord server, and now we follow a completely new system on how the academy actually works, we have brought it extremely close to a realistic academy with Ninja elements and bolster an amount of 160+ members. So if you are new to this community or to mist village, you are welcome with open arms. • If you wish to join the academy server, PM me here on forums or give a comment below
  9. antar86

    I request from all Kage of the village to add a rule so your ninja doesn't kill other ninjas in toad while they are farming I like peace in toad and lately, I saw more getting killed by a group of ppl and then asked to pay a certain amount of money if they want to farm in peace the ppl of LVL 30 generally get killed by a group of level 50 above ninja and they can't even fight back on their own. also, I am feeling unsure in toad lately and see a group of ppl farming item with cautions and thought like should I kill them before they try to kill me when I am low after grinding come to my mind I think all Kage should add this rule before other villages ninja start killing your lowbies in the toad.
  10. Ninja

    The Females of the Mist

    From the album: Life of the Ninja Jun

    P.S I'm not really a female. (Just did it for the pic)
  11. Ninja

    A Hunter Nin Mission

    From the album: Life of the Ninja Jun

    Joint Hunter Nin Mission with 7sm
  12. Ninja

    Seven Swordsmen Members

    From the album: Life of the Ninja Jun

    Kiba and Samehada wielders meet to discuss things
  13. Ninja

    2nd Chuunin Exam

    From the album: Life of the Ninja Jun

    2nd Chuunin Exam Almost passed with 1 mastery.
  14. Pretty simple but weird bug, but if you go to the organizations page the 'MIST' section is only visible if you are logged into an account. While Logged in: Sand Leaf Mist Others While Logged out: Sand Leaf Others (does not include mist orgs, I checked)
  15. Hello fellow Mist Villagers! I am glad to announce the new joint event that will be hosted next Saturday at 12 PM EST{23rd of May} by Mist higher-ups and Imperial Academy, the event will be a culmination of events, having both PvP and RP aspects, details are given below. Mizukage's Speech{The Beginning Of The festival}:- First Mizukage will start off the event with a small speech of motivation and will give his Shadow Council to state the general events that will take part in the festival, their time and hosts, lastly the Founder and Headmaster of the academy will give respective speeches and will start the festival with Enrollment exams. Note: This will take place at 12 PM EST. Enrollment Exams:- Hosted by Imperial academy itself, will be an event consisting of both PvP and RP aspects. The pass outs for these exams will be granted Initiate Students rank in the academy and will receive tutoring from hand picked teachers by Mizukage/Founder/Headmaster. Note: This event will take place right after the speech. Level Requirements: 12 level or above. Capture The Flag Event:- Consisting of three rounds, three-man team, the genins under level 35 will be allowed to participate in the event and will be rewarded on their performances. Note: This event will take place right after the Enrollment Exams. Level Requirements: 35 level or below. Break of 15 minutes. Senior Students Exam:- After the break, one of the most important exams/events of this festival will start, the exams to decide the potential candidates to hold important postions in academy and they will be nurtured heavily. The Initiate students who are level 35 or above are allowed to participate in the exams. Note: This event will take place right after the break. Level Requirements: 35 level or above. Fishing Event:- To lighten the mood of the festival an RP event will be held and all mist villagers will be allowed to participate, following the traditions of their ancestors, they will fish in the flowing rivers around the mist village. Best RP'ers will be rewarded. Note: This event will take place right after the Senior Students' Exam. Break of 45 minutes, other ranked mist ninjas can use this time to host their own events. Mist Tournament:- Mist Festival will end with 1vs1 Single elimination tournament for 41-60 levels and 20-40 levels. Lastly, if you're not yet part or in the Academy's Discord, you can PM me on forums and I will invite you.
  16. So we all know Intelligence base weapon masters specialize in setting traps and utilizing tools as their jutsus. Well the jutsu invisible exploding tag is a tag meant to be invisible to the enemy and everyone else excluding the caster. Instead this jutsu can be seen by everyone and i feel it needs to be fixed. This tag should work similar to how cloak works. It should be completely transparent except to the caster invisible to the naked eye. This tag should also not flash like the regular tags do if anything so its location and presence isn't given. Also Triple exploding tag should cost 1 tag to use not 3. This jutsu is actually 1 tag being used but when combined with chakra and jutsu capabilities it is duplicated into 3 tags. (Also an Idea let Int weapon masters: place a remote detonated tag down the same way you would place an invisible tag. After doing so allow us to hold Alt+__ to explode the tag that allows it to do aoe damage 3x3 similar to shibuki's melee range or wind claw's range but in a 3x3 box.
  17. Ninja

    So some of you liked and still like my songs but can't download them. Look no further ill post most the songs I still have on my laptop here and some songs that I haven't posted on youtube here dating all the way back to when I first started off of a beat made by Aghilla Nin Online Freestyle.m4a - My very First Song when Aghilla still played "This is Nin Online" Nin Bars.mp3 - When I use to make Freestyles for fun before I became a try hard Takumi CHeck in.mp3 - Another freestyle about killing Leaf on a Monday aw dam its doomsday Nin Online Song.mp3 - A song I made when Jessica was still a good Gm and thanks to the Staff @Rory @Seth @Wolf @Serias @Master Ant @Sezu jun on tbe track.mp3 - When Tetsu was Kage and Slaughter was being a suck up in Sand and I didn't care for Sand anymore jun off the track.mp3 - When I stopped rapping for a bit they mad.mp3 - When I had 5000 blanks and the community was always mad and I was a chakra medic self destruct.mp3 - When I was making diss tracks against those that made diss tracks against me. Listen to the lyrics tho bbbbboom.mp3 - A song about Slaughter that I made which was a diss towards him and he liked it Non-Nin-Rap-GOd.mp3 - Yall thought I was done? I came back with new songs NIn Rap God is Here jjjjjjjj.mp3 - Guess who back Jun on the - People talking down on my name When my Org Yaku was around and we did not one but Two 30 minute raid 1 on mist and 1 on leaf. The Greatest.mp3 - Song 1 Unchained.mp3 - Song 2 "water bullet hit him 3 times check on his body he not doing fine" Taka Diss~ Damn_You_Taka_-_Alarnin_feat_Pachi.mp3 - Alarnin wanted to make a song so I decided to for fun 3 AM.mp3 - Had to meditate and my thoughts were rapping to me (2020 unreleased song) Beast out the Chamber.mp3 - Made this song as a tribute to pop smoke(2020 unreleased song) Never Cared.mp3 - When a lowbie said he had bis.. "pull up on a noobie take his bounty then I dash" Weapon Master Diss.mp3 - When the weapon master meta started I made this song out of salt.(unreleased 2018) Pain Song1.mp3 - Current favorite song (2020 unreleased song) yaya.mp3 - Another Nin only OTS from 2018 Bitch Bitch.mp3 - a freestyle I made for fun Run it up.mp3 - Another fun freestyle Unfortunately I don't have the song "been about the smoke because when I made it first thing I did was send it to rumaki to make a video for Akatsuki however I do have the raw audio of me rapping enjoy! on_go_boi.mp3
  18. antar86

    Here are some points I think why mist is very successful nowadays Good and active player base -> Mist used to be one of the isolated village and one which nobody used to join but nowadays its one of the most popular village everyone likes to join it you can see many people online in the village at the same time also the higher-ups are very nice and helpful. PVP based village -> if you want to be known and get in power all you need to do is to become good at PVP if you are good in PVP you can do anything from becoming the next Kage or becoming the part of 7sm or get pardoned the reason why this is a good thing is because your personality and likeability doesn't matter that much when becoming the Kage you can be true to your self and still become Kage even if you join the game now. Good passive -> The passive of mist allows you to walk on water without losing chakra and even allow you to charge chakra on it which makes it good in some certain map and makes you not able to worry about water and let you camp water-based maps like Takumi river with EZ. A good system for fighting back -> Mist got the best system for fighting back alongside sand if you touch mist lowbies you are done for you cannot escape the response is quick and if you are a lowbie you will be avenged even if there are not many people available you will still be avenged as mist never gives up. Alliance with Akatsuki -> mist only has an alliance with Akatsuki so you can kill anyone other than them which makes it a lot easier when hunting as you can kill anyone without giving it thought also Akatsuki helps mist and protect mist. Regular raiding you can do as a lowbie -> In Mist we have something called "Lowbie Army" whose main work is to train lowbies to give them advice and give them experience on how to do raid and PVP so they can do waging war mission on their own. A good atmosphere -> all the villagers are nice and good people they help out lowbies a lot and make you feel like a part of the mist community even invite you in discord even if you are level 5 and makes you attach to mist as leaving the village is easy while rejoining is hard you become attached and loyal to the village and start to enjoy the village and feel like a person who can become something and achieve something here.
  19. kirisame

    ok, before I start I want to apologize for my inglesh is not very good ... sorry. I have quite a few ideas of which I have hardly seen a response from the GMs and I think they would give more realism to the game, more dynamics and fun. 1. A long time ago it was forbidden not to make accounts as if they were "banks", why not do it as a ninonline bank? that each village (mist, sand..etc) and town (takumi, tanzaku..etc) have a structure to access it. Besides those who have gold will have more space in the bank that will make people want to pay the gold and thus benefits ninonline economically. 2. This idea was proposed but I did not see an answer to it, I sincerely think that being a police officer, anbu, anbu leader, council, Puppet Brigade, 7 Swordmen, 12 guardians ... etc need to have a certain salary every week. I think you have to remember that being in those organizations or rank is sacrificing a lot of time and has to have a certain benefit. for example, in SMPF we do every day between 2 to 3 patrols / missions of between 30 minutes to 1 hour minimum. That time should be rewarded in a certain way without leaving the pocket of the players. in the CE for example we deliver a Ryo that sincerely disappears later to make "supposed economy", why is there no economy in which Ninonline's jobs have a salary? This is the idea that I would most like to see approved. 3. I would also like to comment that it would not be a bad thing to add a type of buff to the police clothing since on many occasions we have to face akatsuki or 7 swordmen or 12 guardians within the territory of the village (sand / leaf / mist). The boost I suggest is to add +5 Fortitude (50 hp) on the cap and +5 chakra (25 chk) on the police jacket. It is not a big deal but it would help something and so people would like to join the organization because lately everyone wants to join the same orgs that are the ones with a boost ... that leaves the police with few members and few to recruit. I want to confirm again that some ideas were already said in the forum but I did not see a response from the GM, so I publish it again. Thank you for taking the time to read it and sorry for my English, as I said, it is not very good ... Some of the ideas that I said about how the bank could make a bank similar to the bank of the Dofus game, that prototype of a bank system is very good and not difficult to program. THANKS! @Ueda @Seth
  20. antar86

    So i was thinking that there are different type of fans like black fan an better fan then your regular fan and even some special fans for people who like to go fan mastery,So why can't we have the same thingh for bubble pipe because bubble mastery as its now is not that popular and i personally seen only two ppl use it.water user only choose bubble jutsu to fill thier slots until lvl 50. I think we can have new pipe with special ability maybe faster cast time or higher dmg or some other thingh not seen before. So where to obtain this pipe maybe adding it as a drop to spirits or getting it in the new land of iron will be nice. I really hope we somethingh similar.
  21. ana primal

    WELCOME my fellow nin player I am lady primal of sand grandaughter of itama date and former council memeber of 2 kazekages (aikya/sanshouo). Hi to you my fellow lowbies and fellow player of nin who are in need of dna i will open a dna selling shop in sand village the prize will be : 70ryo=1 dna for sand villager. 65ryo=1 dna for sand villager bellow lv 40. 75ryo=1 dna for the rest of nin onlin player. our location is : we are open ever day from 21cet to 22cet : This is the primal dna shop stand . Now to explain why we are the best dna sellers in nin it simple our dna is farmed organically and naturally if you dont believe us here is proof: All done naturally and legally We work from Monday to Friday at 21cet to 22cet(3 pm est to 4pm est) Our grand opening is at Monday 21cet we will off a a special 65ryo=1 dna offer for everbody on that day. If you cant make it in the time when the shop is open you are free to pm me at my discord primal#1992 or ingame at primal and anteprs. For rogues/misties/leafies we ship only over toad so if you cant coem to toad we can meet in sand . When in future i host event i will give coupons for the winners of the event who can buy my dna for 25% off. That all for now ppl dont forget to call monday
  22. Leiting

    Hello Mist Ninjas!! Today, I would recount some memorable events and some history on how the academy came to be, in which we participated together as a Teacher/Staff/Students of the academy. It has been a lovely journey, there were slight difficulties along it but we got through it together, granting mist a unique culture, a different road and we managed to open it up perfectly and walked on it gracefully, Imperial academy at first was a rough idea from me, it was later adopted by yugure but he soon dropped it as he couldn't maintain a stable control over it's mechanics, some days later, I and my another friend picked it up back again and created it's discord server, it was a bit difficult at first, inviting both the higher-ups of mist and new players, but our current leader @Feinz helped us with it. We didn't face any major difficulties since mist higher-ups were in favor of the idea and supported it till the best of their abilities, though there was indeed one though, we lacked actual players in mist but later as we managed to communicate better with the new levels, we steadily managed to raise the population of mist over the course of 5 months. Well this is it for the historical part, now lets move on to events and it's beautiful screenshots. Imperial academy's first event in Dayum's term. Imperial academy's Second Event in Shissei's Term. Now you'll wonder why only three events in the span of 5 months, well it wasn't easy getting this much mist player base in a game as grindy as Nin but third event's picture might surprise you. Hehe, surprised?? I was too but along with that, I was also gratified. This is the achievement of months' efforts and it is still not the end, as Mist will continue to grow in power.
  23. Kazuka Jin

    Well the question is on the title, since i've seen it few times i felt obligated to ask. So if there is i will appriciate the invite.
  24. antar86

    I think sand passive is too good compare to other two passive i really hope leaf either get thier passive reworked or get an buff. Now the main topic i am here for mist passive is good and i will personaly choose it compared to sand or leaf passive but we are really limited by terrain i mean we only really have two good place in kuraken and the takumi river i really hope we will get more place with water around or big water places in future where we can use our passive i mean sand passive is really good even if you are an wm or tai with 5 int you still have an ultimate cloack so asking for more water is not somethingh too out of hand. And before you reply "what about the place near akatsuki and tanakza quarter they have water around it too" there is clearly land around it which they can charge chakra on they are nice places but if the enemy is smart he can work around it like using chidori on you when you are on water to cathc you etc.
  25. First of all I would like to make it clear that the master str weapon is one of the worst masterys to grind in the mist since there are many mobs with high damage and you are melee without areas up to lv 20. So I want give some advice so that those who love swords do not suffer the same that I suffered. My personal recommendation is this: Buy the kunai at lv 4 for 80 ryu you raise 5 intelligence points it has 9 base damage and scales strongly so it goes well until you reach lv 10 where you can buy the lv 10 sword which is worth 250 ryu and needs 23 of force and even if you hit less basic you can use the first sword technique As soon as you get your first scroll, try to do the explosive kunai technique that requires 15 intelligence since it has area damage and has the damage of the explosion and the kunai tool(2ryu). There are 3 ways to carry a sword master weapon Tank In this way you concentrate on life and acquire only the necessary strength to use the weapon and the techniques of the corresponding lv while you are taking life in any chance you can and 100 chakra at most. (This shape is ideal for pvps) Full strength You only increase strength until you have 70 so you kill mobs of 2 or three hits then you increase life and the chakra as you think necessary. Hybrid You raise 15 points in intelligence to use the explosive kunai and force as required by the techniques and the swords as well as life and chakra. EDIT: All villagers in the mist can use the PIPE the bubble weapon the only requirement is 20 str and lv 10 his damage scale with str and hold the enemy in the place giving you time to do techniques safely but the only inconvinient is that the pipe is a weapon like your sword so I recommend that you assign a key for your sword and one for the pipe (thanks to kekiro)